This is the first time I've had coloured nails in quite awhile. I didn't know what I was feeling for but I decided to pick up Barry M "Indigo" ... Indigo is that colour that's between violet and blue in the bottle it screams a dark purple but on the nails it appears differently.

Me & my BFF Leila concluded it looks like biro ink - even when I had a nail mishap and it smudged when it dried on my finger it reminded me of when a biro leaks and you get that smudge ..anyway point is, it looks different in the bottle to how it comes out on the nails ..*sighs*

This was the first Barry M nail paint that I purchased ummm I wasn't 100% in love the application of the nail polish came out THICK even when I wiped the brush it still managed to come out quite thick ... meaning longer to dry.

( with flash )

I don't know why I'm so on the fence with this shade, maybe because I didn't 100% get what I saw before the application...over the hours the colour is growing on me but I'm not sure if it's a FAVOURITE - resist temptation to apply everytime favourite.

Barry M is available in the U.K. at Boots, Superdrug & of course via the website . Priced at £2.99

Have you tried any Barry M Nail Paints ? If so I'd love to know a shade to try 

Disclosure : This product was purchased by me. I have reviewed this product to my satisfaction.
Please read more on this here

Beyond The Indigo


Remember me lol ?,

So the months nearly over for one of my 4 challenges and the first review up is on my nails. Since I began to grow my nails in 2007 they've always suffered with being brittle and will easily split, especially when I'm washing my hair I'll always end up with a strand of hair slicing my tips.

I've tried quite a lot of different hardeners and none of them have worked 100% to the promise of the product.

OPI Nail Envy has been one that has been in the middle when I have read reviews but I thought what harm can it do in trying. Seeing as I'm taking multi vitamins daily maybe it could help it along a little.

Every night I applied it ( it does say every other day ) but me being me - every night and on a Tuesday I normally will take it off the 7 days worth of nail envy and soak my nails etc let them breathe for a while and re-do.

Within 7 - 14 my nails were already starting to make a difference in strength, being that every weekend I'm outside cleaning rabbit hutches you can imagine that my hands are used for dirty tasks and this is where they would normally break. - Not one breakage.

Washing my hair ? - Not one breakage.

Safe to say in nearly a month not one breakage and I've seen a difference in length and strength.

* Image top row is my right hand before and after. Bottom row being that of my left hand before and after *

Money well spent, I'd say so. There was no disappointments, being that it dries fast & clear is an added bonus - 10/10 from me.

OPI Nail Envy

Embarking on a new skin regime is scary & exciting we never know what to expect.

For whatever reason we decide to embark on a new one it's quite fun to share the journey with others SO... remember when I was ever so disappointed that LUSH discontinued Baby face Cleanser and I frantically stocked up like a woman possessed & even received a few at Christmas lol. I've held back on using the two I have left as the only negative side I experienced with baby face was that the fact it was an oil based product therefore when I put it under the tap get the produce off to put on my face...I'd never have that much control on what was actually coming off. Therefore .... more product gone than what you needed but I loved it, swore by it...wanted to marry it and make more and more baby face babies because it helped clear up my face.

Going into the store in January I asked the assistant ... "Do you have a dupe for baby face ? " and she recommended me :

She said it's the same oil based constancy as Baby face but you have more control over what you are using.

- Worth a shot right ? 

As you can see it looks like a cream it's very soft and you can feel it's an oil base. Massaging it into the skin without any water you can just see a slight sheen they then say you should use a damp cotton wool pad. I've found on myself that it's best to use at least 3 because if I use the same one, it seems I'm spreading the oil residue around my face instead of taking it off and I'm left with a shiny face.  Yes my face is smooth and soft afterwards but I don't feel I get the same benefits I did from my baby face. I think it might be back to my Liz Earle Hot Cleanse & Polish....

New Face Mask
On my old twitter I asked if anyone could recommend me a deep cleansing face mask as right now my whole body is in rehab. Imo from It's A London Thing recommended me Queen Helene " Mint Julep Masque"  read her review here.

