During this lifetime I was unsure if I was going to settle on a shade that I wanted from IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions, I think I went back and forth a couple of times saying ash blonde, no black actually ash blonde. I settled this lifetime on the ash blonde because if I did go darker it would be a lot more easier to keep the condition of these remy extension than lightening/bleaching. Looking at shades online unless you are black or dark brown is hard to get your matching correct and as you know I have the ombré style so that could be a mess to match up.
The hair extensions come in a black box, inside the box you get a two pouch plastic packet with a see-through front to allow you to see your product, on the right side of the packet you've got the tester piece (& extra clips). This allows you to test your hair strands with the extensions to see if you've got the ideal shade. If not, return. If yes, carry on and break the seal - once the seal is popped - it becomes void be 100% sure.
What's in the box?
I chose Royal Remy - Ash Blonde in 20 inches which is a 200g bundle.
200g gets you 10 hair wefts.
1 pc of 4 clips (7.5")
2 pcs of 3 clips (6")
5 pcs of 2 clips (4")
2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2")

You can see from the image above the 4 clip weft is almost doubled in hair texture, so it's thick. When that goes on at the crown, there's a lot of covering and thickness that gives the hair a nice covering.
I used all 10 wefts, it's not necessary but when in Rome. If I've got enough room why not? I was amazed at how well the hair blended with my own, I mean really amazed and shocked. I just didn't think the match would be as suited and it does even with the pieces of hair that is lighter than the rest especially around the back it still blends, the hair itself as you can see isn't one dimensional it has other colours running through it which makes it forgiving for my hair too as that's certainly not one dimensional. When it's out the box you might want to comb the wefts and go over with a flat-iron as it's grouped with an elastic band so there's a mark but when I put it in, it kind of gave my hair that body instead of just early 00's flat ironed hair look, so sleek and straight.
When I styled the hair with curls at first it didn't take as well but I noticed that if I do smaller pieces the curls hold better and brush out into a nice wave so that I'm going to do again and get some waves happening. There's very limited shedding & tangling. Hair texture is soft and when I run my hands through it you can feel there's no synthetic covering. My straight hair texture blends well but I've never had that issue with hair in the past and thankfully I don't with this hair.

Visit Irresistibleme

You won't be disappointed.

IrresistibleMe - Royal Remy Clip In Hair Extensions

Social media keeps churning out hashtag trends for body parts that it's almost hard to keep up but the #Legfie hashtag is one that you can get your supermodel-esque legs out and your "favourite at the moment" shoes in shot to share, like mine above.

People might view this photo as being a typical 20 something female, legs out, heels on, makeup everywhere and it could signal to them 'she loves to be in the club!'...'She's high maintenance'...'insert compliment'...She's something!! A picture can say a thousands words to people with no description. It means a lot to me to be multidimensional, as women that's what we are. Being able to be that blogger at home & staying clear of online drama but being able to let loose with friends with no judgement. Being poised in photos online but being able to throw that ass in a circle while out. Reading autobiographies by historical figures but listening to gangster rap. The same way if I want to be able to go out and put my best legs forward and my face but also stay at home bare faced and wrapped in a throw watching crime documentaries. I can do and feel no judgment, this photo is another side of me..

Earlier this year, I was able to really let my hair down and feel womanly. Being able to dress up, go out and have a good night out is rare but I was able to do that on a few occasions, like my birthday for one. Even though I was feeling dog rough ill, I got ready in the hopes of feeling better inside and out. Shoes for me are what makes an outfit dress up or down and these Geneva heels* signal up. The nude suede, the gold straps enough to make the night and stomach feel better. Make-up strewn everywhere is typical me when getting ready, it takes my floor as much time to get ready as my face. Being able to just show and express another side is our prerogative and I don't get to show this side of me often so having a good excuse to share how I feel about being out as a woman and feeling sexy is a good feeling.
Legs have been given icon moments in history even if they weren't intentional. The most iconic leg moment of all time was unveiled by Wilkinson Sword being Marilyn Monroe's 1955's The Seven Year Itch moment of her over the subway grate cooling off and her iconic white dress blowing upwards and her 3 panties being exposed. A 60 year old moment in time!

I live this moment daily it's on my feature wall in my bedroom.

