Supermodel hair extensions have been used on t.v. such as on Gok's Fashion Fix & The X-Factor, so with them being featured on high profile shows, you'd want them to live up to a high standard. I opted for #1B which is just an off black and since going back dark it makes for having extensions that much more easier if I'd like. The length I chose was 20", they only coming in 16", 18" and 20". Supermodel Clip in hair extensions are Euro wefts which are commonly known as silky straight human hair. They are bone straight and are silky to touch.

In The Pack
These clip-ins contain 8 wefts.
2 x 8" 3 clip wefts
2 x 6" 2 clip wefts
4 x 2" 1 clip wefts

20" Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions

There wasn't much shedding when brushing this hair, probably a couple of strands when brushing through. What did disappoint me first was the fact that, this bundle of clip-ins are thin. They don't make a note of how many grams of hair that's included but believe me there's not much, so if you're looking for thickness these will not give you that, only length.

Sectioning my hair, I started to clip these in - as there's not much in the pack it was better to make the sections wider apart than you would with a fuller pack. Putting them in was simple, the clips aren't so tight that they're hard to open and they clip onto the hair fairly easily but my issues started when I would run my fingers or hairbrush through the extensions to blend by running the straighteners through, they'd just become loose and begin to fall out.

I don't like to backcomb and spray my hair but to see if this was the issue, I tried it this way and it didn't make a difference. I'm not sure if my hair is too soft and doesn't have much texture when straight to hold the clips in but even with a little teasing it wasn't much help.

These retail for £79.96, maybe a little pricy but you get lengthy silky quality hair but don't look for volume if this is the aim.

Hairaisers Supermodel Human Clip In Hair Extensions

I've never seen a watch made of wood & I probably never will see one like the ones Jord Watches crafts. Jord says they want their watches to tell more than just time, I'd say that these timepieces do tell more than time, it's a conversation starter from people. "Where did you get this watch?", "That's a beautiful watch", "It's very unusual." Eye catching.
I was sent the Cora Koa & Rose Gold watch, from the Cora series. This particular watch is made from Koa Wood. Koa wood is a species from Hawaii, considered to be one of the most beautiful of the native hardwoods. Depending on the time of the year Koa wood will produce tones that range from medium gold to reddish brown, similar to Mahogany. I think Koa wood works well amongst the interface of the rose gold.
Before getting the watch you need to size it so they can correctly send your size. On each watch page you'll see a link that says "Size This Watch For Me" you can either use a measuring tape or print one off from their website. You're advised to leave add 0.5 cm to your sizing so that your watch fits comfortably. If I wear my watch a little higher on my wrist it's secure but even if I move it towards my hand it's a little looser but I wouldn't feel weary of wearing it lower because it's still very secure.
Jord watches come within a wooden box of it's own, with a slid off top. You'll find your watch inside on a cushion. Included in the box is your warranty card, instruction card, social media card and also a black cloth to clean your watch face. Setting the watch is very easy, on their FAQ they advise to wind the watch at least 15-20 times prior to wearing it. Being that the crown is already pulled out it just needs pulling up more so you can set the time. Once set, just push and hold it back down - simple.
Wood Watches by JORD
With these watches being crafted for males & females, I'm sure everyone will find a watch that'll suit them or someone they know. I pretty much love how this watch works with my skin tone & when I saw it in rose gold, which come on, is just a beautiful, delicate but romantic colour - it was a must and I'm satisfied with my choice.

Visit Jord Watches and see what appeals to your eye.

Jord Watches | Cora Series

Me & my girl Simone went to the Marriott Hotel & Spa in Bexelyheath, London for a spa day. We decided to book in for a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage. Upon arriving at the hotel with a little time to spare, we was directed to the Leisure section of the hotel on the lower ground floor.

By poolside, you book in for your treatments at their reception and you're given a dressing gown, towel and slippers. Here is also where you also register your car for parking. We was told about the lockers, they need £1 that is refundable and told that we could wait poolside for our therapist to come & get us.
It was very warm poolside which was nice just don't be so wrapped up like we was if you plan to lounge for too long, you start to get hot! We was collected at about 10:05am by one therapist named Ellie, who led us upstairs to the treatment area, as soon as you walk in there was a smell of essential oils more Lavender to my nose which was calming, we was asked to fill out health forms beforehand, my therapist come to get me who was called Jane, while Simone had Ellie and we was both led into a treatment room each. Instructed to just remove the top half and lay on the bed it was about 10:10am now.

