My skin took quite a beating the two weeks I was at AOFM, fantastic skincare products were used but the amount of make up that was used and different brands daily - the late nights it all took it's toll on my skin and it's at quite an irritable place.

Deep cleaning is what it needs, the breakouts and rough feeling it's making me quite sad lol well our skin is our canvas.

I've taken up a new skin routine for the first half of 2012 that includes, Skin ScienceSea Salt & L'Occitane.

Sounds like quite a recipe huh.

Skin Science Bio Active Cleanser* : this brightened and awakened my skin the other morning when it was really feeling tired, dry and just horrible. It's amazing to hydrate the skin.

L'Ooccitane Ultra Gentle Moisturizer* : Light and not oily with 8% shea butter it's sinks into the skin quite fast and you don't need a lot to cover the face

Skin Science Bio Active Eye Contour* : One thing I didn't use much before was eye cream - why? I hear the stories, it's bad - it thins out the skin that's already thin under our eye etc. Yet while at AOFM we used eye cream nearly everyday and I found my eyes felt a lot more revived and even when I took my make-up off there I found myself instinctively reaching for eye cream. Morning and evening I apply this one, it helps the puffiness to go down which was good cos while on the course bags were staple to my face.

Maybe this has to be one of my favourites within my face routine - sea salt.

Whenever I steam my face I always add sea salt - no matter what. I haven't had the chance to steam my face in a little while so I thought well why can't I put a few table spoons into warm water in the basin and soak my muslin cloth and wash my face ?!

So that's what I began to do.

Sea Salt Benefits : -

  1. Helps fight acne, blemishes & other imperfections
  2. Brightens complexion 
  3. Keeps moisture sealed into the skin
The sea salt method is very inexpensive. Remember you don't want cooking salt lol - PURE sea salt :)

Let's see how long this routine last for me!

January Skincare Routine

January's GLOSSYBOX has arrived and it's their second limited box. Yes just last month we had a special edition one but with Valentine's day not far away here's the Pretty in Pink box.

Contents :-

  1. Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - Emerald Green £9.50 full size
  2. Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream £48.00 full size 50ml
  3. Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream £46.50 full size 50ml
  4. Fab Gentle Body Wash £10.00 full size 226.8g
  5. Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - Dewy Finish £29.00 full size 30ml

I've never purchased anything from Eyeko before - I've always heard great things about their products but for some reason I've never been tempted before so this Eyeko pencil may be a great way to get me to purchase some bits and pieces. I'll use this in an EOTD this week :)

Quick Swatch

For me this month besides FAB the brands included I've never tried and with the addition of Murad which I've never heard of it's nice to be introduced to these.

Mmm Yum! ♥

Have you received your box yet if not are you looking forward to this months box?

Glossybox - January 2012 Pretty in Pink

Whenever I did my makeup, I couldn't picture doing an EOTD / FOTD without popping on some false eyelashes. Then I discovered sometimes mascara gave me the effect I wanted but sometimes nothing beats a pair of false eyelashes to add that extra glamour to our look.

Lashaholics style LA07

Think it's time for some new eyelash glue.

These lashes do come with their own adhesive but I never do use the adhesive that's supplied - maybe this time round I should of as my duo wasn't helping me much today.

Lashaholics come in 9 different styles ranging from dainty to super glamorous. I quite like this style as they aren't super long or extravagant - nice for even daily wear. Love how they start off slightly criss cross from the lash strip.

What are your take on false eyelashes ? 

Lashaholics - False Eyelashes

You may of seen the commercial where the lovely Dawn Porter travels the country and introduces people to the new Andrex Washlets. She's on a mission to change the way we wipe our bottoms!!

 The new toilet product that is in the form of a wet wipe not as heavily moisturising as a makeup wipe yet I would say it gives you a fresher cleaner feeling after you have released. Did I mention it smells nice too ?

-- Good new way to boost the personal hygiene ?

I found it a bit strange at first to use this wipe because I'm use to toilet paper, like the rest of us. It's nice to have in the toilet just sitting there with a little choice hmm toilet paper or washlet today?

You do get use to it after a while but it's quite hard to break the routine from tissue paper to washlet so quickly but the habit is getting there.

Well what a weird post, knowing all about Laa's new bathroom habits lol - a good one at least hey.