Although getting our legs to that ultimate point of iconic stature is crucial, if the legs are going to be one display, let them shine and be the focal point. Scrub off all that dead skin, giving your legs smoother and brighter appearance but also hair removal...Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini* is a good place to start. This gives you a 2-in-1 hair removal with a trimmer & razor. I had an older model and this one is a lot better, even the little stuff like the little support stand underneath that allows the razor to be propped up better and to dry without having to lean on surfaces. Pet peeve because then the moisturising area which would be wet would dry on the bath side and go hard and ugh...There are 5 blades for an even more cleaner and closer shave. I've always read, the more blades the better the shave. I always make sure my legs have been soaked and given enough time to be softened up, exfoliated, lather up with shaving gel or conditioner, run the razor under water to activate the moisturising serum and shave my legs but before challenging the bush, I trim down regardless. You don't want to dull your razor blades with shaving long hair so this will save you time and keep your blades a little longer. Simply adjust the white trim comb up or down depending on your hair length. If your hair is longer push it upwards so there's more room within the trimmer or push down for a more closer trim. Once you switch it on, you don't need to hold the button down. It's pretty simple but a very handle tool!

Do you have any leg treatment tips?

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Bikini Review.

Sure released a Compressed version of their antiperspirants which left some of us to wonder, how could a 75ml bottle last as long as a 150ml? I challenged myself to see if I could ‘last as long’ by not wearing make-up all week. This was going to be hard as I've recently got some new makeup that I've been wanting to try out. However, each morning after my shower I would spray one underarm with the regular 250ml bottle and the other underarm with the Compressed can.
Being challenged to go make-up free for numerous days is a challenge and of all the times I decide to do this challenge, my skin & hair are just a mess in my opinion. The hair can be a quick fix but the face, not so much. Think I've been over stressed personally and there's a failure to mention this house is cold ridden and after getting over the flu but parts still lingering, I'm picking up the germs very easily, ugh! I'm grateful my skin is better than others who really truly suffer but it's time like this when I realise make-up can bring a little ray of light into my life!
Wearing no make-up means that skincare is the make-up. Not that I regularly dismiss skincare, it's important regardless of make-up or not but you want to look like you're glowing from within, no?! Although my dark under-eyes are such an issue for me. I've been living on pasta and chilli tomato sauce for about...three weeks now. It's all I've been craving and now I've got a food baby and I think my skin is rebelling from all the pasta.
So...I decided maybe I should do my hair, so I look like somebody decent and not Felicia. I had a slight Felicia/Snoop Dogg hair day on one of my make-up free days & my nan told me I favoured an anansi. I went out Monday morning and me and my pigtails were not happy, I got caught in the rain, that's my upset face, I really should stop being so fussy and just choose a car already - who knew car shopping was so stressful? At least my underarms were protected!
Hair can make everything better. It's part of the overall package but do you know what I've noticed...too much time on my hands to spare, I start to mess with other parts of my face - my brows. I decided to do my brows after how many months and now I regret it, luckily they grow back quick enough but damn those tweezers were sharp. They left a little grazing waaaa! Alongside my lovely new spot that decided to grace me since the weekend. Yay!!
Green juice and stepping away from the pasta seemed to help my skin this week, not so much my stomach - I resembled Kim K's latest nude. Gluten is not my friend. I just felt so blah and lethargic most the week, the on/off weather can also just affect moods and my anxiety was on edge, I'm comfortable being outside without make-up on but I guess sometimes when the anxiety is rocky, the make-up can reflect away from it. As the week went on I had started to notice that while both armpits felt just as protected, the Sure Compressed deodorant felt much softer and gentler on my skin than the larger bottle and for me there was less white marks.
snapchat files this week, the weather took such a rainy turn, I was left to just glance out the window for the past two days. Gloomy! However after 6 weeks of the Sure Compressed challenge, I passed but guess what? Now I can't be bothered to do my face, maybe an occasion will come up that'll persuade me to wear my face again. The Sure Compressed antiperspirant is perfect for everyday use but also a handy size that can be popped into a gym bag, handbag or even in your car glove compartment - yeah I'm just going to get my glove compartment bits together and this little number will be included.
What would you choose for your "last as long" challenge? Share with me below!

