2012 the year of the London Olympics, the year that the world was suppose to end, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and also the year that saw the beauty industry continue to boom. With crazes that had us continuing the ombre hair that flowed down onto our nails being ombred. It also saw us experimenting in colours especially lilac and pink hair...did anyone brave the granny grey?
Nails had a huge focus, Ciate Caviar Manicure anyone? Stiletto nails, Braids galore! Can't forget the BB Creams! It makes you wonder 2013, what more can you bring us?

I've had the wonderful opportunity in 2012 of reviewing some of the latest products and putting their claims to the test. I'm going to share my best & worst picks :

1. RapidBrow  - Beauty
If there's one thing on me besides my lips that get commented on it's my eyebrows. I've never had those natural sparse brows, I was born with quite thick brows, they never had a bad shape to them but low and behold, give a teenager an idea (or pre-teen in my case) that thin brows are best and you've got years of experimenting. After successfully regrowing my brows in 2011 and having the HD Brows look, I decided I want to grow them out again, I managed that but after attending my AOFM course and having brows reshaped was apart of that, I started again and decided RapidBrow was the one to try after.
Read more here : RapidBrow Results

2. Zaggora Hot Pants - Fitness
Viva Zaggora!! The pants that help you burn 4x more whilst working out. Designed with Celu-Lite technology, these pants have a neoprene feel, look and sound to them, little struggle at first to break them in but Zaggora were a fitness win.
Read more here : Zaggora Pants

3. I Love My Muff - Hygiene
#Shameless, yup that's me. Ladies just because you discuss hygiene products doesn't mean you're admitting to a 'issue' your just giving the muff more care. You've probably read that we produce enough PH to cleanse ourselves that products like this isn't needed but you'd be the first one to complain about someone's bodily odour they shamelessly wear as their scent. I like the  I Love my muff concept, 3 steps and refresher wipes that can become handy.
Read more here : I Love My Muff

4. Sleek MakeUP Eau La La Liner - Make-Up
My favourite drug store brand, they rarely put a step wrong imo. Yet I adore their Eau La La Liners. Their creamy, pigmented and they glide on the skin like a dream, nothing worse than a pencil that tugs and drags. There's a lot of colours available and I enjoy using these as a base to make more colours stand out.
Read more here : Eau La La Liner

5. Prtty Peaushun - Body
Fake it to love it! Sun rays, fake rays - bad rays. SPF yourself up and fake it and I loved Prtty Peaushun this summer, slightly messy on the hands when applying but the glow was gorgeous and now if I can get toned up for summer, I want to bathe in this golden goo and be a bronzed goddess.
Read more here : Prtty Peaushun

1. Decolour, Colour Restore & Shine On - Hair
British hairdresser Scott Cornwall came up with a way to gain salon hair at home. The ever popular ombre, I went for this look in April but Jesus Christ the upkeep. As much as I loved it and shockingly the bleach didn't damage my hair as much as I had anticipated it seemed a lot of work. I decided to use this to refresh my hair and let me tell you, this was also the last time I lightened my hair. Initially my hair was o.k. afterwards it didn't feel as harsh as bleach but after time, I noticed the difference in my hair from when I used bleach to when I use the stripper and colour restore. This was the last time I coloured my hair lighter and eventually returned to the dark side.
Read more here : Decolour, Colour Restore & Shine On

2. ElisaCoy Snail Cream - Skincare
As much as I love snail cream, this one didn't agree with me at all. Which was a shame indeed as I do love me some snail mucus. The oil I produced wasn't fun - oil slick foreheads, gave me throwback memories of girls with their baby hair glued from their hairline to their eyebrows -grease. It just didn't do much for me compared to my other HG snail cream.
Read more here : ElisaCoy Snail Cream