I was asked if I had ever heard or used of Decleor products before and Jane told me she was using a ready made blend of marjoram and grapefruit and I will smell the citrus burst through, sounded delightful for me as I'm a citrus lover. Jane asked me what pressure I liked and I said quite hard, there's too many knots in my shoulders to be worked out. I carry tension in my shoulders and especially on my right side. She worked on my back and shoulders quite a bit before moving onto my neck and again onto my shoulders. I cannot complain about her technique one bit, she listened and worked those knots out.

After the massage had finished Jane said for me to join her outside when I am ready, she left me to relax in the moment and get dressed again. Whilst getting dressed I noticed it was the Decléor SLIM EFFECT Baume de Massage Drainant tub she was using, if only I knew someone who could give me a massage I'd love a tub of this. As we left to walk back down the stairs to the changing rooms, to make a decision on what we should do now, the time was 10:25am, that massage wasn't 30 minutes as stated. - Disappointment.

We decided to go dress in our gym clothes and go see where we was going to have lunch at midday. We was instructed it would be in the Bar and everything was arranged for that, by chance we was introduced to our waiter Haydn (sp). Onto the gym, while watching Jeremy Kyle we used the Elliptical Machine. The gym is quite small and compact with a couple of each piece of equipment, after a mini workout we really needed to get back onto our personal gym memberships.
Onto Lunch, it was so chilled and nice down there, it was literally a kick your shoes off and relax, sit and talk. The bar is intimate and comfortable. We ordered drinks and our starters and main then our waiter set out our table with any sauces and our cutlery.

Our Lunch
Starters - Soup of the day with bread rolls, which was spicy tomato soup and the bread rolls were soft. The soup you could tell was fresh and just blended up.
Main - (L) Battered Haddock Fillet w/ beer batter, scraps, picked onion, minted mushy peas, lemon, tartar sauce, double cooked chips.
(S) Marriott Beef Burger w/ Barbers Cheddar, Little Gem, Beef Tomato, Red Onion, Gherkin, Fries
Dessert - (L) Chocolate Fondu, Kumquat and Orange Sorbet. (S) Rhubarb Crumble w/ Custard.

Haydn was very attentive and polite, we left him a tip because his service was so lovely, he would never leave the plates on the table for long or your glass empty. He will double check to make sure the food was nice and if we enjoyed it. Nobody rushed us & we was there for about 3 hours just eating our food, drinking and talking.

After heading back downstairs, we was just relaxed and ready to nap. The pool area had got really busy as it was late afternoon, so we passed on that so we decided to shower and leave.

We had to wait around to get back into the changing areas as there was a large party who had come in for afternoon tea so we couldn't get into our lockers, they left the changing room in a state, wet towels on the floor and benches. Shoes lying around, clothes, it was a sight. Simone grabbed plastic bag on her hands to move them into the laundry bin just so we had a place to sit. Ellie -the therapist- ended up coming in and another hotel guest raised the point that Simone had to clean up in there and that their should be someone in here quicker, Ellie commented she was only the therapist not a cleaner but she cleaned up and disinfected the floors etc. Women sometimes can be more messy than you'd expect. This is, in  no way a reflection on the hotel / spa itself because they can't be held responsible for how people act but it just goes to show some women just have no consideration for other guest or the staff when they go out.

It was a nice needed day to just chill and be pampered. Get out and do something nice, it's a clean and nice hotel. Simone made the point in saying it would probably be a nice place to go to on a weekday as it wouldn't get as busy. Weekends you've got more people coming for tea parties, they hold functions/ wedding receptions and parties there as well as there's the spa packages so you can imagine how packed on a weekend especially a Saturday it gets.

I'd give it a rating of about 7½/10. The food and service made up for a lot. Can't complain about my actual massage as I was left feeling nice, the allocated time wasn't as stated online that is our only complaint. All in all thanks to the Marriott for having us and to the PR for allowing me to have a nice day out with one of my besties.

Photo credits :  Myself x Simone

Bexleyheath Marriott Spa

After purchasing the LUSH The Comforter Bubble Bar on a couple of occassions and loving it, the assistant in the shop alerted me that they now have the bubble bar in a shower cream, well considering I normally only wait until Christmas for Snow Fairy like most the universe, I decided to try the LUSH The Comforter Shower Cream for an addition in the shower. If you love the smell of the bubble bar, this is no different. It's still moisturising more than most in-shower products, you don't get much suds but that's fine by me. Most suds irritate my skin.

