Hampstead Tea

Have compromised nothing, with 4 flavours to choose from their delicious ice teas use real leaf tea giving you a 'true brew' experience. They're fairtrade, organic, biodynamic with no artificial flavouring & low calories.

Drink cold or mix with alcohol to make a unique cocktail. After mixing enough for two glasses, you still have quite an amount left in one carton of the iced tea. If someone is driving, they could still have a refreshing non-alcoholic guilt free drink!

Hampstead long island Lemon iced tea Cooler

Serves: 2


100ml Hampstead Lemon & Green Iced Tea

12ml gin

12ml tequila

15ml white rum

50ml of cola

Ice to suit


1. Gently mix the ingredients altogether in a jug or cocktail shaker

2. Serve in large glasses with wedges of freshly cut lemon and ice and kick back and relax

Hampstead Raspberry fizz

Serves: 2


2tsps sugar

100 ml water

A handful of raspberries, washed and quartered

150ml Hampstead Raspberry & Green Iced tea

25ml vodka

50ml prosecco



1. Add the sugar to the water and gently heat in a saucepan until dissolved.

2. Add the raspberries and reduce to a puree over a gentle heat.

3. Allow the raspberry puree to cool and then mix in the iced tea and vodka.

4. Pour into a champagne glass and top up with prosecco for a lightly soured drink.

Purchase: Hampstead Tea - Iced Tea

Hampstead Tea Festive Cocktails

I'm so gutted that the original photos I took, didn't have the desired outcome for the products results and I will explain why and exactly why I still recommend this product. I've seen on blogs that people adore this product and I thought hmm why not have a try!? Looking on eBay I found a UK seller who was selling 2 combined. Opting for that, order placed and awaited the item.

I had spots here & there and would cleanse my face and pop these on and continue with my face routine but it didn't work. I didn't see the white stuff that was supposedly meant to draw out of the spot. It was starting to look like a failure, until..reading some forum posts on the item I found out, it's not all spots or all stages of spots this works on.

The spots I find it works on are whiteheads, you need to let the spot come to the point it looks like the white head is going to 'burst' or can be wiped off, (I know some have used it to help bring out the whitehead to the point of bursting - then burst it and put on another patch) in my case it happened when I used my toner the whitehead was beheaded, there was little blood that stopped within a couple seconds and this is when I took the tweezer provided in the Nexcare packet, peeled off a suction pad and put it on the spot. It kind of stops you touching it, infections and allows it to heal. I left it on for way over 12hrs - I don't think that long is necessary but during that time I noticed on the pad it looked a little creamy in the center. The patches act as hydrocolloid bandages that suck the puss & blood from out the spot.

Taking it off, the redness and raised spot had disappeared, I just had a little mark - always happens with my skin and spots - and a patch that had sucked out all the nastiness from my spot.

It had finally worked!!!

Purchase: 3M Nexcare Acne Patch

Nexcare Acne Patch Review

Vaseline Sugar Coated

The new catwalk inspired limited edition Vaseline Sugar Coated is making sure it's your favourite accessory this season. With the dusky pink hue of the petroleum within the can and the hue being sported over the lid with drops that are reminiscent of sugar, it's a beautiful tin that'll also look great within your clutch or just fashion forward in your hand that's sporting the latest fall dusk pink hue. On your lips it'll give you a divine sheen like sugar gleaming in the light.
With dusky pink 'Rose Quartz' being named 1 of the 2 Pantone Colour(s) of 2016 it's fitting that throughout the year you could find a lot of dusky pink beauty & fashion, like my collage above. Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Sienna Miller and the AW'16 runway had dusky rose being featured in a handful of collections. Heading into 2016 expect a lot of dusky pink to be available.
It's a beautiful shade that suits all in my eyes. Team with grey, nude, blush, light blue, black mauve and even red like Sienna Miller.

Purchase: Boots or Superdrug £2.99

Vaseline Sugar Coated Lip Therapy

Relaxing at Home

The holiday season can be pretty stressful, last minute shopping, cooking, cleaning, in between all of that most have just got their Christmas break from work and head first into getting Christmas sorted and making it perfect. I've not long got done having to shampoo the carpet in the house, I'm beat!