Sure - Last As Long Challenge

A new parfum and this one is Sisley Soir De Lune Perfume, I was sent this from Perfume's Club which sell skincare, make-up and fragrances including Sisley perfumes, it's hard to choose a fragrance you've never smelt before, it's a gamble and the trust is left to the online world. After some reading I decided on this one.

Top notes
Mandarin, lemon, and peach, bergamot, coriander, nutmeg, and pepper.
Middle notes
May rose centifolia, mimosa absolute, jasmine, muguet, peach, and iris.
Base notes
Sandalwood, tree moss, honey, musk, and indonesian patchouli.

I have read that this chypre perfume upon first spritz can be hard to like, it's strong, musky and slightly intimidating and I agree, the first spray I was taken aback with the musk, it was dusty. I tried it for a second time, it wasn't as strong and once the musk wore off, a powdery but floral scent lingered. Unfortunately, when I went to smell the perfume again to see how it held up 4 hours later it was very faint. It might of lasted longer if I had put it on not long after moisturiser application it would of had something to adhere too. It dries down to a soft scent, I wouldn't personally wear it daily, it's more of a late evening, night romantic perfume. I'm not sure if it would be one I'd reach for to feel sensual, although it starts to smell nice when it reacts with my body it might not be for my personal taste.
The flacon is glass cut and the beautiful top is a sculpture designed by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, you have a female face being embraced by a crescent moon, as my mum said it's very 1920s. Prices range from £ 51.38 for 30ml - £102.65 for 100ml.

Sisley Soir De Lune EDP

Teabox Detox Complexion Tea if these trial bags work, I'm going to be a converted soul. These a specifically designed to help with acne, eczema, hormonal skin, calming irritated skin, hydrating and repairing skin cells & delaying signs of ageing. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help healthy skin by removing toxins, impurities and cleanse the body - could this be a sign? Over the past week my skin has needed something like this!

I haven't used facial wipes in a long time, I can't remember why I stopped using them but they're handy to keep in your handbag, the Faith in Nature 3-in-1 Facial Wipes have a specially formulated pH balanced blend of natural essential oils to make sure these are effective in removing makeup and cleansing all the while moisturising, refreshing and toning the skin. I do have to say the wipes in this packet are the softest I've ever felt.

Who doesn't enjoy a face mask? Especially a mud one. Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask will no doubt find a place in my multi-masking routine. This is a cell detoxifying and anti-aging face mask, it reaches down into the pores and sucks out all impurities, while sucking up all that excess oil we don't love. What's not to love?

PHB Ethical Beauty Natural & Organic Black Eye Liner soft and highly pigmented. I like that of course it's vegan and it's also made with a plant based formula that they say is water resistant which would be good for my waterline. B. is for Beautiful All Lengthening Defining Volumising Mascara ...woah that's a mouthful.
I always see B. in Superdrug, yet to really try the brand but it's vegan and of course very available. It's rare to find a mascara that can do all three of those claims but I will be testing it out! It could replace ye ol' faithful...!

Have you tried B. makeup?

Purchase your box at TheVeganKind


TheVeganKind Beauty Box #4

One thing to be noted this year is my hair has certainly been through some changes. My hair has kept the slight ombré effect I started from late 2012, I went from a light brown with blonde tips. I continued to lighten it and experiment with colour, pink + purple, raspberry pink letting it fade into a pastel. I then continued to bleach the hair to lighten it more. Let's not forget the failed keratin treatment that didn't help my hair one bit. I've straightened my hair more than I did during 2013 therefore months of repercussions on top of using peroxide, led me to have to find alternatives to treat my hair and to pay a lot more attention than before. It's fun to experiment with colour but if there's one thing I've learnt the curls can pay the price but with more TLC, it can be repaired as much as possible. The reason I've stayed with the ombré style is because the upkeep isn't too much of a hassle. The few things that I have to keep watch of is the brassy tones and making sure the curls are defined and healthy.
Hair Type
Type: Natural & Colour Treated
Curl Pattern: 3A - Curly Twirly 3B - Curly Spirally
Porosity: Low 
Density: High 
Width: Medium
Length: Medium Shoulder Length Curls - Long Armpit Length Straight

Going blonde can be expensive

I say it's expensive because there needs to be an investment in products for colour treated hair and the deep conditioning needs to be upped. The hair can be more dry and possibly brittle, it really depends on your hairs condition before the process.

