Tutorial : Half Moon

This tutorial has been floating around for a lonnnnng time now, 
I wasn't the first and I certainly won't be the last.
I decided to try my hand at this for the first time ;
 I am pleased with the results so I decided to share with you dahhlings too.

What You'll Need : 

Base Coat
Top Coat
Two Nail Polishes Of Choice
Quick Nail Drying Coat/Drops* 
Lemon Juice*
Olive Oil*

I started off with a nail & hand soak mixed with one part lemon juice, 
to three parts olive oil, and warm mixture slightly in the microwave

Apply a base coat & your colour of choice that will be shown 
as the half moon colour my chosen colour is China Glaze - 2030

Using hole punch re-enforcements cut it in half and place
them at the desired height - of course the higher it's placed
the higher your half moon will be. 

Now painting the rest of your nails a chosen second colour mine is OPI - That's Berry Daring

Once drying put a fast drying top coat or drops on top...
When dry peel off the stickers to reveal your very on half moon manicure

I decided to put some little gems on mine lol little experiment....

Peace & Love
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  1. So cute! I haven't tried this with the little circle sticky thingys but it does such a great job with that line. The rhinestones are adorable :)


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