August 2011 Haul

In the last 3 weeks I've acquired a few pieces. I spent 5 days cleaning out my room ... Yup 5 days and  it was mostly body products ( I did my make-up at the end of July ) I've decided to stop buying any body/bath products until everything is used up. Hard but it's not needed but that obviously doesn't count for the make-up..

Avon Ultra Rich Mega Impact Lipstick - Charged Cherry.  

Having already got the Never So Nude I decided on getting a nice red from the Ultra Rich Mega Impact Avon range

What I like about these are they are so light on the lips, not very intense but smooth and easy. Which I love you start to forget you have anything on.

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

[left to right] Cotton Candy - Powder Puff - Fairy Cake - Angel Delight 

At £2.99 each these seem to be a steal. Collection 2000 when I was first getting into make-up was my brand as it was sold almost everywhere and it was affordable for the little bits that a teenager needed. I haven't purchased anything from the brand in a while and I saw these in Lisa Eldridge's latest video and saw how nice they went on and the finish looked desirable. After swatching in store, I thought "What the heck!!"

Avon Colortrend Pencil Play Eye Liner - Turquoise 

I got this Colortrend Pencil Play in a sale book for £1, the colourtrend pencil play white was my first eye liner I ever purchased, I like the colour pay off it's not creamy it reminds me of an ordinary colour pencil that kind of feel but with obviously more of a colour pay off. 

Can't go wrong for £1 to get something bright & cheerful

Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eye Liner

[left to right] Graphite - Bronze- Black

I can't understand why I've seen these Liquid-Glides get such a low rating on MakeUp Ally. I have the other Glimmersticks too ( below ) They glide on beautifully, twist bottom, no sharpening fuss. It's to give the effect of a liquid eyeliner but I don't  really use pencil on my upper lid ( unless I'm doing a very smokey eye), so I have purposely brought these for the waterline/lower lash line to smudge or a clean look.

Avon Mega Impact Eye Liner

[left to right] Black Flash - Colbat

Looking for the SuperShock gel eye pencils I couldn't seem to find them so I decided to get these Mega Impact Gel Pencils. I've used the Colbat and it reminds me of the SuperShock, it glides with ease, it stays put and the blue alongside my grey contacts just made them stand out last week. I had a lot of compliments. Not bad for a 'Guess it'll do' buy. 

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner
[left to right] Majestic Plum - Starry Night Blue - Blackest Black

Like I said previously* I've had these for awhile, didn't use them until I needed to hold back on using my SuperShock until I got a second pencil. Well after using the Blackest Black I got so use to using the Gel it felt weird reverting but the Glimmersticks aren't bad as you can see I've used all 3 and there nice for a different lower eye colour quick smudge and waterline *thumbs up*

As you can see I got a few products left, Save The Nail, MeMeMe Cosmetics & there's even the odd face products I've been sent alongside a travel manicure set.... To be continued...

In the meantime, have you tried ANY of these ? If so let me hear your views :o) 

New DV lovers welcome & don't be shy.

Peace & Love.
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  1. I NEED all the cream puff shades they are soooo pretty, what am I waiting for, the amount of times i've walked past these in superdrug and not got them!

    And definatley off to harass my neighbour thats just started doing Avon as the avon stuff look fab and how cool is the shape of the lipstick! xx

  2. @www.Victoria-Gabrielle.com I can't wait to do a look wearing them. Oh yes I'd love to know what you think. I love them as I'm not such a fuss pot with eye liner too much as to find a HG product is rare so I tend not to fuss but what woman doesn't want a long lasting waterline :o) xoxo

  3. Beautiful haul!!! I hope your staying safe baby boo!

  4. Nice haul! The Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Creams look like the NYX Matte Lip Creams.

  5. I find the Glimmersticks are a pain to take off if they're on your lower lashline!

  6. @Saimese Oh really?! I use my oil cleansing method to take off my make-up and never found much of a problem. Thanks for sharing as I might use something else to take it off and see :o)

  7. All of this stuff looks amazing - thanks for the reviews!


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