Jason Vale 3 Day Detox

Since deciding to start 2014 early, I thought of ways that I could jump start my year and make good patterns come January, I mean come on, how many resolutions do we end up breaking before the middle of January? Easier to make the good habits now so you don't feel that your resolutions are such a let down.

Juicing I've wanted to do for over a year now, kicking my backside into gear, I got the Philips HR1861 Whole Fruit Juicer - Aluminium and within the box this book is included Juice Master Keeping It Simple: Over 100 Delicious Juices and Smoothies which of course makes a good read.

Deciding to break myself into the juicing routine I embarked on the 3 day detox, I only gave myself about two days to mentally prepare and I'm not sure if you can ever fully prepare for a detox. Each morning is started off with hot water and a slice of lemon/lime.

Day One: Starting on Friday because I thought, I could hibernate and moan throughout the weekend. I awoke craving my morning sugar and my mentality obviously wasn't strong because I didn't want to budge to start the day. I was working outside most the morning and early afternoon, I started to feel like a headache was coming on, I didn't want to use no medication especially if I'm detoxing just didn't seem plausible. I wasn't keen on the morning - lunch juice AT ALL, tasted like I was sipping on pepper. I dragged out my lunch until I had to juice later. By now my mood was extremely snappy, I stopped taking messages. Oh did I mention, my period also decided to start (TMI) I know but whatevs, the bloating, double hormonal imbalance, yeah it's all visible. I felt quite light headed and weak and the hunger pangs lingered until I fell asleep. Miserable.

Day Two: Upon waking up, I didn't feel hungry until I started to move about to go and make the water & lemon, I wanted to see that with a day of detoxing what was the change with my body, yeah too soon, I've only just started, call it impatience. My body fat was 37.7% and went down to 37.5% and I gained 1lb, yet I felt lighter within myself. After that I just needed something, I felt cold - I buckled and ended up having porridge. Straight away I felt bad but gosh did it feel good just to have something warmer in the stomach. I continued with my juicing for the day, that slight headache feeling was still lingering around, like it wanted to become a headache but just didn't. I tried to keep active most the day, which I guess I wasn't much, the energy still felt low. Whenever I got that empty feeling, I had some water or herbal tea and made an additional smoothie. Before going to bed I didn't feel as hungry as I did the night before.

Day Three: I felt human today, didn't feel that hungry in the morning. My body must be getting use to this detox. Of course my fat ass bounced on the scales again, 37.7% body fat and I lost 3lbs. Safe to say my mind was boggled about the up & down feat but just to know there's been some change made me want to stick at it more. Carried on my day and even though I had that not quite 'full' feeling, it always felt like there was something more to fill up the stomach.

Total Loss: 5lbs
Body Fat: 37.8% - that went up from 37.7%

I would say for me, I'm carrying on with juicing maybe not full on days of juicing like these, that wouldn't be wise but incorporating it in-between meals, is a definite.

Would I do more detoxes? Yes I would. It's definitely more of a mental preparation and I hope to do more in 2014. You have to remind yourself, nobody is forcing you to do this, it's has been YOUR choice. Now I honestly know how much is on hand mentally, I'd be more prepared that way as it's more than just having the right materials. They cannot push you and if your mentally not ready, I feel that's where you can falter more.

Being that I am a vegetarian you'd think my diet is a lot more clean but how I've been eating home-made chips & cheese like it was going out of fashion. Eeeek!

Time for exercise, when I did do any sort of exercise was on day 3, I did a yoga workout which helped me more clear my mind. I find meditation is a long-term practice. Trying not to focus on anything but the task on hand. Plus the support of family & friends makes all the difference, as soon as someone is negative - brush them away. You don't want those vibes around or doubts put into your mind.

Waking up on the 4th day I feel really good, I could even possibly continue today, I've got my hot water & lemon as I type this.

Remember you never have to weight (see what I did there ) until January 1st to start anything. Each day we are given is a day to start with a goal.

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