essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes.

If anyone was to look through my nail box, you’d notice a lot of essie, 99% essie is a lot fairer to say. I like the colour variety for my personal taste, the consistency, how quickly they dry – it works for me and that’s why I stick with the brand. Besides their normal polish range, they launched a gel couture range last year (read here). Last month they released 6 new limited edition shades for their gel couture ballet nude’s collection. Shades range from a misty rose to a soft shimmer grey.

Since I got this range the other week, I’ve had their periwinkle powder blue on my nails – now for me to wear something different than nudes or white – is saying a lot. I think it’s definitely one of my favourite shades.

On the nail wheel, I swatched all six shades:
Satin Slipper: Champagne Ivory – I used 3 coats for an even finish.
Lace Me Up: Misty Rose Pink – 3 coats for an even finish.
Hold the Position: Coral Peach Pink – 2 coats for an even finish, could push for 3 if needed.
At the Barre: Cinnamon Nude – 2 coats for an even finish.
Perfect Posture: Periwinkle Powder Blue – 2 coats on my nails, possibly 3 if needed.
Closing Night: Soft Shimmer Grey – 2 coats.

What makes these so easy to always use is there's no fuss with a lamp to cure the gel, simply purchase the top coat that goes with this and it seals it all in, it really reminds me of gel with how it sets with the coat and as it starts to wear off it grows out & feathers away insteads of chips which is a lot more sightly than the chipping. I've so far got nearly two weeks of wear and for me that's a lot.

Have you tried their gel couture range?

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