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"When required by law.."


With people a little worried about the new changes that will occur on March 11th that revolve around the news of the EU ending the sales of cosmetics that are tested on animals. MAC Cosmetics only test on animals where it is required by law, within the UK it's banned but of course we know that in China that's not the case. We can rest assure that our products aren't tested on animals on a whole it's still a company who believe in animal testing, for some that can be a full strike out, for others it's a bly as it's not tested here.

Any company who has the wording along the lines of..

We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.

It's only when a country has animal testing requirements. Guess there's the loophole? For me it leaves me on the fence, more on the side of, not bothering to buy from them. Is it okay to buy from a company that believes in animal testing as long as in your country it's not tested?

Ohh my head & heart. Do you compromise your beliefs or stay head strong?