3. Fair Naturally Cotton & Cucumber Facial Toner - Skincare
Who can forget when I was burnt by this toner!? Well besides I used it for a little while then - bam, burn victim - extreme yeah maybe but I was shocked by the effect of this. I did contact the company and it was sent off for testing which showed nothing different but it could of be a reaction to a combination of products but still combination or not, I was burnt.
Read more here : Fair Naturally Cotton & Cucumber Facial Toner

4. Witch Blemish Gel - Skincare
Beewax. This did nothing for me, was another spot gel that was just that for me a gel on a spot. Didn't help me at all. Saw no difference when using this to when I would leave a spot alone. BOO!
Read more here : Witch Blemish Gel

5. Lauren's Way Self Tanning Mousse - Body
Oh my Goddness - darker than dark, was tango me orange. I just, well lol - the images explain it all in the post, the undertone was horrid on me - just can't even explain how Jersyfied I felt. Teresa Giudice would of been proud of me.
Read more here : Lauren's Way Tanning Mousse

So here's to 2013 and more best & worst.

Best | Worst of Beauty Reviews 2012

Mixed Chicks Trial Boxes £2.95* 

Kim Etheridge and Wendi Levy are the duo behind Mixed Chicks decided to create a product line because they needed it. Curls when younger seemed so much easier to control, maybe because it wasn't us doing it, or experimenting further more.

I have had such a love - hate relationship with my curls. More the latter. It never had a defined curl pattern - which annoyed me. My hair behaved however it felt to on whatever day it was.

When my hair was washed and conditioned, most times it would be left to air dry, very rarely was it blow dried and when it was, hello Ms Diana Ross, ok so it was more like a scarecrow but the only thing that was used in my hair was Babylove hair lotion.

From about 18 months until I was 12 that's all I used in my hair.

Once it was dried and moisturised, it went into a ponytail - that's it.

My curl pattern after wash day, well it depended my hair would either be wavy, but my waves started from the tip of my ear so from the root to the ear tip, it was straight with some waves around the hairline and then the rest would be wavy - confused much.

Then as the days went on my hair got more curly from the root and the curl pattern would change. I would moisturise my hair daily due to it getting frizzy by the time I got back from school. I had my little halo happening!

Then of course my love for straighteners happened and here I am now. Crying for curls, since getting my hair cut in November I've had some more bounce in my hair but of course it's getting my hair memory back so curl products overload, as being a curly girl it is another thing to add to the list and finding a hair regime that works isn't something that happens in a day or even a month.

I've read a lot US side regarding Mixed Chicks but it wasn't largely available in the UK so when the opportunity came to try it out, I decided to do so.

There's a good and bad ways with trial packs, you may need more than one if your hair is longer, it's not enough time to know if a product works, you won't waste money if it doesn't work for your hair.

In each packet you get a shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner. Of course not being a lover of shampoo I gave it a go, the trial shampoo has Ammonium Laureth Sulfate.

Ammonium Laureth Sulfate is the ammonium salt of sulfated ethoxylated lauryl alcohol. It can be derived from coconut.

Ammonium Laureth Sulfate is an effective cleansing agent that remove oils and dirt from hair and skin. It produces a lot of foam and softens the skin.
It also helps to prevent an emulsion from separating into its oil and liquid components.

Ammonium Laureth Sulfate can cause eye and skin irritation.

While the kids shampoo has Lauryl Glucoside in, which is seemingly becoming a favourite cleansing agent in products.

Lauryl Glucoside is a very gentle surfactant made from coconut oil (lauryl) and sugar (glucose), the result of the reaction between them

I didn't bother to part my hair I just squeezed parts little by little and started with my scalp and lathered up that way and bought the lather downwards and added any more as I needed it.

I preferred the ingredients in the kids conditioner with the addition of Jojoba oil which is an oil close to the scalps own sebum, giving a nice shine to the hair.

The leave-in conditioner had Jojoba oil in both of them but out of the two products, the addition of the leave in conditioner didn't agree with my hair much. It dried crispy even with the addition of my normal hair products and I found this odd as my normal hair products is coconut oil. Strange right! My hair did dry with a nice curl pattern but it didn't feel or look nice, I had no choice but to re-wash my hair.