Properly prep your hair

I feel the dirtier the better, using the hairs natural oils and the additional oil can help the hair. A day before bleaching I smoother the hair in coconut oil, it acts as a slight barrier while penetrating the hair shafts with moisture, something that is lost during the hair colouring process. I'll put a shower cap on and leave it on overnight to give it the best soak.

Make sure you know what shade you want

The next day I begin the process the bleaches I normally opt for are available in Boots either the Bleach DIY Dip Dye Kit or Jerome Russell BBlonde Highlighting Kit. The last time I bleached my hair I used the TIGI Copyright Colour True Light & Tigi Copyright Colour Activator 20%.

Section the hair into 4 sections and starting from the back I work quickly through the hair, I wrap each section in tin foil, I check the hair every 10 minutes until I see the desired lift. The hair can often look brassy not so much using the TIGI colour but I treat my hair immediately after rinsing the hair. I always stick a box dye on the hair afterwards to tone down the hair and get the shade of blonde I can live with, brassy hair I cannot live with lol. Nice'n Easy Permanent colour #9A Natural Light Ash Blonde I will put this on 48 hours after bleaching my hair and again start treating the hair.

Keeping the blonde, fierce!

I've read that you should hold back on shampooing the hair as the natural oils will help to deep condition your scalp and hair. You know the natural sebum! I'm in two minds, since experimenting I've had to find out what works well for me. I find that due to product build up and wearing the hair out my hair can change colour pretty fast and get brassy when dirty and environmental factors. Every fortnight I would wash my hair with a toner shampoo. Currently I'm using Clairol Shimmer Lights, I will just wash normally but no-pre poo and sit with the Shimmer Lights for as long as possible with a shower cap on and then continue to start my normal regime but I've been using the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo instead. There's no lathering, I just slap it on if I leave it on longer than 5 minutes my hair darkens to a violet shade and will fade to a grey before the blonde is back. In between the need for toning of the hair, I've been using Yes To Cucumbers Color Care Shampoo to keep it protected and limit as much brassiness as possible.

Keep Moisturised & Protected

Deep treatments need to be upped, it depends how regularly you already do yours, I try at least to do them 2x a week and my hair benefits from that. I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days now. The hair needs a lot of protein, something lost during the bleaching process. Every 6 weeks the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment but for something that can be used more often I've opted for Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Hair Conditioner. Also another great product I always have to keep is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme!

Leave-in conditioners are something I've got use to, trying to make sure there's that added moisture into my hair before it begins to dry. Leave in's are formulated differently to our rinse out conditioners, they tend to be a lot lighter and more watery. Leave-in conditioners typically contain humectants that attract moisture into the hair strands. Water based leave in's are best for this, my favourite is GVN Direct Leave-In Conditioner.

I know, we've got this fabulous new hair colour, why can't we show it off? It's a tough one for me, I can't wear my hair out too often as it dries out very quickly inside (central heating) and outside (cold air or humidity) it's this lose - lose situation. I've found top knots are a fun and chic way to protect the hair and to show off the colour. I can wear my hair out for a couple of days after my wash day but it's all about protecting the hair at night and I make sure my hair is nicely moisturised during the night before doing the pineapple method and or sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

I don't know if other blondes have noticed this, when I use some hair moisturisers, my hair gets brassy quicker and sometimes doesn't look as nice as I'd like? I've been using the Big Hair Leave in Moisturising Milk & Big Hair Moisture Me Whipped Butter.

There's a lot of days I just feel to go back to all dark hair as the hair can look healthier and glossier especially with curls if the hairs not naturally this colour. I suppose it's all about how you treat and care for the hair.

Do you have any hair tips?

Going Blonde on Curly Hair

When this box was open, I smelt food straight away. YUM!

