Rimmel release fruit-scented nail polish

It's clever I must say, we seem to get entrapped when these smart new ploys for products come around. Something we must stop falling for ?! But how can we it's too enticing just to try just this once or four times.  I have somewhat or late become what we may call a nail polish addict ... in the last week I bought 10.

Now the weather has changed in the U.K. to something of our normal British summer... grey skies & scattered showers it might be nice to have a finger up our nose and smelling summer instead lol.

They come in four shades & obviously SMELLS:

We got our lovely peach : Punchy Peach, Cranberry Zest anyone !?! Unusual scent if you ask me. Lemon Drop mmm zesty, now I love citrus smelling things and it's not such a vibrant yellow it's mellow yellow - like me & finally we have Strawberry Zest

Now I think I may be sold on the idea to try this out seeing as I don't think I have ever seen or heard of a scent based nail varnish!? These are being sold for £3 each at any Rimmel selling stores or on ASOS

How sold are you ?! Or have you already purchased? Please share I'd love to know.
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  1. hm i'd like to know if the smell actually stuck around... i've never been a big fan of rimmel products so i doubt i'd buy this. I do like the cranberry zest and strawberry zest colours though! :)


  2. rhamnousia18/7/10

    I remember Revlon did something like this but released them only in the US.

    I'm a bit iffy on Rimmel at the moment but if my opinion changes, I hope the smell is actually fruity and not the usual nail polish smell with a bit of synthetic fruit scent chucked in.

  3. Oh really !?!

    Yeah that's the big test how real does the smell really sit with the nose. I think I'm going to buy one this week before I decide to buy the rest.
    Don't want to walk around with nails smelling plastic with a hint of lemon.

  4. That would be the real test, I'm doubtful that the product will last BUT I guess you couldn't put a top coat on as it will trap the smell it's meant to have smh.

  5. Your gurl Abby19/7/10

    but whos gonna be smelling your nails though? lol

  6. @Your gurl Abby, lmao....never know. People have some kind of weird fetishes. Might find a man who likes to smell your fingers like a cigar =]