July '10 Haul

So what else have I got over the last couple weeks...more & more little trinkets. I'm a fan of AVON's nail polishes. I don't find them too watery or that the colour pay off is hard to get without building and building layers upon each coat. I mentioned in a previous post that I had similar colour's to a few that I got from E.L.F which in retrospect to that I meant as in I got more pastel shades.

left-right :
Luxe Lavender & Vintage Blue

I do love the way Vintage Blue comes out it gives me that feel of when you would classically have a baby boy's nursery in this shade with white furniture. It's amazing how a colour can give you so much to think & dream of lol but I do love the colour.

The perfect mild shade of purple in my eyes. I adore how right it looks with my skin-tone.

AVON True Colour Blush In Russet

AVON True Colour Blush In Earthen Rose

left-right :

Petrol Black & Kingfisher

Barry M Dazzle Dust. Like hello ?! Why didn't I have these shades before..love the look of Kingfisher, it goes so well with other colour's that I have already.
Reminds me of an aquarium lol. & Petrol black..well you gotta love the look of spilt petrol with the hints of the purple & blue & that's exactly how Petrol black looks...another smokey eye ideal product I think so.
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  1. I'm in love with the blue & lilac nail polishes

  2. I love the blue colour, Ive got that purple one and I love it! it reminds me of the Nars duo in Eurydice...the purple side =D x

  3. they are slowly becoming my fav colours.

  4. Yes your right lol...oh gosh I never put the two of them together, good eye honey.

    I love the purple one, I just finished doing my nails in that colour as I type :o]

    Thanks for the comment xo

  5. Great haul hon! I am loving those Avon polishes, especially Vintage Blue... and that Russet Blush is gorgeous. I wish we had Barry M Dazzle Dust here :( lol

  6. I love those blushes u chose and the np are soo pretty


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