Montagne use to be my high school face masks but how do they hold up nearly 10 years later...

It's been a very long time since I have used this brand, when I used it in school it was just for the sake of it in a beauty routine my skin wasn't so sensitive or prone to break outs in my teen years - go figure.

This week my skin has decided to erupt slightly, which lead me to pick up this mask from the Skin Heroes collection from Montagne Jeunesse.
It has a two step process - Step 1 the face mask Step 2 the moisturiser

The calming & spot fighting witch hazel & soothing Canadian willow herb helps deep cleanse blocked pores and to heal the skin while the good old classic tea tree is the calming antibacterial ingredient we need.

I found the clay a little thick and I just wanted to scoop it out in the ends with all the push pressing. The pastel green coloured mask dries and hardens on your face - try not to smile. While I kept this one I kind of wanted to feel all the dirt being sucked out while soothed. Washing it off was an ease - but I couldn't say after one treatment if my skin benefited.

After washing it off it lead me to the moisturiser, which erm I didn't like much it just felt a little heavy on my skin - slightly sheen like appearance.
I had a few spots and I wouldn't say it targeted them much or helped with anything but with me only using it one time, can I be sure 100% - no but the one time experience I had to not find at least one positive aspect that would have me try and put this into a routine haven't risen.

Price : £1.49
Purchase : Montagne Jeunesse Online Shop or find your nearest stockist

Anyone tried Montagne Jeunesse face masks if so how did you find them?

· c/o sample

Montagne Jeunesse Break-Out Mask

When I was contacted by The Fairtrade Foundation introducing me to the company more, I was instantly interested due to my interest into organic and natural products and further more what the Foundation represented.

Fairtrade focus is on helping workers and farmers improve the quality of their lives and take more control of their futures. They are the only certification scheme whose purpose is to tackle poverty and empower producers in developing countries.

It's not just coffee and banana's that farmers provide for us but a lot of other organic ingredients. Fairtrade have a mark on over 3,000 products in stores from coffee to flowers.

Today let's focus on the beauty

Fairtrade Foundation Beauty Products

Darker than dark..on my skin!?

I'm not a watcher of TOWIE..never have and it's probably likely I never will - I think personally I'm fading on 'reality' shows and even though I don't watch them the 'stars' of the show are featured in a lot of magazines and online articles it's hard to not know who they are.

When I was asked to review the new "Lauren's Way Self Tanning Mousse" I thought well why not - there's not much sun around to catch a tan and even though before I couldn't tan the natural way I managed to this year during our short heat wave.

Not a big tanner either I had done it some years back using the Garnier or Loreal tanning sprays and the tango effect was of course hideous [this post seems on the 'never' side] + it's very rare I see a 'good' fake tan (oxymoron perhaps) and people with olive - medium skin tone do we really need to tan?!

Lauren's Way Self Tanning Mousse

Soft but popping eyes with a statement lip.

I decided to try out some makeup I have that have been sitting there but are in need of trying out such as Motives & Makeup Academy.

FOTD | Lavender Blush

Noo..I'm not getting married, well not that I know of so far.

Lately I've been feeling soft make-up, quite bridal, demure, wearable. Does makeup reflect the mood your in? Mine can do - yet even though the last fortnight I've felt ever so somber my looks have reflected the opposite.

Quite a while ago [make that nearly 5 months ago] I was asked to do a look using the Sleek Au Naturel palette. I done that today...

FOTD | Church Bells Ring

So easy being peachy.

Seems like a little while I haven't done an FOTD. I need to get my blog back to how it once was - I'm not feeling the direction as of late! First I was going to play with the new Sleek Glory palette but decided to go for the Sleek Paraguaya palette.

Aiming for a bronzed but soft look I thought it was the best palette to reach for and if you follow me on Instagram LaaLaaMonroe I've shared this look already.

FOTD | Sunkissed Peach

Either times going fast or I'm losing track...

GlossyBox has rolled around already - these months are going way too fast for me to keep track.