The first thing I wanted to try was the Teatonics Ruby Red Restorative Tea. Boiling the kettle and letting the tea bag sit for about 5 minutes before discarding of it. The tea is sweet and certainly relaxing. It contains, red and green rooibos, hibiscus, cacao, vanilla and liquorice. Think this would be lovely before bedtime.
Opening the iQ Orange with Wild Raspberry Chocolate Superfood Bar, I was met with orange..chocolate orange more than anything next to mint in chocolate, orange is my favourite. It's rich due to the organic cocoa beans but you only get 4 sections to divulge in. Sticky Mix Free from Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, not your everyday supermarket cookie mix, it's Vegan! It has everything you need in the box, organic self raising flour, dark chocolate, caster sugar, light brown sugar, egg substitute and salt. The only thing that needs to be added is butter substitute and 30ml water and you're good to go! This will be lovely to make, I try to be a kitchen Goddess but I think sometimes I more of a cleanliness Goddess.

Full of flavour, the Hoots Salt and Pepper Multigrain Snack are bitesized and are a healither alternative to potato crisps, their crunchy but not so hard that my teeth hurt (I have sensitive teeth) as soon as I bit into one, I tasted that mild spice from the pepper. Gorgeous. In between the food mix is something we can all use Dr Organic Virgin Olive Oil Deodorant. I love olive oil, I use it for my skin and sometimes I run it under my armpits well just because, it's an antioxidant, hydrating and nutritious. If the underarm skin gets dry this is especially perfect. There's also a blend of Olive Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, Grape Leaf Extract, Lemon Oil, Icelandic Moss and Vitamin E - woooo! A lot of goodness for those sweat glands.

Last but not least, Beond Organic Bites, these two come in the flavour of Sour Cherry and Blueberry. Both fruits are antioxidants and Vitamin C. They both have great properties for our health and as these fit just into your palm there great to put into a snack box or into your bag for quick snack during the day.

Box Subscription TheVeganKind

TheVeganKind #22

I'd first used Mixed Chicks in 2012 after my dead end chop! My hair was still going through it's own repairs and I wasn't all that enthusiastic about how my hair reacted but as I've come to know my hair, I feel I can get to grips more with what it likes and how to utilize products to get the best out of it.

Within the trial pack you get 3/4oz shampoo, 3/4 oz deep conditioner & 3/4 oz leave-in. Depending on your hair length / thickness you might want more than one box of these. I found 2 boxes was enough for the shampoo and deep conditioner but I only used 1 half of the leave in conditioner.

I shampooed my hair as usual and got a nice lather, usually my hair feels stripped but it really cleansed my hair and it didn't feel dry which I liked. I shampoo wash my hair once a week and during mid-week co-wash. Due to how I might wear my hair during the week depends on product build-up. I had a little bit when I used this because I had a lazy week! Nice fresh scalp and hair. I put the deep conditioner in and decided to leave it on for a couple hours as I was going to have a bath put on a shower cap & got a little steam action happening and my hair was extremely soft and moisturised after the rinse. My hair is very particular with leave in conditioner, sometimes they're either too heavy or they dry and flake. Parting my hair and evenly distributing the leave in worked idealy. I combed it through but I paid more attention on my ends especially where it's coloured and I air dried before styling as usual.

My hair dried wavy, I had combed my hair into a side parting and brushed it down and it dried how my hair use to naturally dry when I was younger and wasn't tampering with my hair. Straight from the roots until my ear and then my hair would be wavy a mixture of 2B/2C curls. Next day the hair just needed a bit more moisture and I popped it into a loose bun. This time around I had more of a positive outcome with the products than before maybe I was more satisfied with how it felt and looked than when my hair was getting over the years of heat damage.

Mixed Chicks Adult Trial Size, for £2.00 it's worth it to try. Even though the company is called Mixed Chicks, their products are for every hair type and ethnicity so don't feel that it's an exclusive product!

