Valeur Absolue Confiance & Valeur Absolue Sérénitude

As soon as I spray Valeur Absolue Confiance onto the skin and it's taken into the air the aroma of warmness is taken in and it makes me think sexy, romance and one for a date night. Which is great as it's aim is to boost a woman's self-confidence. It's woody, oriental and fruity. I find once it settles it's almost musky and the vanilla scent seeps through more.

"The top notes are spicy with clove and cinnamon.
The exceptionally gentle heart blends the deliciousness of candied peach with the enveloping tones of amber.
The base notes offer an intense and reassuring trail of Bourbon vanilla and cedarwood.

This fragrance also brings well-being as well as fragrance the vanilla is naturally organic from Madagascar, the scent of which has beneficial properties and is used in hospitals for premature babies and people suffering from claustrophia.
Calcium and potassium which help to re-establish balance and serenity. Areaumat Perpetua™, is a natural extract of the Immortelle flower, which stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, the ‘well-being’ molecules.

The second fragrance is their Valeur Absolue Sérénitude described as a floral, woody perfume. The aim for this fragrance is to bring radiant happiness, serenity and tranquility.

"The fragrance opens with spicy top notes of pink berry, cardamom, nutmeg and bergamot of Calabre.
The creamy heart blends the infinite softness of natural rose with sparkling notes of coriander seeds.
The base notes create a warm, soothing trail of Sandalwood and Patchouli tones.

I don't smell much of the floral in this as I do the spice. The spice I find for me is very evident as it begins to settle onto the skin but I would of loved to of smelt more of the combination for my senses. If you enjoy spicy scents this is a good one for you but otherwise I would say to test in store.

The well-being aspect from Sérénitude are essential oils of sandalwood from Australia and patchouli from Indonesia. Manganese and Potassium which helps to re-establish balance and serenity.

All Valeur Absolue fragrance contain real semi-precious carnelian stones, which Egyptians believed had protective powers, to keep negative thoughts at bay, restoring concentration and love of life.
These stones adds something different to these bottles each time. With the stones being different shades in each bottle it makes them more distinctive and they look gorgeous among other perfumes and even together, you might remember the Sensualité I reviewed last year, such a beautiful scent and I'm glad I practically bathed in it to say it's now gone, so the fragrances are worth it but try before you buy if you're unsure but you or others around won't be disappointed.

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