TheVeganKind #2

Friday, December 13, 2013

Imagine when I opened this months TheVeganKind* I was excited about everything as I browsed through, it's so refreshing to have a box of this nature and it's helping me find more things for my chosen dietary needs & lifestyle. I think even Zephyr was impressed, he was sitting patiently to have a nose through too, so let's start off...

Greenfrog All purpose natural cleaner 500ml (RRP £2.49)
Imagine I was so excited about this, I love cleaning and looking for a natural cleaner I wouldn't say it's hard but it's definitely not readily available within stores. This also has soapnuts which I enjoyed using in my wash, it contains the essential oils neroli and geranium. It was shortlisted for Best New Natural Living and Home Product at the Natural and Organic Awards 2013. It smells delicate and there's no overbearing chemical stench.

Freedom Mallows 75g (RRP £2.50)
A few months ago I was on a 2 day detox because someone gave me marshmallows that contained gelatin and contrary to what some believe marshmallows are not just whipped up sugar! My body just didn't handle it well, being able to have these is comforting as this is the season (for me any season) to be drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. These are made with natural colours, fat free and there's no fructose corn syrup. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans, also those with a Halal and kosher diet.

Dr Bronner's Baby mild magic soap 59ml (RRP £1.99)
Handy all purpose soap, to me the brand is suitable for any sex and age. Even better for travellers as you can use it for just about ANYTHING. This is an unscented baby mild soap, so there's no fragrance which is good for those with sensitive or allergies. It's made from 100% recycled plastic bottles while the content ingredients which are oils and essential oils are certified organic to the Natural Organic Standards Program. Definitely check out Dr Bronner's for more of their range.

YAOH Lipbalm 4g (assorted flavours) (RRP £2.75)
Blueberry lip balm has organic hemp seed oil within but the smell reminds me of the Parma Violets sweets. It's very moisturising and smooth running over the lips, these come in different flavours Spearmint, Strawberries & Cream, Mango & Kiwi Fruit, Coconut and Blueberry.

Arbonne Protein bar -fruit flavour (RRP £2.00)
Balance of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals it's a supplement bar that satisfies hunger and helps to boost energy. Packed with 15 vitamins and minerals it's made with nutrient rich quinoa and 9 grams of pea and rich protein. Good snack in between meals which would be good throughout the holidays!

Mendill Organic Towlettes samples (RRP £1)
100% certified organic therapeutic essential oils that are endowed with antibacterial, antiseptic and unique therapeutic properties. These can be used as a refreshing handwipe or simply keep them in the bathroom, Can be used everyday, suitable for travelling, after dinner, to remove make-up or use them as a soothing scent near your pillow for a good nights sleep.
- can also be purchased at LoveLula

The Vegan Kind £10.00 + p&p

I think I welcome these type of boxes (besides menu choice monthly boxes) because it's so fresh and targeted plus I love the fact that I can find more companies that specialise in animal cruelty free products, kind of like I've got a sample of my shopping for the months ahead.

What do you think of TheVeganKind?

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  1. Your rabbit is really cute ans such a little poser! Looks a different style of box which is interesting.

  2. what a photogenic bunny!! Pass over the marshmallows and I'll make us some hot chocolate

  3. what a photogenic bunny!! Pass over the marshmallows and I'll make us some hot chocolate

  4. Aw another great box, I'd be excited by the cleaner to haha.

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  5. It's a great idea but the value of the box - at least this particular one - is not that amazing. I'd subscribe only if the value was much better (I'd say £20+) and if it included products that I'd be hesitant to buy because of a higher price without trying them first. I know it's a new subscription service so I'll see how it kicks off.

  6. I have never heard of this brand - I love the dr bronner soap, especially the green tea scent x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  7. How refreshing! It does make a change from beauty boxes, doesn't it? I've never come across vegetarian mallows let alone vegan! My jewish friends would be all over this! Ha!




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