Spa's are a good way to relax and sometimes it's nice to go and have someone else work out all your knots and stresses but sometimes we can't either afford or get to a spa when it's convenient for us. I love to be able to unwind at home, privacy and no stress of travelling. Preparing for your at home spa is simple enough. Ideally I like to do my at home spa at the weekend & I'm going to just share some of my tips.

Switch off distracting electronics! Music will be the only exception.

Ahead of my me time I search for music. Make a playlist of your favourite music that relaxes you. I love YouTuber Erica Fae's Soundcloud 'Faemixes'. Erica compiles chill mode songs together from Soundcloud that she finds and makes dope playlists. This is what I'll listen too during my relaxing me time.
In the early evening I will have my wash day. While I have my protein treatment in my hair, I'll sit under the dryer using my Babyliss Dryer (which is part of a duo set with a hair straightener) and hood attachment.
I remove any old nail polish. Remember montagne jeunesse? The affordable brand we could NEVER pronounce well they've now become 7th Heaven, all throughout my teen years, these were affordable & effective and they still are, for £1 try the Foot Pumice & Foot Butter.

Simply, rub the pumice over the feet pay attention to places that your feet may have problems such as dry, hard or flaking skin. The whiff of peppermint is very present and it reminds me of toothpaste and just like peppermint, it's cooling and refreshing while the pumice gets rid of all the rough parts on your feet. Then rinse off and dry the feet, later after the bath use the foot butter that's also within the packet, massage it into your feet and work on some pressure points and enjoy refreshed, revived feet.

Next it's time to brush my teeth, exfoliate and cleanse my face, steam it in a bowl or use a steamer. If in a bowl, I like to put some sea salt and essential oils in the water before putting on my favourite face mask currently Lush - Don't Look At Me.

After 10 minutes I take off my face mask before just putting Lush Ultrabland on my face. I don't do my entire face routine yet as I leave it for when I get out the bath.

The Bath

Various candles are put around the tub and I begin to run a bath, I put epsom salts, essential oils and crumbles of a bubble bar. Prepare your body for the ultimate detox.

I bring my favourite fluffy towel & dressing gown into the bathroom.

As the bath is running, I either crumble one of my favourite Lush Bubble Bars or a bath bomb, choice of this night was the Lush Frozen Bath Bomb. I then dry body brush my body from my feet upwards. Get the heart circulating, blood pumping and some dead skin off.

I get into the bath, sometimes I will read a chapter in my current book in the bath, I either put cucumber slices on my eyes or if you have a cooling gel eye mask - pop that into the fridge for 10 minutes before you're ready to get in the bath and put that on.

Once I've soaked for about 20 minutes, I will use my turkish mitt and start to exfoliate dead skin and apply my Frank Body Coffee Scrub as it's very relaxing and pretty damn moisturising. I will then rinse off my skin & hair in the shower under warm temperature.

The Wind Down
Wrap up in my towel, turban and dressing gown. I light some more candles, spray my NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist, turn on my humidifier and go to prepare lemon water or my favourite tea. I like to if possible allow my skin to air dry and apply my shea butter or coconut oil on damp skin. I give extra attention to the feet and pop on my moisturising socks.

Before I leave my hair to air-dry, I'll finish my hair routine & leave to dry itself.
I wipe off the Ultrabland and tone my face, dot my moisturiser on, MooGoo Super Vitamin C Eye Serum and put this gorgeous face oil by Olixia Skincare Brilliance Facial Oil on top.

Get into bed, drink my tea and continue to read and bask in the ambience.
Extra Tips!

Tip : Make sure you've got some chilled or room temperature water. If the bathroom becomes too warm, you may feel dehydrated or dizzy

Tip : You could make your own 'spa water'. Prepare from earlier in the day and allow it to chill in a pitcher.
1/2 Lemon thinly sliced
1/4 Cucumber thinly sliced

Tip : If you can pop those in a dryer for 5 minutes to warm up, you'll really sink into that warm fabric.

Tip : Store your bath salt mix in a mason jar for future use.

Best essential oils, for a sensual bath try sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, patchouli, neroli or jasmine. If you need something more relaxing lavender, chamomile, lavender, patchouli or sandalwood.

