John Frieda Full Repair Collection

John Frieda recently launched their "Full Repair" collection consisting of products in 3 steps:

1. Repair
  • Full Body Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner 

2. Treat 
  • Perfect Ends Sheer Mist
  • Perfect Ends Deep Infusion 

3. Style 
  • Root Lift Foam
  • Heat Activated Styling Spray 

I was kindly sent 6 of 7 Full Repair products (minus the sheer mist)  and last week they really got some use. My hair was coloured to an inch of it's life, since late January I've been in the process of lightening my hair.

I had an ash light blonde & light brown in my hair prior to the dying and then over the course of a few days of colouring :

I've got a lighter colour but very over processed. My hair didn't feel dry surprisingly after washing it out but I made sure to put a hair mask on which would be the John Frieda Deep Conditioner & Full Body Conditioner.

Both £5.99 each
I didn't use any shampoo just because of the sulfates & I'm not looking to strip the hair any more than it already has been with it being coloured quite harshly. Any bleach will be harsh on the hair no matter how good the hair feels afterwards.

Colour treated hair needs a little bit more TLC .. oh and did I mention I've now dyed it again! It's now a light - medium ash brown lol! My hair just from Tues - Fri sure did go through some stress but it doesn't feel dry *needs trimming mind* it's still manageable and I'm slowly working my way through the collection as I'm not using heat on my hair due to it being put through a lot last week.

Imagine me honey /brown blonde with thick borat black brows - nice!

At the moment I'm pleased with the hair mask, you don't need to smoother your hair in the mask it gives a nice coverage and easy to wash out. I wash my hair every other day and I'll probably use this 2x a week

Have you tried this collection yet?

Official John Frieda Full Repair Website
Purchase the collection at Boots

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