You can join the Clean Campaign and see more over Dawn's videos at 

Andrex Washlets

Recently John Frieda launched their YouTube channel that's based around hairstyles that are in demand for 2012 that are being seen on the catwalks and celebrities and are done in a step by step tutorial for us to try at home.

This one features fellow blogger Sabrina from A Little Obsessed and I love the hairstyle it's kept classic but edgy at the front. I'm thinking I need to recreate some of these hairstyles.

Tell me what you think ?

To watch more and to subscribe go to the official John Frieda UK YouTube


John Frieda "Style On Demand" YouTube

All good things come to an end ...

My official last day was Friday but I put myself down for Saturday to do my photo shoot to complete my week. Nervous - yes but once getting into it, was so exciting it was just so amazing. As for the course : -

  1. Period 20-80s
  2. Textures 
  3. Body Painting
  4. Male, Mature & Ethnic Skin
  5. Avant Garde

Here's just a few of the images from the last week.

We also had our shopping day, I didn't pick up a lot to be honest except some MAC Face & Body, Mac Lipsticks Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers & Liner, Brush Cleaner and Lucas Paw Paw; I didn't pick up much because there's not much that I need as of right now. Plus with future discounts with some makeup houses I didn't feel it to be 100% necessary for me

Come Saturday I had my photo shoot :- beauty & editorial.

Model : Sienna King ( FM Agency ) Make Up : LaaLaa Monroe Photographer : © Lou Denim Hair Stylist : Jan Prezemyk

Model : Noelle Woosley Make Up : LaaLaa Monroe Photographer : © Lou Denim Hair Stylist : Jan Prezemyk

I'm so gutted that I've now left lol, imagine I was so nervous and scared I wouldn't get on with anyone and come Friday & Saturday I didn't want to even leave the building. It's great the friendships that you begin to build working intensively with people for 6 days a week even for a fortnight.

Now it's back to the grind with the added extras, I'm quite behind on reviews and emails so I hope everyone can bare with me and thanks for your continued support and to the new followers :)

Week 2 - AOFM Advanced + Photo Shoot

Hey, hey, hey :)

How has everyone been ? Fantastic weekend?!

Soo for me week 1 is over, finished, kaput, no more, onto the next week.

I'm gutted - ONLY because it's my last week.

Week 1 - Foundation level. We covered this week :-

  1. Natural, Beauty, Glowing skin / Smokey eyes
  2. Bridal
  3. Eyebrows & Glamour 
  4. Catwalk & Fashion vs  Commercial & Advertising 
  5. Contouring / Highlighting
  6. Understanding photography lighting / colours - etc. 
Briefly working on a counter I only did a handful of make up on others. The training on that job wasn't good cos it didn't exist and doing makeup on yourself is a lot different than doing it on someone else. That's something I've been trying to get use to as it's quite foreign for me & scary.

I think I've been getting quite frustrated at myself cos I know I can do it but then I do dilly dally when it comes to doing my own make up - were running on a time limit. It's great to see how everyone's progressing and even myself how from Monday to Saturday how much more relaxed and confident I'm feeling. Saturday 21st I have my photoshoot at 9am which is where they bring in a model, hair stylist and photographer and we create two looks beauty & editorial. 

{ they may just kill me for this lol}

I wonder if you guys can guess which images are for what topic I studied !? 

Week 1 - AOFM Foundation

Just completed my 3rd day at AOFM! Absolutely loving it the girls and guy in my class are fantastic. Also just the 3 tutors we have had already are amazing. I am having fun just like Henessy said I would lol.

Today we did 'Glamour' which involved, eyebrow reshaping, eyelash application, red lips, smokey eyes etc. We was taught by Barbara who is a makeup artist from Mexico dubbed 'The Queen of Eyebrows' by other tutors. Very quick with her craft.

She liked my eyebrows but decided to move the arch slightly outwards to open up the eyes. I was more than glad to allow Barbara on my eyebrows and take charge.

before / new shape.

both new shape.

What do you think ?

Barbara was telling us the story of her tweezers as most of us were in awe of them, long handle and angled, nice slant, she had picked them up in Mexico and has had them for 13 years. Become her signature trade, we was lucky enough to be able to have one as she is now bringing them out herself. I had to snap one up, cos you all know I'm a brow fiend.

Cannot wait to try these for myself, currently shattered - feet, abs and bum - killing but all with a smile on my face lol.