Mixed Chicks Review

Forever on the quest for smooth, blemish free skin, scrolling through the many forums and topics online. I had come across a few that were talking about Salux cloths. Women were talking about using it for getting rid of their dark knees and elbows. Others were talking about the follicles on the legs and how visible they were due to the pigmentation from shaving - I've never thought about the leg spots, probably cos I couldn't give a crap. Anyway it led me to find out about Salux cloths, nothing knew in the beauty community and I guess as I was satisfied to the high heavens with my Soap and Glory Exfoliating Gloves, I never looked elsewhere.
Salux Cloth
The first time I used it, my skin felt like it had never felt before. Any signs of hairs that were coming through were softened and risk of ingrown hairs were limited after use. I saw little bits of dead skin but not much. I had to wait out the exfoliating days. Made of 60% nylon 40% polyester & 11x35 inches. It's big enough for you to use on your back so everywhere gets scrubbed. You just wet your body, soap your wet Salux cloth and you get a good lather with it but don't put it under direct running water otherwise your suds disappear. Once you're finished hang it up to dry, I put mine on the radiator. I noticed MakeupAlley gives it a high rating and I can see why. I don't find it as harsh but it's effective to get the skin smooth and as it gets down onto the back it's a lot better than gloves. I have a detergent bag that I pop this into through the wash and it's still doing fine. This one for some can take some getting use too, for me is good enough for either a daily or every other day wash especially for the back. The prices for this varies, I got mine off Amazon and it cost £7.99.

Turkish Bath Hamam Hammam Spa Exfoliator Kese Glove
It's unlike other exfoliators, reminds me of mild sandpaper, it has a slight gritty texture and you'll be surprised how well it works. I had also been alerted to the Baiden Mitten while on my online travels and sorry no I'm not buying a mitten for $50. Thankfully people had said they compared them to generic versions and it was the same material. I just took her word for it as I don't have it to compare. These ones have 'coding' I got 161A described to be used on standard skin and the texture is 'special'. It's special alright. I soak in the bath for about 20-30 minutes, good opportunity to play online casino netbet, you don't want to have any moisturising body wash on the body, you need the mitt to work on friction with the skin. I did use Dudu Osun African Black Soap as it gives that squeaky clean instead of moisturising. I start with small rubs and start rubbing backwards and forwards until I start to notice eraser shaving like rolls on my skin. scrub & peel! Don't rinse them off as they help to keep the chain reaction going. It's a bit harder to get the back done, if you've got someone who's nice enough to help you, do - you'll be shocked. This is where you'll probably see a lot and on the thighs. My skin was soft for about 4 days after use.
‣ Sweat ‣ Wash with Soap ‣ Rinse Well ‣ Scrub & Peel.
I'd say get this for under £3.50 on eBay instead of getting the $50 one first.

Korean Italy Towel
These little towels come in 3 different colours, Pink, Green and Yellow.  Forums say the colours indicate the strength of the towels. As I can't read the packaging, I'm not sure but to me they have similar consistencies. On Amazon the seller doesn't recommend it for facial use. Although it's to be noted people have used it on their face (never use the same towel for body on the face). I used it on my cheeks where I have pigmentation, I probably wouldn't want to use it anywhere else on my face being the skin is thin and delicate on the face as it is. I didn't see any eraser shreddings but let's be real, I'm forever exfoliating so I'm not surprised but Goddess damn did my cheeks feel out the womb skin fresh! When you first use these, they'll shrink when in contact with water. I wouldn't use this daily, it'll be like the Turkish mitt, one for a weekly use. MakeupAlley gives this 5/5 across the board. Made of 100% Viscose 8 piece set of red and green mitts for £6.00 from Amazon.

It may all seem like a hassle but it's part of the process, it's like going to a Turkish bath or a Jjimjilbang. The biggest part is the soak, soften up the skin, this should take about 20 minutes to do because if the skin is too moisturised it won't work. Your arms will hurt, I won't deny that, you really need to scrub. Try not to over-exfoliate, it's easy to do once you see these results but you'll only be doing more harm as you've got to give the skin time to build up the dead skin to exfoliate. I'd say every 5-7 days is sufficient enough but everyone's skin is different.
Is picture evidence enough? This was just the start of the eraser rolls on my upper arm.

That's the three different exfoliating cloths and the best I've used thus far. The Salux cloth I find doesn't need to be scrubbed as hard but I don't find as many skin rolls when using it but it always gets a use as it great for the back exfoliating. Turkish Glove, hands down I'll buy this continuously as long as it's UK available. Once the skin difference is felt, how can I go back? I might look like the crazy cloth lady but the combination of the Salux during the week and a real good scrub at the weekend is a sure way to keep the skin smooth and pigmentation, dark areas faded. After this routine the past few months has led me to wonder if I ever truly was clean before.

