This is a personal post, why? Because I am a woman. I may not have experienced domestic violence but it could happen and it has and is happening to 1 in 4 women. That's 1 in 4 of everyone of my Dolce Vanity readers who are going through this or have survived this situation. 

Since 1971 Refuge have been helping women get out of abusive relationships and I could imagine that's the hardest step of all is getting out but having a place to go to that acquires safe accommodation for women and their children is the most important thing. 

Today is the launch of 1in4women, many know the statistics that 1in8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer but people do not know that it's twice a many that are affected by domestic violence. 

Women are scared to do anything about it while in such a situation, 16% report the domestic violence to the police while others suffer in silence and it does not need to be like this. Refuge are working to empower women to give them the skills to do what's necessary to help make situations like this stop!!

It's important to help not just because it could be a family member or a friend ... women in general should just help another woman out of a situation like this.

There's several ways to help out Refuge and above is just two ways to launch awareness of 1in4
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