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I've got books on make-up, health, vegetarian recipes and loads on true crime but I actually have none on how-to do hairstyles. The first time I learnt how to do a fishtail plait was by an illustration, I found it a lot easier than watching someone demonstrate. Which surprised me. That's why I decided to look at this book - The Hairstyle Directory*. I got this not long before the festive period, so I've had a look through but not managed to try anything as of yet. You know how this season does us but I'm going to let you know what I briefly think of this book.
This is a book by a fellow blogger, Christina Butcher, maybe you've seen her blog already Hair Romance, Christina has previously released 3 e-books but here a book comes in, touch form - which I prefer. This book boasts, 4 chapters, each chapter is dedicated to a main hairstyle and several variations. Ponytails, Plaits, Buns, Knots and Twists and Bouffants. With 82 different styles, there's something for most hair lengths. Even though I'm sure YouTube for some is more easier or convenient, I enjoy having something just in my hand, that I can flick through , learn at my own pace and possibly find more hairstyles plus why do most of the online demonstrations feature ladies with gorgeous, flowing long locks or feature extensions?! I automatically feel 'Oh it's a style I can't do.'
The Hairstyle Directory gets straight to the point and with each look it's set out with a Description, Difficulty level, Ideal hair length, Hair Extensions Needed?, Assistance Needed?, Accessories, Try This (suggestion). You will get two hairspiration photos and on the right hand page all the illustration directions needed with a top tip.

I like that Christina lets you know tools that are needed, if you need help, how hard it is and is your hair long enough to achieve this style to its full potential. It narrows it down, you'll know how much of a practice lesson your in for. That I like - a lot!

Majority of the styles I've seen floating around Pinterest & Tumblr but seeing as I've become this wash & go lady, I seem to like them and leave them. I guess some I don't feel I can do or will suit me. I will make 2014 a nice chance and give these curls a treat. As my hair has grown I'm looking at more braid styles to try out. I think my fun challenge is making these hairstyles my own with curls, a lot of these hairstyles are done on more straight / wavy styles than curls. Although I'm not being discouraged it would of been nice to of seen a variation of different hair textures that these styles are done on.

How do you prefer to learn, step by step online demonstration or does a book guide help?

Hair Style Directory: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Creating Classic and Modern Styles
Released on January 2nd 2014 - RRP £14.99.

The book is known as The Hairstyle Directory within the UK & Asia & Braids, Buns and Twists elsewhere.
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