Tip : Don't read your emails!!.

Tip : Read a favourite book.

Tip : Burn some oils or incense sticks and meditate.

Tip : I highly recommend doing some Art Therapy books.

Taking Time Out Each Day To Relax & Renew is Essential to Living Well
― Judith Hanson Lasater

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review.

Unwind Before Christmas - De-stress Tips!


Wow, I can't believe it's the 26th box!! Just thinking about when I started to receive the box and how much it's grown in popularity and strength. Each box sold in December, 10p will be donated to F.R.I.E.N.D. Animal Rescue, the animals live on a 10 acre 'no kill' farm. It's been rescuing animals from 1994 help them find refuge from abuse, neglect and suffering.

Plus don't forget next month is Veganuary, so if you're looking to experience going Vegan for 30 days, join in!

Inside The Box
Cocoa Libre Dark Mint Chocolate Owls, reminds me of after dinner mints but a vegan version, it's a hard chocolate with a mint flavour. Refreshing and could be given as different kind of after dinner mint. Diary, gluten, wheat, nuts and peanuts free.

Made exclusively for TheVeganKind Sticky Mix Oat & Cranberry Cookie Mix, these are crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy in the middle. Perfect to do for Christmas as a snack to give to guests this festive period, let's hope I don't balls this up, my sally homemaker isn't baking strong!

On the morning this arrived, I had just been back on the Harper's Bizarre website looking for some more candles. Seeing this Harper's Bizarre Not Even a Mouse Candle in my box was meant to be. It smells of Christmas Cake mix, it makes you feel warm and festive inhaling this candle! Who said a vegan candle, couldn't be deliciously smelling!?

All I can say is YAY!! Moutwatering Freedom Mallows Marshmallows FTW!! Currently spilling my mini mallows on my keyboard!

Choc Shot have been featured in these boxes before and due to their success there's now a new flavour - Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange Spice. 100% natural with the taste of sweet orange and spicy cardamom. It's versatile, pour it within your hot chocolate, drizzle it on fruit, your porridge, pancakes, ice-cream...even spread it on your toast! Btw did I mention it's 14 calories per teaspoon...indulge with zero guilt.

Nakd Christmas Pud Bar with dates, nuts and raisins. Vegan & gluten free, this limited edition flavour is packed with the warming natural Christmas spices you'll find in a Christmas Pud.

Purchase: TheVeganKind Christmas Box


TheVeganKind Christmas Box

Besides a couple of eye pencils from Stila, I've never ventured too much into the brand. I do prefer when shopping high end to be able to go into a store and have look, so I've never bothered too much. When I was offered to have the opportunity to try the Eyes Are The Window palette, I thought why not. 4 different palettes ( each with 12 shadows )care available, I was sent the Mind palette. Spoiler : Which I love.

Stila says "Inspired by the spiritual idea that true beauty comes from within, each one has 12 luxurious eye shadows to enhance your inner beauty."

-The mind quote within the palette.
The Palette
The packaging, shades, swatches.

It comes in a reflective mirror, gold finished casing with a large mirror in the inside lid. Which makes it suitable if you're on the go or just when you're applying your eye or face wherever, it's a generous size. The name of the shades you'll find on the bottom of the outer casing. It can look a little untidy once finger marks get over it but hey, can't be that lazy to not wipe them off it's a bother.
Top Row
Reason. Instinct. Brilliance.
Second Row
Thinker. Observation. Imagination.
Third Row
Creativity. Wit. Genius.
Fourth Row
Intellect. Perception. Understanding.

First Impressions
For those who prefer matte finishes, you'll like this also if you prefer shades that are quite earthy, nude, slate tones and purples. This is perfect for you. What I loved about this palette was the fact that not only is it purely matte, the colours felt very 90s.

The formula may be an issue for some mainly due to how or what type of primer you may use. Primer wise I use MAC paint in Untitled, the primer has to be not too creamy because I've found the formula with the shadows are very firm, so if your primer is very creamy and sticking on your eyes once you pat or sweep the eyeshadow across it'll just stick. It won't be easy to blend. Unless that's your thing, I prefer to make sure I blend my primer in and then apply a little shadow onto my brush and pat it on and build as I need too. Sometimes I prefer to use a blending brush to move it across the lid as it gives a softer appearance. Out of the colours I use Perception, Wit, Understanding, Intellect and Creativity a lot.

