RapidBrow Two Week Update

Two weeks today I started RapidBrow*. If you remember from this post here, I introduced the product and it's claims and I also said I will be doing a fortnightly update. Here is the first one.

Let's remember this was my starting point :

I used nothing on my brows, this was just two weeks regrowth and I began using RapidBrow morning and evening, this is my two week update :

I can see my eyebrow on the left ( which to me is my right eyebrow *huh?* ) has thickened up quite a bit in two weeks. Agreed? The other one hmm it seems to be getting there but maybe not as quick as her sister brow. Yet if I take a look down memory lane....

Above is an image of when my eyebrows were restored to their natural / virgin state last year when I went for my HD Brows consultation  before I took up the challenge last year March I was about roughly a week into regrowth and it took me 8 weeks and I was using pure almond oil & castrol oil on my brows at night to help regrowth.

So of course there is a way to go and it does take me on average 8 weeks to restore my brows and it seems that my left but to me right eyebrow lol has more hair to begin with. I'm currently in 4 weeks of regrowth!

I've not experienced anything negative so far with the RapidBrow, I guess sometimes I'm not sure of how much I'm using - it does say use a few strokes but I have a lot of area to cover - but when it dries the first few times I used it I could feel it on my brows especially if frown and raised them. I wouldn't hold this as a negative I'm just impatient :)

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  1. completely stunning! You have a penetration stare!

    1. *roar* even with my overgrown bikini bush brows ;)

  2. Replies
    1. You do :) I can definitely see it on one of them, the other one needs a little boost.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah I'm hoping it continues and I see a big improvement x

  4. Love ur brows hun,can defo see a change! Mine depress me lol

  5. Huge difference! I want to grow mine out that fast too now :(


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