A no nasties bath potion? Yes please. MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion* has been a pleasant addition to bath times. Imagine you're sick or tired and just need something relaxing to help you unwind. This is it! The aroma is quite potent but in a good way (I'm trying potion talk). The oils included are Sunflower Oil, Peppermint Oil (good for skin toning), Fennel (detoxing), Jojoba Oil, Fir needle Oil (calming & relaxing) and Sweet birch Oil (soften). Just the 2-3 small caps you need is more than enough to allow the room to be infused and your mind and body to relax and unwind. Just getting over my cold, once I could breath unaided, I soaked in the bath with this to help clear my head and give myself a good night's sleep.

LUSH The Experimenter Bath Bomb this was probably my least favourite. It didn't smell as potent as most bath bombs can do, it had an almost powdery scent to me and once the colours quickly dispersed I was left with this dirty green under photography but almost grey, black water to the naked eye. I was quite put off the bath if honest because it's not an appealing thing for your water to look dirty before you've had a chance to possibly dirty it up. I will pass on this one in future. Although it did leave the bottom of my bath in glittery gold.
See this bath bomb in action

LUSH Intergalactic Bath Bomb Out of the two new bath bombs this one was the best, it was soothing in smell peppermint, cedarwood and vetivert oil and gorgeous in colour. It's always a beauty to watch these bath bombs unravel in all it's colour magic of different shades of blue, yellow and bright pink and this one too had glitter running through it. I was left with a lagoon like bath tub in colour it had this beautiful shade of blue and the glitter flecks would occasionally be picked up from lighting.
See this bath bomb in action

Better yet all products here are Vegetarian or Vegan friendly.

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion & More Bath Goodies.

Who hasn't at some point in their life been introduced to Peanuts or more commonly known as Snoopy and Charlie Brown? From 1950 this comic strip ran up until 2000, with the comic strip being brought to life in the form of a cartoon during the 80s it's now being brought to film for a newer and familiar audiences in cinemas nationwide from December 21st 2015. Carmex has teamed up with 20th Century Fox to create a number of limited edition lids featuring the most beloved & familiar characters of Peanuts : Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally & Linus. Each character is on an individual lid, you will see these in outlets throughout the UK from October. These are sure to be a novelty and somewhat of a collectable for fans, even I was excited - I love the cartoon and still hang onto Peanuts vest top that I might as well give to a child I've had it so long it doesn't fit.

The award-winning Carmex formula hasn't changed from the one you're familiar with, menthol, camphor and beeswax to leave the lids tingling soft, moisturised, smooth and happy. You can use Carmex alone as just a protective lip balm or as a lipstick undercoat or sealant. Carmex doesn't play when it comes to protecting and soothing sore or chapped lips. The brand has been around since 1937 and for 75 years it's become one of the most popular lip care brands worldwide. This was my first experience using Carmex and not long after using it, I felt it warming up my lips with a very gentle tingle being buzzed along my lips. It's not a heavily greasy formula a few swipes with my finger tip, is enough for me and I'm surprised I've not used the brand before. Perfect time to try it out while this fabulous collab is going on.
With only a small number of the Linus lids being made available, Linus is a SUPER LIMITED EDITION lid to find and collect for your collection to be complete. Join the hunt in reuniting the gang and let Sally find her 'sweet baboo'!!

While Snoopy is on his own adventure, you can join in with your own little fun adventure too and #FindLinus. I'm joining in, my mum said to me 'If you've already got one, why do you need another?' & I said 'Because it's a challenge and it's SUPER LIMITED EDITION, not just Limited Edition but SUPER!'

If you find him take a picture and #FindLinus to share across social media
Twitter // @ILoveCarmex @carmexuk
Instagram //  @carmexuk

For more information on Carmex visit this website & if you want more on the film please visit Snoopy Movie

Limited Edition Peanuts Carmex & #FindLinus

Made from fresh green peas the Calbee UK Yushoi Lightly Salted Snapea Rice Sticks are baked rather than fried and are light and still have a nice slight crunch to them. Super alternative for fried crisps. The sticks could be used to also dip into a snack such as hummus or even if you get this months box you could dip these in the recipe featured.

Almighty Foods Super Raw Botanical Mindful Mylk Chocolate Bar is dairy free with the rich favours of cold processed Balinese cacao they are combined with creamy cashew, hemp, coconut & vanilla to make this mylk chocolate. This chocolate is the ultimate mindful mylk chocolate. I find the Balinese cacao has a more earthy and more bitter taste for my liking but it's still a beautiful chocolate.