I see on Instagram that there's already a few variations of this months box  [so wanted whatever the HD Brows item was -brat] ........

Glossybox - June 2012

Just the other week I told you about the new Sleek 2012 collection that is being launched at the start of July and today I have swatches.

London's Calling and not long now until the London 2012 Olympics and Sleek are showing their spirit for the London Olympics with this limited edition palette.

As I previous said the shades are taken from the London's famous underground stations with vibrant shades that echo vibrant shades taken from the Olympic rings ...

Sleek MakeUP 2012 Glory Palette

This Week...

1. Missguided Heslin Dress · 2. Zara I Basic · 3.Curved Gold Choker · 4. Illamasqua Monogamous 
5. Miss Selfridge Tux Blazer · 6. Missguided Sequin Collar Vest Blouse · 7. Jill Pineda Spikey Bow Tie · 8. Topshop VECTRA3 Slippers

I've been good with saving the pennies but I had to buy some items for a wedding I'm attending at the end of the month. Originally I wanted to go androgyny / monochrome then shopping around I started seeing other items.

I saw this Missguided dress and I thought it was lovely, nice and soft - great to go with the pastel trend. The Zara shoes I've been wanting for a while, even went to their store and with no luck just decided to purchase online, originally wanted them in black but was sold out. Curved chokers I just adore them, I'm picturing wearing one in A/W with a black polo neck (and I HATE polo necks) yet that's how much I love these curved chokers. This Illamasqua nail polish I saw on Zara (Mouldy Fruit) PERFECT is all I can say - on my wishlist.

Finding the perfect tux blazer hasn't been the most pleasant searches - ones I found either not in stock or not in my size but then trying Miss Selfridge I found this one it's nice and light with shoulder pads ideal for the Summer - whatever that means here. I think I may make this a next purchase, Missguided sequin collar it turns a simple white vest blouse into a versatile top. Spikey bow tie by Jill Pineda has been on my wishlist for most of the year and I thought it would turn my outfit into something different - add a little instead of going OTT with accessories. I'm still adoring these Topshop shoes - sold out now but so comfortable, just my style wish I got more pairs as these may just wear out soon, thinking of wearing them to the wedding.

What are you loving this week ?

- sorry posting has been lacking my laptop is on the verge of dying.

I'm Loving

The UK sun is a distant memory for the moment but that doesn't mean I'm packing away my Summer scents.

Like most females and males scent plays a big role for us. Whether we know it or not a fragrance becomes a trademark for us come what season or what scents we are most drawn towards!

I don't tend to buy more perfume than I can get through just because have you ever seen perfume that's sat in a bottle for years and the smell starts to go of? It's just a waste but come certain seasons I seem to use up quite a bit and often repurchase or discover others.

Come to Spring / Summer I do go for a lot of light, fresh floral scents such as :
1.JLo L.A. GLow · 2. Givenchy Irresistible · 3. Hugo Boss Orange · 4. Paul Smith Floral

Do you have a favourite summer scent ?

Summer Smells

Their second edition box has arrived but what can this months have in store!?


Two personal things I love to spend the most time on. If I'm not having a sauna in the bathroom, I'm having one for my scalp!
I'm all for finding products that are organic to use on my body & hair so this box is perfect for me - has to be one of the best suited boxes to my lifestyle.

BeTrousse UK Organic and Natural Beauty Kit

Filthy Gorgeous want us to rock our nails like fishnets!

I'm not sure how many of you want or have tried magnetic nail polish before - I have but it was something I never got around to doing.
When I was sent this one by Filthy Gorgeous I was more interested due to the fishnet effect it promised to give me!

Above is "Gold Digger" also available is "Heart Breaker" which is a rich jewelled red metallic shade.

Heavy Metal Fishnet Magnetic Nail Polish

I got those Jubilee Lips.

I was sent a bunch of lip tattoos from LipBoss a few months back and I've just been waiting on the right opportunity to use them. As today was The Queen's official Jubilee I thought - hey no time like the present.

LipBoss - Lip Tattoo