I'm still interested in trying the range, fuller bottles I would invest in and probably re-try another leave in conditioner but it may be a slight waste as I normally don't use a leave in conditioner.

Mixed Chicks official website has a list of UK retailers online and in stores.

Curly girls love Mixed Chicks?

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Mixed Chicks

Dielle Nail Colour - Majestic RRP £12.00*

Contrary to how it may appear in the photo Majestic is a shimmery royal purple nail colour from Dielle.

It picks up more navy unfortunately on the camera but it's definitely a purple, with slight shimmer running through it as with all Dielle products they are free from toxins such as Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor & Pthalic Acid.

Majestic Obsidian is part of Dielle's Metallic collection and still perfect for the upcoming months.

Pair it with the gel top coat for an extra glossy, jelly appearance.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Dielle Nail Colour - Majestic Obsidian


December saw Sleek MakeUP expand it's forever growing range of products and this time, it was in the form of false eyelashes. Who doesn't love popping on their favourite false lashes once their eyes are done. Cannot dispute that lashes can make a look and sometimes even break it.

When I started to wear false eyelashes, the bigger and fuller - the better. Then like most things in life when you grow and experiment you find lashes you are drawn to more. I have some what reached that place. I like soft, whispy lashes, now don't get me wrong I don't mind putting on some thick false lashes but for me there not for everything.

I was looking forward to trying these when they arrived, even more so as Savannah looked interesting.

Sleek MakeUP - Faux Cils

Earlier this month I received a collection of the Khroma Beauty products. Khroma Beauty is the make-up brand of the Kardashian's, Kourtney, Kim & Khloe.

I got the Kim Kardazzle face palette, Kourney Kardazzle face palette and the Au Naturel - In the Nude lip set to get the perfect Kardashian nude lip.

Unfortunately my Kim palette arrived broken. So I'm going to start with the Kourtney palette.

This two level compact with 8 shadows, first row being matte and the second row shimmer. The second level in the compact has a rosy blush, pearl highlight and tawny bronzer.

The swatches for the Kourtney palette above. I done them by the rows they are in the palette. Excuse the pearl highlighter it has a golden shadow from the brush, sorry. I found the shimmer is a lot more pigmented than the mattes. Honestly I did find you do need to pack these colours on, especially the mattes, took me 3 - 4 times where as the shimmer shadows took 2 - 3 times to get my desired look. The mattes are a bit too chalky for my liking.
Kim's Legendary Nude Lip Look €17.95 - 14.68*
Ahh, flashback. When Ms Humperies Kardashian first appeared on the scene, the craze for those lips was a necessity with most make-up looks. Finding that ideal nude is a headache, it has to be the right undertone for your skin. The Au Naturél - In The Nude, comes with 3 steps to achieve this nude lip, lip pencil on one end and a creamy lipstick on the other end - your lip duo in one. While you have this honey flavoured gloss in a darker nude to apply to finish your look.  So, how did I find this? The pencil & lipstick were too light for me, yup too light. Reminded me of the Barry M / GOSH 'ideal nudes' that started off a craze amongst bloggers. The lip gloss is better on it's on for me. A little sticky and it's not wear duration isn't the longest.

Using 5 colours from the palette and the blush and highlighter to create this look, I applied my Motives Eye Base*. Applied the first colour in the top row as my base and took the 4th colour in that row the matte purple and from the end of my tear duct I began to apply, leaving a space for the second shimmer colour for my inner eye corner. The shimmer purple went on top of the matte about 3/4 in and lastly I took the brown for the crease very lightly just for a bit of definition. Taking my Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in - Aubergine* I used that for my upper liner and for my lower lashes Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner - Purple* using my favourite mascara of the moment Kevyn Aucoin - The Volume Mascara* and Sleek Eyelashes Faux Cils in Savannah* to finish off this look.

The next palette will be the Kim Kardazzle review.

Khroma Beauty interest you?

