M.N. Menow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Late night scouring on eBay normally leads to purchases and last month that purchase was 16 lip 'glosses' / creams from M.N. Menow Generation II. Mainly the source of these lip glosses are from China, you can find them on Aliexpress, eBay and most likely Amazon too but the cheapest I've found has been on eBay (here), prices varied on aliexpress but none the less, I thought, I purchase one of these from other companies for at least £13 a pop so why not gamble order 16 and get my monies worth and some, at 99p or £1.00 for one (colours sometimes varied on the 1p difference) what could I really lose, besides £16 lol. There's not a great deal of variety with the shades, a lot of reds and pinks with different undertones. The colours I went for are numbered, no names so make up your own I suppose.
Finish : Matte
Size : 4.4ml

Good longevity - roughly 4-5 hours.
The Cost.

Hard to remove (might be a + too).
Can be sticky.
Cheap packaging (printing rubs off. Eh it's 99p).
I'd describe that this is a velvet matte liquid. The sponge applicator for these are thinner and longer than others of this nature. For me it doesn't make a difference but I know some prefer a longer stem to a shorter & vice versa.

Application :
I tend to leave my lips to near the end so I will always make sure there's no flakes or dryness. Keeping lips exfoliated gives lip products more life and chance.
Apply a lip balm before so the lips are moisturised.
Dab some off if there's any left by the time it gets to the lip stage.
If you feel you need a lip liner, apply one but with this applicator tip being smaller it always more control and also dispenses off the right amount on the sponge so you don't have to worry about getting too much on the tip.
Don't rub the lips together. Leave to dry for about a minute.

As it begins to dry matte there might be some dryness, I've read you can dab some lip balm onto the top but I've never experienced drying that's so uncomfortable for that need as the drying begins to wear off as the time goes on. My only issue might be that the when it dries, more so into the inner part of the lips it starts to crumble when the lip juice gets to it.

When I first got these I swatched them like I have below and they were on my arm for hours, upon going to the bathroom that night to wash - could I for the life of me get the bloody swatches off my arm? Elbow grease and body wash isn't industrial enough for this job. Use an oil based make-up remover or an oil (I used EVOO) to remove the lipstick and remove all traces of it.

To see how one of these look on the lips, see Wednesday's make-up post where I was wearing #16 on the lips

Sometimes you've got to think, can you complain much for what you get price wise?

I'd be happy enough to pay 99p or £1.00 for these, especially if they start to develop more of a colour range it'll be so much better as much as I love my red, pinks and purples having the option for more outlandish colours is always nice. The delivery from China was fast also being I ordered them on a Friday night and got them around 8-9 days later. and that was 7-8 days earlier than the estimated delivery date. No complaints here.

Do these take your interest? Have you tried these? Let me know below!
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