Overall, I always reach for it for a daily look. The colours work for me for a wash of colour on the lid when I want a neutral lid to go with a strong lip or anything else. I can't fault it!

Purchase: Stila Eyes Are The Window Palette - Mind


Stila Eyes Are The Window - Mind Palette


Skincare meets Makeup. Exuviance is a brand I've never heard of before, so I was intrigued about this newly formulated foundation, it's set up the high-end in cost and blends skincare and a concealing foundation that's aim is to achieve a healthy, flawless complexion. It's meant to be one of the most wearable fusions of make-up and skincare available on the market.

The brand says that this is an anti-aging treatment foundation that is smudge-resistant with light-to-medium coverage & all day coverage. It's a water-based, oil free foundation that ensures flawless, lightweight coverage while helping to reduce the visible signs of aging with the antioxidant-rich Polyhydroxy Acid Gluconolactone to help soften fine lines and wrinkles while providing treatment as it promotes a smoother appearance while concealing everything from minor blemishes to major discolorations and protection. For all skin types even uber sensitive which will benefit from antioxidants and sunscreen protection. The high-tech formula visibly reduces the signs of ageing as well as treating the skin while providing all-day coverage and protection from UVA and UVB rays, the new formula contains a physical sunscreen, protecting the skin with a factor 20.

The Foundation
The packaging, shades, swatches.
It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pull cap that exposes the pump making dispersing the product easy and controlled.

The Shades:
Ivory - fair to light porcelain skin tones, pink undertones.
Bisque - fair to very light skin tones, neutral undertones.
Blush Beige - fair to very light skin tones, neutral undertones.
Classic Beige - fair skin tone, golden undertones.
True Beige - light to medium skin tones, beige undertones.
Neutral Beige - light to medium skin tones, neutral undertones.
Neutral Sand - olive to tan skin tones, neutral undertones.
Golden Beige - medium skin tones, golden undertones.
Honey Sand - olive to tan skin tones, pink undertones.
Desert Sand - olive to tan skin tones, golden undertones.
Toasted Almond - medium skin tones, neutral undertones.
Terracotta Sand - deep tan skin tones, golden red undertones.

Swatch of True Beige on my inner arm.
On my face where there's a few skin concerns. I decided to see how it 'concealed' and treated problem areas.
First Impressions
I agree that it's definitely a water based foundation, it's fluid and light, shake up the bottle for about 30 seconds before using to mix up the foundation. Then you can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush to apply. I used a buffing brush to apply on my face. As it dries on the face, it gives a powder finish. I noticed when on my arm it dried and I went to rub it in, it kind of flaked and gave this damp powder effect as I rubbed it off. On my face I think this foundation is too light, it gives more of a grey and lighter cast making the skin appear sullen and dull. Maybe Golden Beige or Desert Sand would of been a better match but I've got a feeling it would of been touch and go. As it dries to an almost powder/velvet finish, I'm not sure how dry skin would work with this? I have a feeling the dry skin might be accentuated. I'm quite on the fence with the foundation - maybe in a shade that'll pep my skin more it could of worked but with it being so light in coverage, I don't see how it helps to conceal anything on my face.

Purchase:Exuviance CoverBlend Skin Caring Foundation SPF 20


Exuviance CoverBlend Skin Caring Foundation Review.

Beauty Stocking

When it comes to stockings, finding 'little' gifts can be difficult. Browsing this week I saw a few things I'd love to receive if possible aka things I'll most likely end up purchasing myself. Products that range from £3.50 - £40.00, they could be used as a solo gift or as stocking fillers.
Lip liner has become more the norm for lipstick than lipstick, I saw the OCC The New Neutrals Cosmetic Colour Pencil Set and fell for the 5 piece. I have waited for this book from I believe last year, maybe even longer! I kept seeing it on Amazon for pre-order and it would always fall through this week I had a thought to see the stage of the book to my surprise it had been released Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour, looks to be an interesting look into the modern day retro burlesque queen that is Dita Von Teese. It's not exactly 'beauty' but it's about beauty so good enough!

