Rimmel " I Love Lasting Finish Fruities " Nail Polish Review

I blogged about the release of them & was skeptical about them. How artificial are the scents going to be ? How long will the scent even last ? Is the scent very strong & noticeable ?

What Rimmel London Say :

I decided on getting only two just incase I wasn't fond of them etc. I chose.

Apricot Punch.

Strawberry Fizz.

I didn't use a top coat, for the simple fact, I think it may disguise the smell. It does say that it is chip resistant. Yet when I purchased it last Tuesday & by Thursday morning it was chipping off like crazy. I don't know if that's due to the fact of hot baths & looking after animals all day *thinks*

I have to say it does try very fast so there's a pro. I only need to use two coats, I've found one isn't enough as it still can be quite streaky, that might just be me.

I don't think the smell's are meant to represent fresh fruit, but more of a sweetie type fruit. That's what I've got from the smell.
The Strawberry Fizz is not as strong as the Apricot Punch. The Apricot Punch I find I can smell a lot more than the Strawberry Fizz.
I wouldn't say they are very plastic smelling but if your not fond of the smell your not going to be able to stomach it for long.

When I was wearing the Strawberry Fizz last week I noticed that the smell did begin to fade but it wasn't a strong smell to start off with so I'd have to see how the Apricot Punch fairs up .

Would I buy again : Yes most definitely, I may just get the rest of the shades.

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  1. I bought the Revlon Candyfloss scented polish, it was lovely!


  2. I so want the Apricot one! I can't find them on any Rimmel stands though :( Its doing my head in! haha.


  3. oh frustrating, you should ask in Superdrug that's where I found mine. Or at least ask them to order them in if not !? Thank for the comment honey. xoxo

  4. Very pretty!!!


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