Make Up For Ever Face & Body.

I decided to purchase these for a Summer wedding last year and I had used the MAC Face & Body previously and noticed how quickly it separated. I was given the advice that I should put them in the fridge to keep it from breaking down so quickly. Great tip but who has a spare fridge to store their make-up in. As much as I loved their F&B at the time, I couldn't justify the investment. MUFE Face & Body kept coming up from other make-up artists as recommendations especially for Spring and Summer make-up and weddings. I ditched it and gambled with the MUFE Face & Body instead and I'm pretty glad I did.

The shades that I have in my kit are :
Colour: 6 Medium Beige-med skin dk pink/beige tone
Colour: 12 Caramel-dark skin yellow tone
Colour: 18 Camel-med-dk skin yellow tone
Colour: 24 Golden Beige-med-dk skin deep beige tone
Colour: 26 Dark Beige-med-dk skin beige tone
Colour: 38 Pink Porcelain-pale skin pink tone
Colour: 44 Coffee-dark skin red/yellow tone
Colour: 46 Cognac - dark skin beige tone
Colour: 48 Ebony-dark skin deep pink tone
- In the above picture they are in their number order to how I've written it so you know - Keep in mind their bottle numbers are not in chronological order to the shades tone, which is confusing. #3, #32 and #34 are shades I need to get 100% those will be more for those with a similar complexion to me.

- Shades go from yellow to pink
- Water-resistant
- Slightly dewy
- Pump
- Most shades will match skin-tone without mixing
- Doesn't transfer as much as other foundations I've used
- Colour range is good for medium to darker complexions
- Doesn't separate as quickly as its MAC counterpart
- Great for light to medium coverage
- Buildable for desired coverage
- So far seems to be good for most skin types.
It's so thin, it's a gel / water consistency so the bottle does need shaking up before use as it does separate but when it's just sitting around. Once shaken up, it's fine. You might get the odd gel ball. I use this with a beauty blender or the Real Techniques Buffing Brush lightly and then go over with the blender to smooth it out. You just get a smooth, light finish. Foundation isn't meant to mask the skin, any imperfections you feel you have, use concealer and pin point to cover them. What I adore about this is it allows skin to look like skin with a sexy,dewy finish. Even though I feel you can find a shade to match a skin-tone I did mix slightly when I used this the first time. My friend was a bridesmaid and I decided to use this on her, now she doesn't do the foundation thing, so for me it was perfect feedback. First day of Summer and it was hot. When mixing it needs to be mixed well and worked on the skin quickly as I find it does begin to dry quickly. It worked amazingly and she was happy, yesterday she said it made her want to add to her make-up now lol so if it's got a non wearer wanting to wear it, it's doing the job of being second skin. What made it even more better was that there was no SPF but I made sure the moisturiser and primer gave her skin the protection and there wasn't any issue.

- Glass bottle
- The smell
- Price
- Colour range doesn't offer that much for lighter complexions
The glass bottle I feel is a con because when it's in my case I keep thinking any drop, nudge, movement and these glass bottles knocking together is going to cause a break and heartache so far, anytime I've moved my make-up case about it's not happened just a warning for those butter fingers. I remember I kept being told about this smell, which did make me think any scents could cause irritation to skin and just a unpleasant feeling to anyone using it. I personally don't have any issue with the smell, it's not overpowering to me but it's just a word of warning to those smell sensitive. Per bottle it's £27.00 which could be a con for some. You get 50ml and I don't find much needs to be used and it's a dual product. The shades for lighter complexions don't seem to be as varied as for medium to darker complexions from what I've seen.

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