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Updated May 2021:
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Eyebrows okay let's say I'm quite obsessed with them, I find them to be one of the most important features on a face.
Just the shape can add or take away quite a lot when it comes to how your face looks. My friends often laugh at me because when I notice someone I comment on their eyebrows, in person or in photos. It's one of the first things I seem to look at.

I'm OBSESSED with eyebrows !

Growing up when I first ever did something to my eyebrows I used a razor lol! I wanted to have 'lovely' eyebrows for my school picture that was also going to be on my 11th birthday so that is how I took off half my eyebrow and had my mum running around late at night for late night pharmacies to get me an eyebrow pencil & suffice to say I did not know how to use that so I practically drew on my eyebrows like I was using a crayon. I do have a picture of it but I decided to put my glasses on that day so the round frames I had covered it so I didn't bother to scan it. - oh the horror.

So this is my eyebrow picture history if you will.

This is how my eyebrows ORIGINALLY were, the picture was taken when I was 6.

The above photo was when I was 15 and once again did nothing but OVER PLUCK!! How terrible it's short and thin and no shape urgh what was I thinking [ okay but then again I knew no better ]

The summer of 2006 I was 18 and not long after this I decided I was going to grow out my eyebrows and it took roughly 2 months for them to fully grow back and I decided to get them waxed for the first time.

Resulting in this...

I kept up this until I went back and got them waxed again in 2008 but my normal waxer wasn't there and another woman ended up making on so much more thinner than the other resulting in me having to grow them out but I didn't want to get them waxed again after that lol.

So late 2008 after doing another grow out, I taught myself to thread. Leading to money saving and the satisfaction of saying ' I did it myself ' when people ask who had done my eyebrows. In saying this it has not stopped my love affair to always change the shape time and time again and I'm still prone to the odd 'grow out' and restart.

BUT I did end up one day when re-doing my eyebrows taking a chunk out of my eyebrow eeek. That's what I get for doing my eyebrows when tired & pissed off....

They say when doing your eyebrows to follow your natural shape and never pluck the above hairs etc.
Okay well to me rules are to be broken, yes I do agree NOW with the follow your natural shape, I generally think it's what works best for your shape don't force something that it isn't. I thread above my eyebrows and trim them to get them all to one length and so there is no stray hairs
So I will be going through an 'infamous' grow out but not to a large degree more shaping while growing and filing in so what will I be filling in with...

Well there's several weapons of choice :

Eyebrow Powder


Brow Enhancer

Eyebrow Pencil

In honesty I'm not a huge eyebrow pencil person, powders I'm more content with including eyeshadow's I find it easier to use.
Not long ago I got the brow enhancer from AVON that I still need to review !

When it comes to eyebrows I prefer them to be full, not caterpillars and certainly the overplucking just needs to stop.

Examples :

Katie Price [ aka Jordan ] - Britain's so called answer to Pamela Anderson.... kind of got an Elvira thing happening but the heavily drawn on eyebrows are not helping any cause.

The worlds most famous swimsuit wearer Pamela Anderson [ I'm actually a guilty pleasured fan ] has always sported the pencil thin eyebrows, it's all we've ever seen or known. But these type of eyebrows still get a huge [X] from me.

But what's your weapon of choice when it comes to eyebrows ?

Do you wax, tweeze, thread or even shave ? Do you even fill them in & extend them if so what do you use ?

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