Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer.

When it comes to this time of year a lot of us get paler which is natural but sometimes when trying to achieve that golden glow injuries can occur. Something that does often put me off applying fake tan because all that contortionist action isn't exactly me unless I stretch for days and get the body ready and seeing as though I don't want to be the 23% who admit they've hurt themselves while tanning getting to those hard to reach areas, we all can not be Pixie Le Knot who is the UK's most flexible contortionist, it's better to get a product that'll help eliminate that.
If you're interested there is two products that'll help you this season & any season...Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Face Mist & Body Mist. I have Ambre Solaire Self Tan Bronzer Light Face Mist & Ambre Solaire Self Tan Bronzer Body Mist - Medium in my possession. The product itself comes out clear, doesn't need to be rubbed in and can be built up every day until you get the depth of colour desired, then twice a week thereafter to maintain the colour.

My Experience.
As soon as it starts spraying, it comes out as a light mist and it's continuous - which is great because it's not a harsh spray out so there will be no spots that will have this dark patch or more areas darker than the other because of the way the product sprays out. As mentioned above it does come out clear but I didn't have a problem with not having any guidelines and you can kind of see where the skin has mist. Even doing my back wasn't hard, I could do it over the shoulder and from the side to reach because the continuous mist really helps. It also gives this apricot scent in the air and no biscuit scent on the skin *YAY* Even though I am olive toned, I don't mind getting a bit more glowy and having help to achieve it, by the 3rd day of doing it, the colour still wasn't building much on me, which can be good or bad - good in the sense that it is very gradually building on me that there's no room for mistakes on too much colour at one time - bad that I know it's not going to be anything instant, it's definitely one that I have to use a week or so before I get that glow 🌟. So probably not too bad overall, I don't feel it gives me an orange undertone if anything on me I could notice the colour change if I moved my underwear away but it was subtle so I guess that's not a bad thing subtle can mean more natural, right?!

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