Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit

The fact I've always been intrigued by gel nails I've never bothered to get them done, maybe it's the fact that I find it tedious to sit in a nail salon and get my nails done, when the opportunity arose that I could trial the Red Carpet Manicure system I went for it. A manicure that lasts longer than ordinary polish?

I am using the professional LED kit. Within this kit you get:
Professional LED Light (with timer function)
PURIFY Pre & Post Application Cleanser (59ml)
PREP Max Adhesion Sanitizer (9ml)
STRUCTURE Base Coat Gel (9ml)
BRILLIANCE Seal & Shine Top Coat Gel (9ml)
ERASE Gel Nail Polish Remover (59ml)
REVITALIZE Nourishing Cuticle Oil
LED Gel Polish (9ml) in Red Carpet Reddy

After making sure that my nails were completely clean and clear of any previous nail residue etc, I started to prep the nails using the Prep Max Adhesion Sanitiser to make sure the nails are prepped and cleaned of anything else. I noticed my nail after using this looked dried. After that I put the Base Coat Gel on and popped it under the UV Light, with a built in timer, you simply press the oblong button on top of the UV Light and with your 4 fingers already inside the 30 second timer will begin, I read to apply the thinnest layers possible of the colour as it needs to have two coats which are sealed under the light for 45 seconds each time. Then it's time for the top layer to give the nail it's final seal and shine.

You want to keep it away from your cuticles, this is what will take you the most time when applying the polish.

It was trying at first as I found that the two lighter colours Ravishing Raspberry & Peach Chiffon were quite thick even after I'd wiped the excess off so when it was put on the nails it was quite thick and after put under the light it wrinkled slightly but it even out a bit when the top coat was on but I could notice the ripple.

My last attempt was using the colour that the kit comes with "Red Carpet Reddy". I didn't find this to be thick and was easy to apply BUT my issue with RCM was the fact, I couldn't even get a weeks worth out of it unfortunately. My manicure lasted at least 2-3 days. When it started to peel, my actual nail started to peel so I had to cut my nails down and start a separate treatment. Taking the treatment off was easy, there's even a guide on the website for anyone who is interested.

I'm so on the fence with this product if honest, I love how fuss free it is and that it dries quicker than any other manicure I've ever had plus the bonus of the a nice shine and smudge free nails but it didn't last as long as desired or should I say claimed.

Edit: I've since now realised that you have to go thin on the first layer of polish and a big thicker on the second before the top coat. That manicure lasted definitely longer than my first and second attempts. Live and learn.

What do you think about gel nails?

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