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Kourtney Kardazzle Face Palette + Au Natural Lip Set

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 250ml £18.40*

Hairtrade.com is one of the UK's leading online retailers who supply a range of hair care, hair extensionsand beauty products. One of which being Today Macadamia Deep Hair Repair Masque.

I enjoy a good hair masque and this one has a mixture of Macadamia, Argan Oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts.

Macadamia oil is light and no greasy, making it easy for the hair shaft to absorb.

Since having my hair cut, I was told to use deep, hydrated masques. With it being Winter my hair needs those deep shaft penetrating masques and this one does it well.
My hairs getting it's condition back and I need to keep that condition up.

The texture is thick but once massaged into damp hair, it melts and glides well. I take a paddle brush most times rather than a wide tooth comb for my curls to evenly get the masque through my hair and I will then put a shower cap on and if my hair is extremely lucky, it gets a warm towel wrapped over it and given a steam treatment to really get the benefits.

I've found that leaving this on longer than usual, isn't a good move in my hair. Even though it feels light once it begins to dry in the hair -nah uh- it's not good. The hair even when washed out feels dried out, so it's best to keep it on for the recommended time which is 5 - 10 minutes.

What makes this more pleasurable is the smell. I tend to reach for things more when the scent is nice.

Used correctly and not overdone, this can be a lovely hair masque for us wavy, curly girls.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Well this year I've had mmmm zero luck nail wise. Have all these nail things to use and I can't treat myself. So I decided to use my mum :) lol.

Having never used Konad nail stamps before I was intrigued but without the special polishes that you have to use with them, I had a feeling this was going to be a TASK! Task indeed. I decided to watch YouTube videos on how to use Konad stamping tools without the correct polishes and I knew I was in for a long, long nail session.

They suggest you file down the rubber stamp tool, so it can pick up the polish better. If you've ever used the stamping tools before, you have to select the stamp pattern you want, apply a good layer of polish, scrap and quickly roll the stamp over it and roll onto your nail, remove the stamp pattern off the rubber stamp with nail polish. Now adding that extra step of filing the stamp was enough to send me AWOL! With the fact that sometimes the polish just wouldn't pick up on the stamp, I couldn't even spend the time doing a pattern on each nail, I managed one after about 20 minutes of trying this routine. ONE!

I did use the Soap and Glory The Perfect Manicure Kit. My mum said it made her hands feel cool after she had put the hand food on and the gloves then once she took them off she said her hands felt really nice and soft. It's a HIT!

I used OPI Big Apple Red and decided to then stamp 777 for in Gold. After having to try do that, my patience was shot just having to get that bit done, sometimes the stamp wouldn't transfer the entire 777 logo even in that one it only managed a small amount but as I said stress + me = volcano. Perfect way to relax try get that jackpot! Ladbrokes this festive season have so many slot machines games where you can try and win your own jackpot win, ready for the big sales that will be happening.


Next week it's Christmas!!!

Jheeze, where on earth did this year go? Yet of course as always, you might end up getting the dreaded knitted Christmas jumper, even though I think some of them can look okay on some people - seriously. Browsing Trilogy Stores I noticed a few jumpers on there that were not your typical festive wear but are all year wearable, that's for sure lol.

Trilogy stores have a select range, so you don't feel overwhelmed with looking for items, which sometimes, annoys me. The jumpers I liked have this casual feel to them, nothing too heavy. When I saw them, I even had in mind all the outfits I could wear these with, jumpers on the beach ( yup, I said it ) ... jeans, leggings and skirts.

Jumpers aren't just for Christmas, there seasonal :)

Knitwear Crazy!

A few weeks ago, me and Grace headed over to ASOS main offices for their #BeautyInsider event. Can I just say AH-MA-ZING. We was the last to leave if that's anything to go by. The staff are above & beyond, so extremely friendly.

So what happened on this eventful night that made us want to handcuff ourselves in....


