CENTRED. En-Root Scalp Treatment

Is it just me or, has the condition of our scalp been taken more seriously in the past few years? There are more products available on the market now. They'll help detox the scalp, allowing our follicles to be cleaner, scalp conditions to be treated and for our hair to be healthier.

Enter, CENTRED. a brand that was born after Laura Tudor, overtired and overwhelmed by the toll of her high-stressed career began experiencing her hair falling out, with the help of her husband Kieran Tudor, she set out to undo the effects with zero compromising. A natural, vegan & cruelty-free treatment to stop hair loss but stimulate growth.

Described as a facial for your scalp, an oil-based blend of natural and essential oils such as;

⯇Peppermint, Rosemary and Castor oil - stimulates and encourage circulation of the blood to the hair follicles.
⯇Jojoba Chamomile & Hemp Seed - Soothes & calms.
⯇Olive, Argan, Jojoba & coconut oil - moisturising, anti-oxidant, that soothes an itchy, dry and flakey scalp.
⯇Tea tree oil - anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial (kills microorganisms or stops their growth).
⯇Salicylic Acid - exfoliates, removes dead skin & product build-up.

⯇Additionally, the calming but uplifting notes, of lavender and mint, help your senses to relax and enjoy.
How can I detox my scalp and hair naturally? By using this oil, that's made with 84.5% plant-based ingredients – is cruelty-free and the proud owner of a Vegan Society badge of approval.

To use:
With dry hair, I part into sections & direct the nozzle onto each parting ensuring that my scalp is covered. Using a scalp massage brush, I work it in & double up on the stimulation. I'll leave it for an hour before rinsing it out.

An oil-to-cream formula makes it easy to rinse. I don't suffer from any scalp conditions but my scalp can get dry if I'm using heat and haven't protected my scalp and oil is always the best thing for my scalp. When I've been wearing dutch braids, I sometimes just use them on my partings daily to keep it hydrated.

Purchase: CENTRED. En-Root Scalp Treatment £36.00
Do you detox your scalp? If not, would you?
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