Available now from Barbara Carranza £15.00
Peace & Love 

AOFM - Half way point

I'm all for cruelty free & natural products, especially for the nether regions. It's important that we are gentle with delicate places and the products we use are suitable & safe.  I Love My Muff is exactly that.

Founded in 2009 by Ritz Clinging in Canada when she couldn't find products that were natural for herself she set about creating I Love My Muff. The range consists of clean wash,pure spray, soft lotion, fresh wipes and muff maintenance kits and  all products are cruelty free, vegan, free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colors and fragrances.

There are 2 different maintenance kits:
Green :- Green means ‘go’ and with this sweet citrus fusion of vanilla, grapefruit and ylang ylang there’s no telling where it will take you.
Fresh, warm and sensual… like the perfect sip of spiced tea and honey in a garden of vanilla and citrus blossoms.

Blue :- Elevate your mood with this spa fresh blend of lavender, clary sage and patchouli. It give’s ‘feeling blue’ a whole new meaning.
Pure extracts of orange blossoms and essential oils of clary sage, patchouli and geranium, invokes a mystical feeling of invigoration reminding you of botanical dew drops suspended in a welcomed breeze.

The blue kit* is what I have. I do have to say it does have this fresh smell to it also reminds me of aromatherapy oils, quite soothing on the nose. 

Each bottle has it's own number on the side. You do it in stages as you would do when washing your face.

Step 1 : - Clean Washdirections Apply a small amount into your palm. Lather, love & rinse desired area daily.

Step 2 : - Pure Spray - directions Shake well. Hold 4-5 inches from desired area. Spray loving and liberally daily.

Step 3 : - Soft Lotion - directions Apply a small amount into your palm. Loving smooth over desired area daily.

Not to forget : -

Red : - Individually wrapped feminine refreshing wipes moistened with extracts of cucumber, chamomile flower, vitamin E and lavender, providing freshness that smooths whenever and wherever you need it.

Simply pop one in your bag !! Just as the slogan says it's no longer a whisper.

Have you ever tried any I Love My Muff products ? 
Price : £28 - £38
Available from : Harvey Nichols Institut de Beauté - BeautyWorksWest

I Love My Muff

You may know her from being a former MTV VJ, actress, Carmello Anthony's wife & mother of his child or her reality show. However you know her La La has now stepped into the cosmetic world!

Personally I've always had a thing for La La. I love her style and whoever does her make-up needs to let me in on the know how. Having now teamed up with Motives by Loren Ridinger Cosmetics to do an extension on the award winning line.

They will be launching 6 different product categories : - Lipsticks, lip shines, eyeshadows, blushes & shimmer. They will all be in shades that compliment a woman of colour. La has brought names to the products such as 'Dreamer' 'Off Broadway' 'Backstage' & 'Red Carpet'

Having my name on a cosmetics line has always been a dream, one I’m excited to share. Every girl always tries to find that perfect color or shade that suits their personality, and now she can do it easily and affordably.  - La La Anthony on Motives Cosmetics

La La is already a part of Motives I've noticed that she endorses products already from the brand such as Pucker Up Lip Plumper in Amber and Nail Candy in Glam Girl 

La La made it a point to emphasize colors and products for African American and Latina women, due to the lack of prominence many beauty lines place on ethnic markets. Motives by La La achieves this goal, as the partnership between La La and Loren has resulted in a line that shares their love of makeup through products and colors that give a complete look – eyes, cheeks, lips – for women of every shade.
The availability doesn't seem worldwide, so I'm interested if any WOC and Latina's who try this line to give any feedback. 

image sources 1,2,3

Would you be interested in trying out La La's new cosmetic line ?

Motives for La La

When it comes to New Years Resolutions it's nearly always the same for us all, lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, less drinking, less spending. The end of January looms around and we've already ate more than we've burnt off. Had one glass of wine too many and been stressed and reached for the packet of cigarettes and decided that a few more weekends catching the last of the sales won't do us much harm. Got me thinking about resolutions, I think I set some last year I saw this quote today :

 The greatest thing you have is the 24 hours in front of you. The past is gone; the future is distant. Today you CAN succeed. Set a goal you can achieve in the next 24 hours.   

