Cruelty Free Fragrances - Just as hard to find?

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Sweep wasn't too pleased with these.

I've talked about cruelty free make-up a few times but sometimes we forget, fragrance too might not be ideal to those who are cruelty / vegan friendly.

Just as I am with my make-up collection, trying to sort out what's good and bad by my belief stand point, my fragrances need to be sorted out too.

Finding out fragrances that are cruelty free doesn't seem as easy as with some cosmetic brands, a lot don't declare and some our distributed under various Cosmetic houses.

Why I decided to mention this was because I'm still browsing through the sales and I decided to visit House of Fraser to see what fragrance sales they had happening as I wanted to purchase a few ready for the Spring - Summer ( eager beaver ) after taking this quiz and realising I could be purchasing fragrances that aren't cruelty free made me think, more attention has to be made.

Favourites such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Jennifer Lopez. I did read that Versace does not test and Rihanna's perfume - cruelty free. I'd love if there was a straight fragrance list but with the company changing constantly like Urban Decay being sold to L'oreal? Um hello.


Tattooed Tealady said...

I actually think this post highlights an incredibly important point. I've never thought before about whether the perfumes I use are cruelty free. By no means is everything I use cruelty free, but I do try and purchase more cruelty free than not. It just never crossed my mind to think of cruelty free in terms of perfume. A list of brands/perfumes which are cruelty free would be so good, someone must have one on the Internet somewhere, surely? xo

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Thank you love. Yeah I have tried to look for a list somewhere and I'm continuing to hunt one down as it helps as some fragrances may use animal derived ingredients just like cosmetics. They don't necessarily carry a logo neither so it's quite hard. With the industry always changing it's view, it's hard to keep up. xo

Ellie McKnight said...

Your rabbit is gorgeous so cute!

LaaLaa Monroe said...

lol, aw thank you. He is my little doll

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