How do you exfoliate? Cloths? Scrubs? Let me know below!

Beauty Smackdown : Best Exfoliating Cloths.

Spray moisturisers, I just never thought I would care for them. How effective could spray moisturisers be? Most likely messy. Wouldn't be able to control the spray pressure! Just for lazy people! Well shut my thought's down!!

I take a lot of time and care moisturising my skin. There's a fair bit of skin on me, it takes a while. There's not an easy process with my moisturising routine. I normally use olive oil or raw shea butter, the latter I've got to melt down in the microwave, I would say I'm pretty patient with my moisturising and there's no flesh left untouched. Also I don't know why with me that unless my skin is gleaming and somewhat greasy I don't feel like my body is getting the most out of it's moisturising! So yeah I'm having to walk around a little bit greasy and patting down the skin before putting on clothes or even thinking about getting into my bed - white sheets x grease - No bueno!

I was sent the Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Spray Moisturiser, Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturiser & Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Spray Moisturiser and even with a pick'a'mix to play with (I probably should stop, as my nan keeps saying to me 'stop wasting, just use one!') It's a bit like Christmas though, use them all and see which one I prefer the most.
This is what it looks like when sprayed out before rubbing in.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Spray Moisturiser leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. The cooling and soothing Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturiser might be the least moisturising for my liking. Can smell the aloe which I love. Spray it on and rub it in and it's gone but the skin afterwards isn't dry but I don't feel much aftermath for my liking. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Spray Moisturiser if you've tried any of their previous cocoa creams this one carries that distinctive smell. I like how this one gives a smooth, moisturising feel. This one might be the most suited to my skin for when I need that extra, something something.
As you can see it comes with a nozzle. Twist to spray, twist to lock, no accidental spray incidents in a travel bag. These would be handy in a smaller size, compressed if you wanted to pop into an overnight bag or for a festival. It claims to be non-greasy, so how did that hold up? True to claim! You know when you use a intensive moisturiser your hands are full of grease, not the case it's super absorbent. Let's you just rub and put on your clothes or get into your white sheets without any mess!

Have you tried these Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers?

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers.

I mentioned in my Multi-Masking post I would do a review on the MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask. I've used it twice now so I think it gives me a good enough reason to review it.

It's claims are to help prevent acne, remove blackheads, oil and dead skin. The main ingredient is deep sea mud and it does contain alcohol as the alcohol is what makes the liquid go dry when in contact with air. The mask has no scent but like all masks if using the hands can be a little messy especially when breaking into the sachet. I use the brush and get a nice coverage on my face, I prefer using a brush to apply my face masks when possible, oh so fancy!
I made sure that my face was cleansed and dry before applying it. I also run vaseline through my brows because well did you see this? It's never happened to me but knowing it can happen is enough for me to protect my brows lol. I then begin applying my face mask from my forehead, down the nose, onto the cheeks and moving onto my chin and jawline.

Sit and let it dry for nearly 30 - 45 minutes.
Then the fun part. The peeling! Ahh what is it about doing this, it's like picking at a scab except this one you can do with no damage and guilt. Second time I did this I kept my face mask in tact and noticed different areas on the mask where some had more pore appearances than others, especially around my nose, part of my cheeks and chin. My face felt smoother and just the little blackheads I can get on my nose had disappeared.

Two things I learnt first time round, remove any facial jewellery if possible, my dumbass left my nose ring in and even just a bit of this mask attached to the ring was enough to make my eyes water. Also if you've got facial hair when removing this mask remove from the top pulling downwards - never up!

The only thing I suppose I didn't like was the sachet packaging, all the product is at the bottom of the sachet, just sitting there. Even when I cut it open, I found all sides need to be opened so it was flat to get the product out. I always found there was product left over even if when I moved it onto my neck. Not a bad thing but there's no-where to really store the remaining product once the sachet is opened. For me it would do better in a tube or container.

The face masks come in different packages the cheapest is 8 Face Masks for £19 or you can get 5 Face Masks x Brush x Guide for £19. You can view more here.

Interested? I've got a 30% discount for my readers. Just used dolcefacemask30 at the checkout and voila! Thank me later for the peeling fun, smooth results and blackhead free skin!

Not tested on animals!!

MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask.