Cosy Night Essentials.

In just under 3 weeks it's Christmas. I thankfully finished my Christmas shopping last month, not to rub it in to those last minute shoppers but me? Stress? This year Christmas, not at all. Which means that I can kick back and relax on a weekend instead of battering down other shoppers ready to trample me down like a bull in a china shop. Thankfully Home Bargains have all things warming and occupied for a nice cosy night in.

Nothing beats a bath at this time of year to sink into with bubbles, relax with a mask like this 7th Heaven Red Earth Sauna self heating mask, to cleanse with red earth sauna clay, pressed jasmine while the heat of the mask opens pores & clears excess oils. If I've got wine around that glass comes straight with me...a glass of rosé, which is my preferred wine - Freixenet Cordon Rosado which is full of summer berry flavours, long lasting bubbles and a fresh taste. What's Christmas without watching Home Alone? I find that I see the first one more than Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, I love Joe Pesci & Tim Curry so to have it to own this Christmas is brilliant. So while watching this how about chocolates...And all because the lady loves Milk Tray (anybody remember those adverts?)
This Pretty in Pink Cotton Candy candle - can you say Ermahgerd!!! It smells like cotton candy just richer, it's a happy scent while setting into these slipper socks. If you love hot chocolate, how about this Options hot chocolate with some marshmallows - while you're in the kitchen fill up this cute pink water bottle to snuggle with in bed as the house starts to cool down before you sleep, I know it's the least thing I love about going to bed is how cold it can get before I even fall asleep.
Never having been to Home Bargains or shopped on their website, I'm pretty impressed with what is available, there's something for everyone and something like this would be amazing to make a hamper for someone.

Have you ever shopped at Home Bargains before?

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