I ordered mine off Ebay as I found it the cheapest there for a 12oz tub. I was seeing websites selling it for £32 I thought nah uh ... I paid £8 in all and I got it the next day - on standard delivery ( the seller no longer sells this item ) but if you search on ebay grab the best deal :o)

The first time I opened up the tub, I got the BIGGEST whiff of mint but what did come to mind automatically was toothpaste

Applying it, which I left it on for quite a long time.. to the point it set and was cracking. Even though it does tighten and your left not being able to speak I just enjoyed the deep cleanse and when I washed it off with warm water the feel of my face afterwards was like "Hello baby's bottom" .. I used it during my time of the month and my breakout spots were very limited.

I do have to say so far... I adore this face mask it's working quite well for me. While my body is in rehab this certainly does rejuvenate the feeling of my tired skin.

Have you tried either products ? 


What face products can you currently not live without ?

Peace & Love

2011 Skincare Rehab Products

The Eve Appeal is a website that supports Gynaecological cancers which include the 5 cancers that start in a woman's reproductive system :

  • Ovarian cancer - cancer in an ovary or both ovaries
  • Cervical cancer - cancer of the neck of the womb
  • Vulval cancer - cancer of the external genitals
  • Vaginal cancer - cancer of the birth canal (vagina)
  • Womb cancer - also known as cancer of the uterus, or endometrial cancer, or uterine cancer

I feel unfortunately a lot of us will know or have known someone close to us who has either been a survivor or has passed away from cancer. My Step Grandmother is currently going through treatment herself so it's a personal subject for me too. Yet it's also a dreadful illness that anyone of us can develop.

Spending the time to help out causes for research to help find ways for better treatment or even a cure is something that I personally feel we could all do at one stage in our lives.

While flicking through the latest Cosmopolitan magazine I saw this little section " Bake Off! " that's to do with supporting Ovarian Cancer by holding a tea party and donating the proceedings off to The Eve Appeal - Gynaecological Cancer Research Fund.


If tea hosting isn't your strong point ... Bodyform are also supporting The Eve Appeal ......

March - Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

I see a lot of females in www land that love Kim Kardashian's style. It's okay but I'm not a huge fan.
I've always thought and believed that Kourtney was the better looking & styled sister and she is just one of my style icons.

The one item I am dying to own that I keep seeing on her feet those Alexander McQueen Scrimshaw Gilly Boots. - I am in in shoe orgasm overload.

Who is your Style Icon ?

Peace & Love

Seen On : Kourtney Kardashian

I love blue eyeshadow on brown eyes. I think it just brings them out gives them some milk chocolate appeal but I also have been loving the colour gold a lot at the moment so I decided to incorporate that into a look alongside a picture tutorial.

I hope you all enjoy....

EOTD : Blue & Gold w/ Picture Tutorial (Image Heavy)

This is my first monthly challenge but it's going to more than a month really as I'm going to make it a two month challenge as I've added in extra things.

1. A - Z Map Of Health : On twitter last month ( before I deleted mine ) Sriya, Kaushal & I were talking about lack of vitamins in our diet. Me & Kaushal are vegetarians and someone asked us how we don't get enough vitamins but there is only so much vegetables we can eat right lol! So we said that it's all about the vitamins baby for March.. I got A - Z 60 day Superdrug branded vitamins for £1.99 I believe. So alongside with that I should be taking my Iron tonic too *fingers crossed* ( Image from Etsy )

2. Nail Rehab : That's where my nails will be. At the moment there getting neglected - not fully but I know they need extra TLC so once my OPI Nail Envy arrives I will be trying that out for the next month and hoping I see a difference so expect a review on that. -( not to mention shouldn't the extra vitamins help )

3. Lemon Juice : Got to admit this one has been an on /off one. Instead of me before when I used it buying just the bottle I was constantly running out of lemons so that wasn't ideal. I've got a few dark blemishes that I want rid off and lets brighten up the elbows and kneecaps while were at it.

4. Eyebrows Getting A New Growth : This one is atrocious because considering I do quite a bit of FOTD / EOTD me growing back my eyebrows oh goodness lol this is going to be a tough one but I want them back to there virgin state and reshape them.

I'm hoping to do all these before my 23rd bday ( 28th April ) so I got two months worth of positive challenges.

Before photos will be done with all challenges that of course are possible. Things are just so up and hectic right now away from the blogging world so I'm so pleased you all are staying loyal and once I get a chance I'll get to replying some comments. Thanks loves!!

Do you set yourself monthly challenges ?

Peace & Love

March & April Challenge