E.L.F Nail Polish Haul

Nearly a month ago E.L.F. Cosmetics had a spend over £10 & get free P&P, I gathered ahh why not didn't so much want any more makeup so I decided to get some more nail polishes, well you can never have too many. I purchased 7 as I have most of the other shades already smh lol, terrible. Some of these are NEW shade's that E.L.F. Cosmetics have.

left-right :

Light Red & Fire Coral -(*) [new]

I love red, red nail polish, red lips, red clothes...there is something about this colour that is very appealing and striking to me.
I wear red so deal with it lol. The Fire Coral I have already done a NOTD on, I found it's hard to get it's true colour to show,
it's more of a deeper orange/red coral, hence I'm guessing that's why they have fire in the name.


Lilac & Mint Cream. [both new]

These two I'm still yet to try out as I did buy two that are similar but I do love those kind of pastel colour's. They just have a vintage feel to them.


Smokey Brown, Desert Haze & Innocent. [all 3 new]

Out of the three Innocent is going to be the first one to finish, I love this colour it has to be my favourite. It comes out a nude brown & in some lights appears ever so slightly pink.
The other two I am yet to try but this just mean's more NOTD ! I have to stop buying more nail polish than I can wear but not bad for £1.50 each & free P&P.

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  1. i love your site, honey. <3

  2. Oh thanks babydoll <3 that's so appreciated.


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