 Morphe Brushes 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Set, since getting a few Morphe Brushes, I'm slowly becoming a convert, what a better way than to get a bundle of brushes and hey contour isn't dying anytime soon! HUGO Deep Red Eau de Parfum, one of my favourite fragrances, ever have a perfume that takes you back to a certain time in your life, this perfume is that one for me. I absolutely adore it and can't wait to get it back into the collection. Exfoliation is a big part of my life, sad but true. Got to keep the skin, dead skin free and smooth, I spoke about various exfoliating towels earlier this year, gimme more... Japanese Exfoliating Towel. After spending most my year with my Frank Coffee Scrub, I'm running out and simply would adore to have more, where would I be without my Frank...

Do you have a Beauty Stocking Wishlist?

Beauty Stocking Wishlist

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Magic Foundation is a miracle in a bottle that transforms skin for all ages, skin tones and skin types. I have worked with laboratories for five years to create a “hyper-intelligent” formula that gives full-coverage yet feels completely weightless, with all the anti-ageing and protective benefits of a luxury skin cream. It conceals imperfections, glides on like a dream, and literally feels like a second skin. Whether your skin needs just a bit of perfecting, or you struggle with a frustrating issue like acne, melasma or rosacea, Magic Foundation will give you a perfect looking skin day, every day! Choose from 15 beautiful demi-matte shades to match every skin tone from Lily Cole to Lupita Nyongo.

Magic in a bottle?
This foundation's aim is to help create perfect looking skin no matter your skin concerns. Reduce redness, open pores disappear, cover imperfections, undereye bags - bye, and brighten dull skin. Whether you have, acne, normal tired skin, mature skin, pigmentation, large pores, redness, dark circles, birthmarks or scarring. Magic Foundation is said to target and banish all these concerns.

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation
was launched in the last quarter of this year. I watched some YouTube tutorials where Charlotte applied the foundation on different skintones and skin concerns. They say it's available in 15 shades yet I only count 13 shades including one .5 shade on the website, so unless 2 are in development or at a counter, it should be very easy to find a colour to suit everyone. I decided to bite the bullet and get my first Tilbury product, not being anywhere near a counter to be matched, I gambled with a shade.

The foundation arrived the next day. One thing I can say that I like is, they send you 3 sample sachets therefore you don't need to open the bottle -which will become void for you to return if incorrect- to test if it's correct. They send you the exact shade and the shade above & below. Sometimes finding that perfect shade can be a nightmare.

If you use the Foundation Finder it can aide you. I'm an olive complexion with yellow undertones but my skin finds it hard to tan and it tans on ocassion when it wants too.

I had to send back shade 9 which was too dark, it was for a deep golden amber for deep to dark skin tones with neutral undertones, although when I applied it from the sachet it looked ok and then it started to slightly oxidize. Shade 8 (Shade 8 is a neutral deep tan for Tan to Deep Skin Tones with Warm Golden or Olive Undertones) or maybe Shade 7 (Shade 7 is a neutral caramel for Medium to Tan Skin Tones with Warm Golden or Olive Undertones) would of been a good match to even mix. I used the shade 8 sachet and it appeared good so I arranged a return. I sent it back a few days later and awaited my return.
A week later. Nothing. Tweets sent. No reply. An email sent. No reply. 
Two weeks later. Still nothing. 

I spent 2 days trying to get through to customer service and after being sent to an o2 voicemail, an American voicemail inbox and then finally a personalised Charlotte Tilbury customer service voicemail I got through one morning. No apology was given or any explanation where my return or order had got to, was just simply, name and what shade do you want, ok return being sent. After nearly a month since receiving the original and sending it back the next day I got my replacement. Not long after an email was sent about the company moving email servers so emails were lost / unanswered due to this. I thought it could've been explained to me when I asked what happened to my unanswered emails.

It left me thinking, as bloggers we've been so spoilt, we forget that when we're sent things from companies we 9/10 get the best of the batch, sent things same day by courier or first class. We then promote these companies and products and forget about everything else consumers may have to go through with returns, customer service etc. It was a nightmare and reminded me why online makeup shopping is really a dud unless you're 100% sure from prior purchase.

