FOTD ft Smooch Cosmetics

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last week Monday a new cosmetic company launched called Smooch Cosmetics the range includes nail polishes, eyeliners, mascara, due eye shadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, lip pencils ... basically you've got a wide range of fabulous make-up to chose from.

I was kindly sent a few pieces to review for them :

Filthy Rich Duo Eyeshadow : This is a shimmery velvety eye shadow duo, great for those summer evenings ( not that we've had many here ) I'm not a huge fan of shimmer eye shadow in all honesty but these are very easy to work with, soft there is little fall out when applied so do make sure you tap your brush slightly. The colour pay off is nice. When I wore this all day the duration was pretty good I didn't experience much creasing. The packaging reminds me of Nars duo eye shadows, it's compact and looks nice with the Smooch logo on the top.

Black Lash Mascara : What I noticed first was the tube of this mascara was pretty weighty, what do I mean by that? It felt as if there was a lot of product in the tube either that or the material of the tube is heavy. The brush is thick it gives a good coat of mascara over the lashes, I didn't experience any clumping but I wouldn't say it delivers anything too promising.

Crimson Fire Lipstick : It's red lol! Can I ever say anything bad about the shade red? No but besides my undying bias love for it this lipstick is one of my first reds that don't feel drying. ( think Barry M 121 ) Rich and creamy is how I'd describe it with a high pigmentation of colour. With all red's best to wear with a lip liner to get the best longevity

Bronzer :  A matte bronzer that's fantastic for sculpting and defining. At first glance I thought would this be too dark for me but it does work even for me blended in well enough it gives me great definition. ( I even used it in my crease slightly ) I needed a matte bronzer and out of everything I'm most happy with this cos it was something I've been hunting for.

Purchase from Smooch Cosmetics UK
Prices start from £4.95
AND for this month you get 50% off

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  1. ooh these look so nice! I've just had a look on the website and I'm tempted to buy the lipsticks as they look like lovely colours.. n with 50% off cant be bad ;)

  2. @esteeem Yeah 50% off for the month isn't bad at all. Which is good being a new company getting it at a cut price to get familiar with products etc is never a bad thing. The lipstick is a dream I must say. If you do can't wait to see what you pick out xo

  3. Ooh you are rocking that red lip, looks FAB! Deffo will be checking out this company it looks really good xxx

  4. u really can't go wrong with Red Lips ;)
    Lovely hun!

  5. Thanks a lot for the positive words ladies xo


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