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Image Source via Tumblr can help you save money and with Get Fit, Feel Epic, calculate how much you indulge in unhealthy options, such as junk food, alcohol, cigarettes etc and see how much more you can save by cutting back or even better quitting. The Get Fit, Feel Epic Giveaway will give someone a chance to gain a boost to their workout and lifestyle change and Sandra of The Black Pearl Blog is one of the judges, here's my entry for her.

I've battled my weight for 4 years now, prior to getting pregnant and then suffering from depression and anxiety I was very active, during school I loved sports, I averaged a U.K. size 10 top - 12 bottom and was around 9½ stone, my lowest was 8 stone in 2007 when I was doing bar work, I went down to a size 8, I was unhappy at that weight and size. After the ectopic pregnancy, depression and anxiety set in, the weight piled on as I wasn't active, I comfort ate - just because I'm a vegetarian it doesn't equal lean. I remember I was at counselling and I was waiting to use the bathroom and one woman said to me, "You can go before me, I know what it's like when pregnant!" - I was like, yeah thanks I will go before you and btw I'm not pregnant, I've just got a few extra lbs!

So now I'm at a size 16 and at my most heaviest & being that I do find it hard to group socialise, being in crowds 8/ 10 can bring on an attack and  when panic attacks strike at any moment it has been hard to find group indoor activities I find enjoyable. I'm 5'5 and some inches nearing 5'6 and I weigh nearly 13 stone, I feel uncomfortable most days. People have often suggested that group exercising is better as you have encouragement and find it better but with that working against me this is what has lately been helping me:

Wii - Wii Balance Board - Active 2 - Zumba - Wii Fit Plus
Glove Weights - Ankle Weights - Skipping Rope - Yoga - 30 Second Slim 

Including anything I find fun helps me to keep at it. I'm exercising alone, I'm my own cheerleader. Honestly when I'm on the Wii Fit I don't know when to stop cos I'm always pushing myself to top my highest score or to complete a game, so I often wake up the next day not even being able to brush my hair.

The one thing I'm focusing more on than anything is of course health more than for vanity/fashion.
High blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart conditions are something that run through my family  ( even though I have been told my blood pressure is too high for someone my age ) and with the high B.M.I I currently have...(obese), I'm at more of a risk so it's better to prevent it now before it's too late. This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change - simple as, this is a way of life for the better! I have been :-
  • Exercising at least 4 - 5x a week mixture of the various exercises so my muscles don't get use to the routines. Switching it up is always good. 
  • Cooking from scratch - ready meals - no, no. Better to know how much salt, sugar, carb intake you are eating. If I understand the ingredients, it's good. 
  • Slowly I want to build up to outdoor exercise, vitamin D build-up
  • Find a good combination of Vitamins 
  • Be tested for diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure as often as I can

It's important to remember this is no race. Getting fit takes time and plateaus will occur as well as weight fluctuation. I'm on a 1500 daily calorie intake. If you eat less calories, I end up putting on weight anything over 1500 is too much and I won't burn it off. Patience and understanding is what this is all about. There is no race, nobody to beat - but the fat. I know people think I'm 'confident, outgoing' but just because I can put on a brave face, share things on my blog and get on with life doesn't mean inside I'm battling demons. The last 5 years I have been at my lowest with some high points and re-finding myself has been a battle. Getting fit to me is more than losing lbs, I'm wanting to find LaaLaa, whose smile is genuine, comfortable with herself, confident with every stride, sociable and feeling epic, because every part of me is exactly that.


How do YOU git fit, to feel epic? Share with me below! xo
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