BIC Soleil Secret Razor

My first introduction into razors was the multiple disposable orange BIC razors, just an unfortunate thing that I didn't use it on my legs or underarms, no, no. My eyebrows, my poor mum went out and found a late night pharmacy to get me a pencil to fill in my brows, oh did I fail to mention I was 11 and the next day I was turning 12 and had picture day at school. Yes, it's been an experimental life we've had you & I, BIC!

When presented with your latest experiment how could I say no?
You may recall my post on my Hollywood Wax or even my Epilating posts (1) & (2), I use any method to remove this sasquatch body hair. In between a wax, a trimmer comes in handy, you don't want the hair to be too long in between your waxes and you may just want to be a little more neater. This razor has a pivoting head, allowing easy movement around curves. It's simple to use, make sure the hairs wet and I go against growth, I don't find it trims as much going with the growth.

It has that disposable feel to it, I can't explain it but for something that is disposable it has a neat design and I've yet to run into an issues. I tried to not compare it to my other trimmer, which was hard not to do but in all honesty for the price, I cannot grumble. I'd probably purchase this in the future if necessary.

Have you tried this secret razor?

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