Body Scrub Collection

Exfoliating at bath time is a fun time for me, I love that extra bit of bodily TLC. I use my Body Shop Round Body Brush first seen here to brush my skin in circular motions from the foot upwards to get rid of the old skin and then using a body scrub / body polish to exfloliate and lock in moisture as I get rid of the old skin. Here I'm listing the scrubs I currently own - bit of an addict you may say:

1. Soap & Glory Pulp Friction £8.00 Since getting this in the Big Splendour in December, I've enjoyed using this it has fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, lemonade tree liquid, orange waterjuice & vitaminballs ( A,C,E ). It says it's a foamy fruity scrub and I would say it does cover like a shower gel but it's not 'foamy' but it's my second most reached for scrub. The smell doesn't linger on the skin but it's a pleasurable scent.

2. Soap & Glory Flake Away £7.00  This scrub was my first venturing into Soap and Glory products especially their exfoliating range. Before hand I used mostly Body Shop scrubs but I enjoyed the exra moisture that it leaves on the skin.

3. FCUK Polished SugarScrub I got this from Boots last year so it lasted me quite a while it probably has a couple more uses and it's finished but I use this ones generally before shaving my legs the extracts of oils it contains such as sweet almond & jojoba oils do well on my skin all the time. The sugar particles for me aren't rough as I've read previous reviews on this and people referred to the texture as 'sandpaper'! Added bonus the smell is amazing :)

4. Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub *£12.50 As mentioned above Body Shop scrubs were always my favourite. It doesn't have a strong aroma of coconut but I do find the scrubs a lot more gritty so I leave these for when my skins in desperate need of a good exfoliating session.

5. FUCK Body Polish £8.37 With the FCUK scent that I adore from the FCUK bath products, this polish has fine particles walnut shells and apricot seeds.The almond oil leaves the skin moisturised and smooth while leaving the signature FCUK scent.

6. L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub *£26.00 Mmmmmmm .... When I think about using this, I honestly feel as if I am in pampering heaven. I mentioned it here for the first time! The smell of citrus, fine grain of salt and the oil - the combination for me makes this scrub my HG scrub. The salt particles are small but along with the oil the aftermath of my skin is soft & moisturised.

Share with me your favourite body scrubs below....
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