Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Makeover month is still going but I decided to change up my exercise routine this month and since my phone had not been working, I've been able to have earlier nights and that means earlier mornings, 5am early and yes all week, Sun - Mon. The new workouts? Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series!! I've heard and been told numerous times, forget the cardio for the majority of your workout, pick up the weights, then the misconception ticks in but I don't want to be Hulk Hogan and have 24 inch pythons!!

Forget the bulking up, weight training helps you to burn fat and tone up & boy do I sweat during this but you know something, I actually love it. I started with a 6 kg Kettlebell, I also wear hand weights but they are only a 1lb each. I've never lifted weights before and any less and it would of been baked bin tins for me.

The first few times I did the 4 discs (not at the same time) I listened to the instructor Dasha Libin but once I got the moves down, I'll pop my headphones in and clip my little iPod shuffle onto my sports bra and workout alongside the t.v. team. I mention this because reviews online kept saying about the lack of music and that the instructor talks too much either doesn't bother me, didn't before and well I can't hear with my earphones in.

Four DVDs split into sections Power - Arms, glutes, inner thighs, obliques. Strength - Total body fat loss. Longevity - Lean legs & midsection & Diversity - Abs, arms & glutes. Each move is done for 60 seconds within a set. All week my abs have just been so tight, my thighs and arms - ow I feel the workout. I have one rest day per week and sometimes will do two in a day as these workouts are quite short and as I enjoy them I don't feel as if it's a chore.

Since starting the training my right arm is getting more toned and my left one is getting there, prior to the workout or afterwards I will do extra reps with my left arm. I joke that my right arm is stronger due to my prior excess cheese grating. I should of taken a before image, I guess I still can, even though I'm already noticing slight improvements. I think the next one I want to get is The Body Series.

Have you started any new health & fitness regime?

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Love Me Beauty | April Edition 1

Monday, April 14, 2014

This months Love Me Beauty box has 4 items and a few surprise items. I chose menu one mainly as I focused on my current needs.

Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil Roller Ball(full size) £6.25 10ml this is a moisturising oil, suitable for all skin types and I like that this on the go roller ball is handbag perfect. It is said to boost the skin's natural moisture barrier to promote radiance whilst the roller ball encourages circulation through gentle massage. It's made of pure oils : Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kemel, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Absolute, Jojoba Oil & also handmade by Betty!

Models Own Coral Reef (full size) £5.00 14ml from the tropical collection this vibrant, in the summertime shade is perfect, it's red in some lights but it's definitely an orange toned coral. Look out for it in a future Manicure Monday.

Neal & Wolf Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm £12.50 200ml(full size) I always find their products smell divine, absolutely heavenly. I got this for the net time I decide to blow out my hair and trial this anti-frizz and put an end to any tangles.

Redken Colour Extend Conditioner £9.99 250ml (25ml sample size) as my hair is colour treated, it's nice to have something that can extend the life of the colour. It is suppose to detange and provide protection from fading agents while restoring the colours vibrancy.

Also within the box was a few Weleda stretch mark massage oil sachets and a Hello Fresh £25 gift card - such a nice touch as I'd never heard of Hello Fresh before but it's a service where they deliver a box of step by step recipes and fresh ingredients weekly for you to do at home!

What do you think of this month's edition 1 box?
 Did you get a Love Me Beauty box for April?

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Caci Microlift Review

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I properly started using the Caci Microlift machine last month, I was a little apprehensive after trying it on my nan and she broke out in some itchy spots, it made me think the serum was going to irritate my skin. The first two times I used it in the evenings I then did a clay mask afterwards cos I was petrified the serum that comes out of the buds was going to result in a break out but after I relaxed and continued the program it didn't happen for me.

The program I continuously used was the toning, I don't have any deep set wrinkles, I have the odd expression lines on my forehead but that's when the muscles are being used, my main issue was around my jaw line, I'd have loved for that to be more toned and firm. I used this 3x a week for just over the month and I have to be honest and say my forehead, I can feel that it's got more firm, when I move my eyebrows up and down, the skin feels more taught.

This isn't something that takes up a lot of time 5 minutes to do the toning treatment and you can do it sitting in front of a hand held mirror and be watching the t.v. or relaxing it's nothing that requires you to take a tremendous amount of effort. I kept it on my dressing table so when I was doing my nightly routine, it'll be there and one of the steps on the given day.

Why I think my forehead toned a lot more than anywhere else was, I actually felt it there more than anywhere. I actually felt the serum being 'pumped' into my forehead and I'm sure I saw very delicate, light flashes of electrons(?) on the higher setting I felt more of an electro pulse especially on the forehead and around the jawline but I found I had to tilt my head to the opposite side that I was treating to get that feeling. When the treatment is done, the areas can feel dry, I'm going to guess that's to do with the serum. I'll wash my face again (make sure the face is clean and make-up free prior to treatment) and continue to get my face bed ready.

If my mid-twenties skin feels more taught in places I could see it benefiting others older. It did take me a while to adjust to it, as in the pinching and release technique & I noticed I kept pressing the buttons while using it, clumsy but once the technique is sorted and you get the intensity mode low, medium and high to suit you, it's a breeze. I wouldn't recommend high to start off with, gradually build yourself up.

