Cath Collins Bath Elixirs

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bath Elixirs sound so much better than bath oils don't they? More luxurious. This trio of oils feature 3 of Cath's scrumcious fragrances, each of these oils are certainly perfect for the time they are suggested for they all contain these beautiful oils, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil.

Flowers of the Orient a spicy & woody scent this one is my favourite out of the 3. It's suitable for morning or evening. The scent is all me, I'm really for the floral / woody scents, never seem to head for 'spicy' cos that word just doesn't bring up good feelings for scents but this one will be used & abused.

Evening Flowers to me this scent even carries more of an evening fragrance scent, it's more 'mature'. Reminds me of older ladies who will wear a musky scent for the evening. It's not musky but this floral scent is quite sweet. Maybe a bit too sweet for me but it does give a, end of the day, relaxing aroma.

Morning Flowers citrus / floral, it's fresh and one for a Cinderella morning moment, birds tweeting. Good way to start those tired mornings with a nice wake-up, I know some find baths more for relaxing than they got time for in the morning but of course none of the oils really have a allocated time to be used!

I love that these are available as EDT so the scents can be carried during the day. This gift set is lovely, these Elixirs are 100ml £26.95 each meaning you will buy 3 for £80.85 while 3 in a box set can be purchased for just under £40. I poured a lid full of oil and no more into my running water and shut the door to keep the scent flowing through the room. Walking back in, I adored the scent coming back at me. It's said the oils can gently moisturise the skin, well it doesn't dry out the skin or make it oily but ME, girl, this time of year (any time of year) it needs more cream/oil afterwards but for the most part it's nice to have the skin being moisturised while soaking.

I'd put this under a luxury as of course there are cheaper bath oils on the market. Yet maybe for a wishlist, a gift for family - friends it's a nice gift set to try out. Me myself - if I can get my bathroom products down to a minimal, I'd love to continue to get more.

Are you a bath oil person?

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  1. I love bath oils! These look gorgeous x

  2. These sound lovely, I bought the Aromatherapy associates miniatures collection earlier this year and absolutely loved them, these sound equally as nice!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly

  3. Oh my, the oriental one sounds spot on! Gotta love woody scents. I didn't even know the difference between elixirs and oils, what a doofus! I need to come round to yours, STAT.




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