The Foundation
An SPF15 with a very fluid liquid the consistency reminds me of the MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix. It comes in a 30ml bottle with a pump applicator which makes it very easy to control how much foundation you want. The finish should be a demi-matte, taking away the natural shine on the face but allowing it to still be radiant.

Magic Ingredients
Laricyl: This is a concentrated mushroom extract. In French medical legend it was highly sought after as an elixir for longer life. Triple action: It improves skin firmness, Magically tightens pores, Floods the skin with moisture.

Hyaluronic Filling Spheres: These genius spheres fill with moisture as they are absorbed into the skin, plumping the skin with water, reversing wrinkle grooves. This takes effect almost immediately, and within 1 hour your skin is a smoothed and re-texturised canvas.

Supercharged Vitamin C (VC-IP): This brand-new skin hero ingredient has been tested clinically in several In-Vivo tests and is the first time it is integrated into a foundation. Vitamin C is a well-known anti-oxidant that revives skin for a glowing, lit-from-within complexion. VC-IP, super-charged Vitamin C, has been tested against the leading vitamin C ingredient Ascorbic Acid (AsA), and is far more effective at feeding the skin’s cells with energy. It converts into pure vitamin C within the skin, giving protection and energy directly to the skin’s cells and DNA.

It's always good to see a foundation that also boasts skincare benefits as most people with skin concerns have trouble with varied foundations due to irritations or being too heavy.

Swatches of No.8 on my arm. Deep Golden
Just looking at the swatches and the models they've got on the website and YouTube for this shade makes me really wonder as I don't see how this colour was suited to them!

It claims to help pigmentation and redness so I tried it on a few little pimples and where I have a little pigmentation. The colour in the after photo is a little off (winter skies) but you can see it doesn't really hide imperfections and the redness goes slightly ashy.

First Impressions
Applied on the skin it doesn't feel heavy or like the skin can't breathe, I apply it with a duo fibre or buffing brush. It has an almost velvet touch finish to it when it starts to settle on the skin. It goes on well on the face, I apply it in natural lighting, after about 20 minutes it starts to oxidize on my skin and get darker and comes off more orange on my face. Although it feels lightweight, my skin started to feel a little dry after about 50 minutes.

I didn't get samples with this return & exchange so I might of gone with the 7, although I feel I'd have to do a mix if the 7 didn't work out. With the sachet sample I didn't really experience any oxidizing. As it got darker on the foundation brush, it just built up more on the face and got even darker if I was to add more from the brush. I've not tried the beauty blender but I might see if it helps but beauty blenders tend to smooth out the product and lessen the consistency.

The imperfections weren't hidden or helped. I feel that I'd still need to do a colour corrector and concealer but this wasn't going to help my imperfections alone even if the colour was perfect.

Give a woman the right makeup & she can conquer the world.
― Charlotte Tilbury

There are so many claims to live up too and I've yet to see a blogger say something other than positive about this foundation but for me? I wouldn't say I'd purchase another. I feel from the shades that I've had samples of there's quite a jump of colour between the shades. If you watch the tutorials online compared to the models they have for these foundations on the website, their skintones vary and it doesn't make it easy to really know what your shade is. The oxidizing is a huge issue for me! My first experience with the brand from start to finish hasn't been ideal, pretty off-putting if honest. If I'm paying £29.95 for a foundation that has a lot of magic powers, I'd expect to see the magic. I've read that some people even when matched at the counter, still ended up with oxidizing & weren't 100% impressed with their match. If I was asked to choose between my Barry M foundation and this, I'd choose the one that only costs me £5.99, saving myself £23.96.

Have you tried this foundation? Or anything from the Charlotte Tilbury brand?

Purchase:Magic Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Experience & First Impressions.

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.
― Ivana Trump
Back To Black

You may of may not of noticed I've gone back to black hair. The blonde days are over and I'm back to strengthening and thickening the hair. It's not so much about length anymore as it is about just health. Going back to black is allowing me to do that without compromising my hair colour. While blonde, certain oils would strip my hair of it's colour and change the tone and it was becoming too much work to keep it looking fresh for my liking.