So what was my Daily 24 Resolution(s) ? - I didn't give it much thought until a DVD fell on my foot so I am here to share with you my 'get in shape' collection. Erm, okay so right now I may not be the BEST walking advertisement for such a thing but I'm trying - forgive me.

In my stash I have workouts such as : - Beachbody Insanity Workouts - P90X Extreme Workout Series - Brazil Butt Lift - Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred - Pilates for Dummies - Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method - Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis - Zumba - Yoga for Dummies - Davina Power of 3 - Kim Kardashian Fit in your Jeans by Friday - Trish Stratus Yoga 

This is my prized possession  

Honestly with all those DVDs & not to mention the Wii, I should have a body to make the best body buffs blush. I don't of course and why ? My motivation isn't 100% there. I should be 100% committed but I'm not. For that I am ashamed, we all have motivation it's turning it into a lifetime habit. That's why I made my fitness blog - granted I don't stay on top of it as I should as I don't even stay on top of my workouts..I'll do so good - be sidetracked - fall off the wagon.

I began following Tumblr themed weight loss blogs [ unfortunately quite a few of them were girls who had eating disorders ] I read motivational stories and felt inspired - seeing transformations from women who have been 22 stone and lost the weight themselves, women who have had 3 kids and got the body they've dreamed of. I have no excuses.

I've proven to myself - if you want something you can do it. Nothing is easy. Not a lot of people enjoy exercising but it's a way of life, keeping in shape. The last month my health  hasn't been too good. It's scary I'm going on 24 {don't shoot} and feeling 84 I need a health check but not only that I'm taking myself for granted.

Guess this isn't a resolution more so a reality check, I'm not getting any younger and I can't always excuse 'youth' and 'time' as being on my side. I'm learning just focus on the 24 hours, let tomorrow come. If I miss a day - it was the past - Live that 24 hour resolution.

Daily 24 hour Resolution

Formula 1 : For Healthy Flexible Nails  ·  Formula 2 : For Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Nails · Oil Therapy · Cuticle Care Oil *

Hey, Hey, Hey!! Happy New Year. 

This week feels like it's flying through, I'll be on my AOFM course next Monday. Can't believe how fast that's come by either. Also thanks for all the get well wishes, I'm still tense but I'm a lot better, thank goodness I had my emails from Sharon and Rella alongside texts to keep me company and my brain functioning lol.

While I was laid up I was getting alot of tweeting in with my left hand (: and mentioned that my nails are in such a HORRIBLE state since Winter rolled about - the breaking - discolouration - urgh it was getting too much for me. Yinka of Vex in the City mentioned Dr LeWinn ( which I have on standby ) while Kashual of BeautyFulfilled recommended Nailtiques. I was then offered to try it out.

OPI Nail Envy helped me on the track last year when I started to grow my nails. It didn't hold up for me the 3rd time round - I tried Nail Tek II :Intensive Therapy - no bueno.

I've now started using Formula 2 to begin the nail repair process, I was advised to continue using this until my nails improved. I'm not putting no time on this it'll be a waiting game. Esther of Fab Fingertips gave me a good tip - WATER! Now during our time exchanging tweets I realised, I had fallen back on my water consumption.

Once my nails are to my satisfaction I will move onto Formula 1! YET in the meantime as I put that at the back of the nail polish drawer...there are two others that are needed in the routine.

Cuticles are important and need care too. This product has a few uses such as combating dry, flaking toenails and also can be used as a drying agent for wet polish. Used several times a week on the nails and cuticles should help the dry, brittle or flaking nails.

I love this cuticle care oil. The rollerball application makes it precise on the cuticle to just roll it along, no excess - no wasting. Perfect!

After soaking my nails in a homemade nail soak  I dry and clean my nails and apply the cuticle care oil before starting my routine over for the week.

Each Sunday -;

  1. I will do a hand & nail soak
  2. Pat my hand and nails dry and add AHAVA Intensive Hydration Mask while wrapped in a towel (if you got hand warmers or hand gloves that'll be perfect) I'll leave it on for 5-10minutes. 
  3. Applying the Cuticle Care Oil - massaging in with my finger tips.
  4. Using Formula 2 I apply on all nails
  5. While during the week every other day apply the Oil Therapy 

Once I'm happy I'll be using the Nailtiques nail polishes alongside the routine :

Maui & Monte Carlo.

During these cold months how do you keep your nails healthy and strong ?