Purchase £349.99

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Football Took My Other Half

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You know those weekday evenings or more ( not so ) ideally weekend afternoons and your stuck, pottering around because the other half is zoned out because football is on? It's all good if you enjoy football whether it's betting on Bwin or watching it but when you don't, what is a woman to do?

Here's one idea :- Swan off to a spa! That's exactly what I'm going to do, deciding to visit Bannatyne Spa for a 2 for 1 Spa Pamper Day and that other person, will not be him. While I'll be enjoying a relaxing Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, he'll be, well, I couldn't care. I think being able to go off to a spa for the day with the luxury of being able to use the entire facilities from opening until closing is a perfect way to spend time with a girlfriend and chill after a long week.

Look out for my future write up on that.

Tell me what do you do when the other half is watching football?

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Why He Will Have To Put Up With The Afro-Slaps.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The natural hair movement is a debate between females and males that's been going on for a while now. Why is it a debate? Cos a huge % of us females, do give a crap what men find attractive, don't lie! I've had the discussions more so with my male friends (as I have more of them than females.) While a lot of them don't rate the weaves / front lace wigs because women cannot take care of them and they hate the 'You can't pull my hair' line, many of them like the natural hair look, whether it's curly or straight but please let it be all your own. We do put a lot of value on our hair but why shouldn't we?

Let's talk about what I've noticed since I traded in the hot plates for my brain thermal warming curls. 

Demographic wise, I get more of a forward approac with my straight hair from most ethnicities but when it's curly - not so much. I find they will stare at the hair - a lot. Once they do find their balls & to talk to me, I'm complimented tremendously on my hair with offers of wanting to sleep on it as a pillow & can they touch it. I guess the most fascinating thing is the spring back, ah the simple things like a shiny spoon!

I also love the compliments women give, that seems more gratifying, we all know how some women can be ' mean girls united ' if they can't have it, they don't want you to have it so God forbid even getting a genuine compliment.

Curly girls can have best of both worlds but not without some repercussions down the way.

Without self love of the curls, all of that doesn't mean much. Curly hair isn't without it's trouble, for me. I use to avoid eating bread crust as I was told it would keep & make my hair curly. WTF?! It was like feeding me bleach, it wasn't happening. Not many children around me had curls and when you're young and at an impressionable time in your life - all that 'being different is cool' shit isn't cool.

All great achievements require time.- Maya Angelou

I was ready to fall in love. I've reverted back to my daily curls for about 16 months now. Those days when I know my hair needs to be washed and it's an all day operation. Staring in the mirror, what does my hair need, is it too dry? Too oily? Is my scalp itching? Is it normal? Does it just need clarifying for the week or a real hardcore wash? Do I need to trim my hair? Maybe the colour is starting to fade and I want something different? Some days I find my bad hair days look a lot worse than others, the frizz halo, limp strands, dryness, shrinkage and when it happens all at one time, dude, so not cool.

HE will need to know that when I say I'm washing my hair and I'm busy, I'm truly busy from morning to evening. This bush doesn't come easy & with a lot of successes in life, it comes with time & hard work (or a rich husband but I don't see how that'll help my hair.)

HE will need to know that my hair can be larger than life and have a mind of it's own, be cautious, if you sit by me and I move my head, you will get slapped. Don't take it personally.

HE will need to understand that frizz is not an option and therefore isn't publicly presentable for me. Vain yes but I'm sure he wouldn't walk outside with his penis in his zipper.

HE will need to know that hairball wasn't from the cat but from my brush / comb and somehow escaped the bin.

Would I trade it in, hell no. It's taken me a long time to accept these curls and these curls are what are natural about me, the unpredictability, the way it makes me scalp sweat in heat, use it to hide my face when I'm trying not to laugh or simply to just put my hands in and ruffle the curls about.

India Arie sang I'm not my hair, well India, I might not be my hair but it's a big part of me. Most importantly women, do as you feel with your hair. If it makes you happy, nobody else matters do they? Even if we do inconspicuously want to know others opinion - it's natural ha!

Tell me what love affair do you have with yourself?

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Spotlight | Charee

Friday, April 11, 2014

So, I am meant to talk to you about Charee and I thought what’s the point just check it out and see for yourself.

Only kidding, well not really :). If you enjoy all aspects of being a woman you will for sure like Charee. The site is written by women, me (Jannette) predominantly and few other contributors to tell stories and experiences about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and whatever else we concoct in our brains. As real women who live in the real world and not in an imaginary world we express our feeling on fashion trends ( we all know not everything in fashion is amazing), beauty products (because every brand is good for you, apparently) and everything we experience, with the hope of you reliving my worst experiences with me, lol. Am kidding, with the hope of you taking our experiences and learning from them and being inspired. This is a pro-woman site and no female bashing is allowed just pure love mixed with some raw truth. Sometimes we can be a bit too thoughtful and moody but that is what its all about. If we just talked about the nice things in life we wouldn't be real would we. Everything that is featured on the site are our experiences including the products , so no BS cos we don’t like liars.

Check Charee out and if you like like it keep coming back and let us know your thoughts on the posts.
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