I continue to wash my hair twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday I reserve for a co-wash and a hair masque and Saturday I do a full wash, shampoo, condition, masque, steam etc. I love to start off with the Grow Gorgeous Back Into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque it gives this cooling tingingling sensation on the scalp once it begins to settle. The ingredients are infused with burdock root, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and caffeine. Burdock root I can imagine is a high key ingredient because it's known to help restore hair. It relieves the scalp of irritations and improves blood circulation to the hair follicle, it's traditionally used to reduce and reverse hair thinning. I wash this out after 10 minutes. If it's Wednesday I continue with the Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner, I apply and massage and work it in like I would my shampoo, I continue to wash my body if I'm in the shower and before I'm ready to get out I will rinse this out. Because there's no foaming agents within the cleanser, you won't see much foam or feel that the hair has been stripped of any oils or if your hair has been coloured as this is aimed to also help seal the hair colour.

I read about Olaplex earlier this year and it was treated as an in-salon only treatment and very few salons in the UK were providing the treatment. It's used to help protect hair that is being lightened although it's primarily being marketed as that it can also be used to heal heat damage for a variety of hair types. The brand got more exposure when Kim Kardashian was said that she was able to start to repair the damage of the green undertone platinum they gave her earlier this year with the use of the Olaplex No.3, she said she sleeps in the treatment. If I was planning to lift my hair again, I'd certainly go to a Olaplex providing salon but as I've now coloured by hair back and it's still suffering slightly from prior heat, bleach etc. I decided to get the take home system that is given after the salon treatment. Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Take Home Treatment is a diluated product of Step One of the system. You live it on for 10 minutes according to the bottle on pre-washed, towel dried hair, or longer after shampooing but I know people sleep with the product in, as it's getting to cold for that, it's probably better to wash the hair earlier in the day and if you don't plan on going out, leave it on while you get on with your day. It's a once a week treatment but can be used more than that weekly. I find a dollop per section of my hair suffices enough and I apply it, massage it in and comb it through and twist it up. Then I'll wash it out.

After I've put my hair products in for my hair the scalp needs love and I use the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum to promote growth on my scalp, this needs to be done in the morning or the evening. I prefer the evening as I tend to really sit down and pay attention before bed. It says you need 20 drops daily I apply the drops into a small bowl and section my hair into 4s and work each section with the oil. When that's finished the Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends Leave-in Serum is then applied onto the ends, my hair needs it. I've recently trimmed my hair where it was just sad but it needs a little bit more love, I'm seeing how well this does to my split ends it has Amazonian oils of açaí, palm and inca inchi in the ingredients - ah oils - I love you.

I like to seal my hair with my homemade carrier oils and essential oils combination but it can be slightly thick and heavy, so daily when my hair needs a bit more oil I will use the Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil, it's very light and where the hair needs a bit more moisture to keep it going, I'll apply this. This product is amazing because it can be used anywhere on the body if necessary, facial oil, body oil, hair oil...nothing is left out with this oil. The beauty oil contains Kahai Oil, this boosts more benefits than Argan Oil and 50% more Vitamin E and twice as much Linoleic (Essential Fatty Acids). EVEN has 3x times more anti-ageing Retinol than rosehip oil. It's also blended in with a couple of oil favourites of mine oat, grapeseed and jojoba oils - a super beauty oil or what?

Purchase: Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends Leave-in Serum
Purchase: Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner
Purchase: Grow Gorgeous Back Into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque
Purchase: Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum
Purchase: Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil
Purchase: Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Take Home Treatment

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Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

Cannot believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away now! If you're getting all your gifts in this month or just finishing touches have you considered engraved silver gifts? I've always loved engraved gifts, I had a silver bracelet that a school friend gave me with LaaLaa engraved on the tag plate and someone lost it -boo hoo-. I Just Love It, have a huge range of Christmas gifts! When asked to select something I couldn't resist the personalised dessert spoon & butter knife!

I enjoy marmite a lot. It's a love it or hate it spread but you can't hate the Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Butter Knife you could personalise it with anything, 'spread love' for an example but having a knife especially just for my marmite, says love!

