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Since November when I got my hair cut and styled, I've not used heat on my hair. That's a long time for me, adjusting to life with curls is a new lesson, so much has changed since the days of me just combing baby love into my hair and going. One thing I've had to learn is trying to get my hair to remember it's natural state, keeping it curly as much as possible begins right after it's been washed.  So curly girls this is aimed at you but can be for any of you ladies who are interested :)

Heat on the hair when used correctly and sparsely isn't as terrible as everyday use. GHD Air is the latest weapon in my hair appliance arsenal so in the last few weeks I've tried this out wanting to see the condition of my hair after use. I have a hairdryer that hasn't got so much use but it includes a diffuser and similar features, I really wanted to know would I achieve curls without a diffuser?

ghd air is a 2,100w motor hairdryer, exactly the same as the one I currently have. ghd says that the body style of the dryer allows us to cut the time spent on our hair. The advanced ionic technology locks in moisture, allowing shiner, soft and less frizzing. There's two nozzles included 65mm for precision drying, I would recommend this for blow outs and 85mm for larger sections, this is the one I use for an all over drying session. This has a 3m cable, very long which is handy, I may have plug sockets coming out of my ears in my bedroom but I like to move around a lot while drying it. 2 speed settings, medium and max, three heat settings, cold air, medium heat and maximum heat and we cannot forget the cool shot button. I was a little disappointed to find out there isn't even a ghd diffuser but I do remember reading they were coming out with a attachment that allows you to attach your diffuser, I do hope this is something that will come out soon. For faster styling it can be used without the nozzles too.

Ease of Use
Have you ever used a hairdryer that's slightly heavier than your last and you feel like you've had a workout? This wasn't one for me, maybe my workouts are helping but there wasn't a struggle. There was no accidental button switching occurring while I was holding it but changing the speed or heat while holding it is easy.

Hair Condition
Most important part to me. I put my products in while the hair is damp as I don't like to dry my hair without products in, I put in a anti-frizz serum from the mid length to ends and my curl enhancing cream. I don't overload my hair with products before drying just enough that the hair isn't dry. If anything needs adding afterwards I have more chances of doing that. I even got others to feel my hair after drying and the responses were the same it is soft. Hair kept lightweight and didn't feel dried out which can happen even when I put products in. Maybe the ionic technology locked in the moisture instead of losing it. I do need to put more moisturiser in my hair the next morning though. Once it's dry, I apply more to the top to prevent any halo as you can see in the last picture, this is before the coconut oil is applied.

Overall Thoughts
This does get very hot. Hence the warning sign on the nozzle, good move. Always leave it to cool off before attempting to remove, I accidentally touch it and ouch ow, wow! It's expensive at £100 for a hairdryer, I guess you are paying for what you get. I do enjoy that I can use heat without feeling that my hair is dried out, it's not an every wash routine to use this as I don't want to expose my hair to, too much heat. I do find the front of my hair is a little bit more harder to get curlier and they do say, don't touch your curls while drying as this promotes frizz so ghd PLEASE, hurry with this diffuser attachment as it would be ideal.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review by ghd. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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