Lisa Shepherd Salon* 

I've been heavily complaining about my hair from months now. Knowing it needed some professional TLC and having missed previous opportunities to visit the Lisa Shepherd salon an appointment was made for me to be treated by the salon director Jason Cocking who with 15 years experience with celebrity clientèle. I felt more than safe in his hands.

Upon reaching the salon nearly 30 minutes early for my 11am appointment, I was greeted at reception and taken through to the waiting area, where it's all self service, cold or hot drinks. You can even browse the internet with their iPads and Mac book station area. I was automatically at ease.

I asked for a cut and colour but I knew that I would need a consultation and with dying it back dark in October what I wanted might not of been possible on that day.

Jason come over and introduced himself and asked what I was looking to do, so I showed him examples and explained how my hair was before. He was quite amazed how I had managed to get my hair so blonde from black lol.

My hair was shampooed with and conditioned with Kersatase Shampoos and Kersatase Lait Cristal Conditioner, after that the Kerastate Elixir Ultime Oil Treatment was used in my hair, it's great for all hair types and once my hair was wrapped in it's turban I was left for 15 minutes before that was rinsed out.

Jason showed me where my hair length was and it was armpit level, there was a lot of inches took off as the split ends were travelling up fast, so Jason gave me a softer more voluminous bob layers going through the hair with a swooping side fringe.

Automatically it looked healthier, felt lighter and soft.

Jason recommended that I don't colour my hair at all until May! I explained to him that I had lost all my curls and I had a feeling it was to do with over 12 years of straightening and he said to me it might not of been the straightening as much as the colouring as it takes a lot of the conditioning from the hair. He suggested during the winter months to just keep doing a lot of treatments and to just keep up with my haircuts and if I still want my colour to come back in May and he'll do that for me, so that's the plan. I asked what treatments he thinks would be best and he told me to use the Kerastase one he used on my hair.

As you may of read, I wanted to get my hair treated so I could really begin to look after my hair better and get it to my target hair length which I'm hoping for is bra strap length curly so there's a way to go but this is my first step.

Since washing my hair since, okay it's quite short, it's like a halo around my ears but when dried as my hair is curly now from root to tip. I'm loving that the curls are there.

I was also given a little goody bag, with a GHD dressing brush, GHD curl spray and Batiste Dry Shampoo, which I didn't expect and was a nice little touch.

I highly recommend the Lisa Shepherd salon and no, I wasn't bribed to say this lol. Truly their staff are attentive and sweet. It's so comfortable in there, you just don't want to leave. Amazingly too, it doesn't even smell like a hair salon to me.

Lisa Shepherd Salon Experience

Dielle - Sweet Virtue £12.00*

This is a little late, I've had these in my review box since last month but as my nails had broken all my nail swatches are late and are now going overdose Dolce Vanity.

I took up the offer to review Dielle UK nail polish as I liked the idea of the gel top coat and that these polishes are non-toxic so you will not find any Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor, & Pthalic Acid within their ingredients. Also not forgetting that they also have taken into consideration all skin-tones and have selected colours that can be suited for all. Dielle also give 30% profit to reliable organisations in Hati, Ros the owner of Dielle lived in Port-au-Prince for over 14 years and she is committed to helping those organisations that are truly making an impact with Women and Children in Hati.

I was offered to pick 3 colours I'd like to try and the gel top coat. My first colour I will show you is 'Sweet Virtue'

It's a soft pink colour that's very subtle and beautiful. It's a delicate colour that will even suit the pale to the darker skin-tones. It's one of my favourites right now, due to the softness that it gives my  fingers. - Sounds odd right?!

Very girlie, so it's quite the opposite to myself yet I adore it.

Dielle - Lustre Gel Coat  £12.00*

The Lustre Gel Coat gives it a shine and jelly appearance and it dries pretty quickly. It also feels very
smooth and gives a nice seal to the colour.

Up until the 31st December 2012, there is a 25% sale on the Dielle UK website

Dielle Sweet Virtue Nail Polish