MesmerEyez Silky Grey Contacts

MesmerEyez Silky Grey One Month Contacts - £14.99*

I first started cosmetic lenses in 2006 but I just couldn't get the hang of putting them in, literally on my mum's wedding day I was in the bathroom trying to get these lenses in, stressing myself out. Last year was the first time I really managed it and enjoyed the experiencing, I know contacts are very hit and miss with people, some don't see the point, some live in them that you don't even know whether it's their real eyes or not.

I don't do subtle. Yet I love grey contacts! I find, green and blues very common but grey is getting there.

I have a bunch from MesmerEyez, yes mostly grey BUT different styles and shades lol give me a break please.

In the 7 pack bundle I have 4 one month and 3, three month contacts. They all come from certain collections, to give you different effects which I have included in the list so you get an idea.

One Month : -

Three Month :-

What I enjoy about coloured lenses as a whole is, they can give you an entire different look in regards to makeup. First time I wore these, they scared my mum as she wasn't expecting it. Well from dark brown to grey, it goes from subtle to Halloween in one go.

Let me give you a run down on MesmerEyez :
Company founder & Managing Director Riz Navsarka in October 2010 was awarded 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' in 2012 he always won 'Young Achiever of the Year 2010' while MesmerEyez was a finalist for Small Business of the Year 2012. The company seems to be going from strength to strength and with MesmerEyez being featured in such publications Vogue and Grazia there's a good publicity surrounding the brand.

I find these comfortable. Sometimes with contacts I feel like I have dirt, grit, hair whatever inside of them or they sit uncomfortably and I need to take them out. I've either got use to using contacts and the application or these are the most comfortable contacts I've used.

I find it better for myself to get blended colours than pure when I change my eye colour but I don't mind experimenting :)

With each 1 / 3 / 12 month pack of lenses you purchase, you get a 60ml bottle of solution and lens case, so you never have to worry about being without a safe place to let your lenses soak and clean themselves.

The lens case has one with a R on the cap. Be sure to put your right eye lens in that one and the left in the other section. This way you will always have the lens you've put whatever eye, in the correct one, well that's what I've always taken from that.

Out of the 7 I have 2 of them are not grey *gasps*


Topaz Blue
Exciting. I just adore colour contacts. Frankly I'm liking MesmerEyez, I even gave my uncles wife a catalogue from the brand as she was asking me about them on boxing day. So I showed her the varieties available.

I think I'm going to leave the three month ones to last, get through these one month ones. So yes, look out for more grey eye looks when I decide to use makeup ( it's been nearly a month ) but I'm going to enjoy the different looks being able to create just by an eye colour change. You can view a whole collection of their products on or view their official website

What's your views on coloured contacts - Love them? Hate them? 

- the make-up for this look can be found on Very Blog

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  1. You look very seductive and sexy hun x

  2. You have such gorgeous skin! I've never thought about wearing coloured lenses before even though I wear monthly contact lenses. They look great on you :)

  3. They look wonderful on you! And your makeup is amazing by the way!

  4. Very exotic and beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous! I tried contacts before and love the look but rarely wear them. It still takes forever for me to put them on lol

  6. U look so gorgeous hun,love them. For me contacts are a miss coz my natural eye colour is light brown &pple always ask if I'm wearing any lol

  7. Sexy mama!

    Oooh the turquoise ones look stunning! Would go nicely with my hair, hahah!


    1. Hiya mesmereyez is my cousin brothers company if you want any contacts from there i can get them cheaper

  8. You look stunning in this pic!

  9. You look absolutely beautiful...what camera did you use for this shot ?


  10. what will happen if i were to wear them more than just one day

  11. Hi, I love the grey contacts too & have been seeking a replacement for Ciba's "Natural Touch" which are no longer available. The MesmerEyez contact form does not appear "live" as unable to fill out there form. Unsure if its site that may be not compatible with MAC computers or my browser--changed from Safari to FireFox & continued to have difficulty.
    Please HELP...anxious to order these contacts.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi are you interested in mesmereyez contact lenses if so email me @