I don't murder cereal much, mostly because I don't drink a lot of milk , the cereal killer tag was more of a personal joke for myself as I'm obsessed with murderous crime & serial killers so duh! It was perfect that I got this Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Dessert Spoon to say exactly that.

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Personalised Christmas Gifts

A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.
― Christian Dior

I'm not sure why I'm so determined to find my signature scent because I'm a perfume lover and I reach for two different scents for day and night. During times of boredom I do random quizzes and I found this one on House of Fraser but I did them twice and changed my answers while in the day and night mindframe. Surprisingly or not surprisingly I got the two scents that I have a mixture of.

Fruity Floral / Floral
For you the perfect scent is like a spring day, with daffodils coming up and freshly cut grass. You're adventurous and don’t take life too seriously. Your ideal scent will be a floral and fruity number that you can wear any time of the day.

The Key, Deep Red, Stella, Deep Red, Ghost & the majority of my JLO collection.

When I wear The Key, Deep Red or Rio Glow I'm always asked by someone what am I wearing. While wearing The Key, I get compliments from men & random men asking what I'm wearing, I often like to cross it over from day to night.

Oriental Spicy / Oriental Floral
You're exotic and mysterious and like a scent that matches your personality. You want your fragrance to intoxicate, like a warm summer evening. Spicy scents are perfect for you so pick warm sandalwood and patchouli for an alluring signature scent that lasts for hours.

Black Opium, Flowerbomb, Freak & Red Door.

Freak is powerful, dramatic and smokey. Flowerbomb it's definitely an explosion of flowers, I can't get a distinct floral attribute which makes it unique and mysterious - it's definitely a popular scent.

Maybe I don't have one signature scent or perfume but during my 20s, I've definitely developed a sense of what I like in terms of scent groups and fragrances that work well with me and play well with others.

Do you have a signature scent?

Finding My Signature Scent.

With key ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, marigold oil, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, cocoa seed butter & centella asiatica extract, the Human+Kind Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream is packed with moisture boosting, fights oxidation and high in vitamins. It spreads lightly but as I begin to rub it in, it gets a little thick and absorbs very quickly. Leaves no residue afterwards just a light rose but buttery smell.

Fur isn't the only thing that is soft and Spectrum Collections are letting everyone know, you can do cruelty free, with quality, softly, boldly and ethically. This angled Spectrum Collections Concealer and Eyeshadow Brush is made of synthetic materials and is exceptionally soft. I think I've found another brand that I want to collect brushes from because the feeling of these over my eyes is pleasurable.

A 200ml tub of coconut oil for £5.99, that even smells of coconut and only contains 100% extra virgin coconut oil, Cocoyou Coconut Oil is a bargain compared to what you get for cheaper or for more money. Coconut oil in recent years became one of the Holy Grail oils to have and for good reason, you can cook with it, remove makeup, deep condition your hair, moisturise your skin, it's one oil that deeply penetrates the skin and hair. I just can't stop smelling it!

I've heard of Emani Cosmetics but couldn't ever find the products. Fortunately thanks to this box, I've managed to now at least try a product from the brand. Emani Vegan Cosmetics  Lipshine in Soulmate it's a pale soft pink shade, with micro glitter running through the gloss. The doe applicator is quite firm and no product 'gloops' onto the applicator. Has a very sweet smell and with this being 100% vegan formulated, there is Vitamin E and other natural & organic oils. It's good to wear alone or on top of a lipstick for more of a shine.

Green People's Vegan & Organic Intensive Repair Shampoo is targeted for dry, frizzy, damaged and colour treated hair. I wasn't keen on the smell to begin with (Organic Green Tea, Yucca, Quinoa, Sandalwood & Orange) but then again, I use apple cider vinegar in my hair, I get use to smells but it quickly grew on me. I was surprised to see Quinoa within the ingredients one thing I've learnt is Quinoa Protein helps limit colour fade. Nasties they don't include within their ingredients SLS/SLES, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), parabens, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, gluten, phthalates and artificial fragrances.

Soon to be available to buy on TheVeganKind shop, this Vegan Button Mirror with the white bunny on, is adorable. One way to show support and look cute while spreading the word!

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TheVeganKind Beauty Box #5