Just 4 dates provide your daily recommended fibre amount, date carbohydrates are made up mostly of sugars, sugar is quickly converted into glucose for cells to use as energy so food with dates in make brilliant before and after snacks for exercise. Fitbites Superfood Balls would be ideal as they are snack bites, the super red balls contain beetroot, almonds, rapsberry, coconut and strawberries.

Lazy Day Foods Millionaires Crispie Squares were my favourite in the box. I had to stop myself snacking on them while doing the photography. Vegan caramel and Belgian chocolate, these gluten free crisp rice pieces if they weren't so healthy would be a guilty pleasure. Although I'm going to look at them as a guilty pleasure, too divine!

ORGANii Organic Alove Vera & Bamboo Shower Gel, loved everything about this gel, from the bottle design, reminds me of a drink, it's a different design so it's already eye catching even with it's graphics. The aloe vera is amazing to calm and cool your skin as you shower while the bamboo soothes the skin. My skin isn't left feeling stripped it has a reasonable lather, I use it on my Salux cloth and just buff away and the combination is beneficial.

Interested? Visit TheVeganKind for your own box!

Thank you, The Vegan Kind xo

TheVeganKind #24

I've got more t-shirts than anything else. My favourite type of tees are statement or images. There just eye catching to me and others. I don't read too much into detail with statement tees, if I like it, I rock it. The above collection are just some of them. They couldn't all fit but you get the idea. There's a lot of hip-hop mixed with a little country and comical. Quick way to just add something to an everyday outfit.

Places I like to scout for these tees are ASOS, Missguided, Zazzle, Etsy, eBay and Retro Tees. H&M & Primark from time to time also have some good ones to snap up. I feel they give someone an idea about my interests or humour before speaking to me. Judge on world.

Make a Statement

October marks an anniversary for Dolce Vanity. Today (7th) October signifies 7 years I've been blogging, not as long as some but longer than others and it kind of makes me an OG in this blogging game.

These past 7 years blogging has given me fantastic opportunities, I've connected with great brands and people but as blogging evolved and it produced a lot of phonies, I've stayed real with myself and with you. I kept those around me from before this blogging game and kept away from the bullshit that didn't need my involvement but I still spoke up where it mattered to me. I started this blog when I was just 20 years old, blogging wasn't the big thing it is now and a lot of the people doing it blogged on livejournal and were just making their way over to Blogger or WordPress, many were based in the US a lot of my first few years blogging I was deeply connected and humbled by this group of ladies and men I was being exposed to and supported by. A lot of them I still communicate with on Instagram & it's nice to witness the lives these people are leading now. Involving friends and family in my blog has given me outside community support and also it gives me a chance to share opportunities with friend when they arise, it's been nice. I feel like I need to do a shout-out like on an album cover, haha! I wrote a similar post back in 2011 entitled Why I Started Blogging & My Views On It. Maybe not much has changed in 4 years since that besides the fact I need to take back a lot more control.


I'm now 27 and just as I've grown it's time for the blog to evolve too. It's taken me awhile to reclaim my blog, you can sometimes feel so overwhelmed with products that are thrown your way that you forget what your main goal was with being involved in this game.
I've now taken off comments completely from the blog. I find people judge blogs based off comments, the more comments the more worthy your blog or post is deemed - fuck that. I'm not here to be judged (I probably am or will be as the worlds full of judgemental heuxs)! I had a handful of faithful commenters who actually would read my posts and comment in accordance to what I had wrote and give feedback or share and I appreciate you lovelies and I believe you'll still read but if anyone wants to ask me something tweet me - get a response in real time or email me. A blog is suppose to be your own personal space that you want to share with others - that's all I'm doing on here. I changed the layout as you can see, it's still a work in progress but I'm happy enough for the meanwhile, so let's hope the next 3 years *fingers crossed* will be the big 1-0 and I've still kept to my true self and you've been happy to continue this journey with me.

Snapchat : CookieCaine
Twitter : LaaLaaMonroe
Instagram : LaaLaaMonroe

A couple months ago I was included in this demographic the "Top 50 Beauty Blogs in the UK", it's just nice to be included in a demographic and after 7 years to still be considered relevant, demographic or not. I have people who read my site for that, so I've obviously been doing something, right?!
Top 50 Beauty Blogs In UK

Image Credit

Becoming LaaLaa