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When it comes to gifts, I think fragrances are in the top 5 if not top 3! It's pretty easy to just get someone their favourite perfume. I was contacted to by The Perfume Shop and was asked what my favourite fragrances are, so I gave a selection of notes and fragrances I love.

I've yet to find my signature scent, the day that comes it'll go in my Project Life notebook, I feel it adds to someone's character to have one, or you might just be too much of a fragrance lover to have just one go to scent. Notes I love are oriental, woody & fresh and floral. My collection has various brands from designer to celebrity such as Stella McCartney, YSL, Viktor & Rolf – then there’s the celeb perfumes such as Justin Bieber Rihanna, Britney & JLO.

The Perfume Shop decided to gift me with a Stella by Stella McCartney gift set based off my notes and fragrances choices. I have the limited edition design of Stella. For me it grew to not be an everyday perfume, it's within the Floral fragrance family it settles into a rose but slightly musky scent. Stella has grown to a cult like status over the 12 years it's been on the market.

If you're looking for perfumes and gift sets this Christmas, give The Perfume Shop a try. Also if you want you should definitely look into joining their Rewards Club. Collect 1 Perfume Point for every £1/€1 you spend. Collect 100 perfume points to receive £5/€5 off your purchases.


The Perfume Shop - Stella Gift Set

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Not long ago I reminded myself that I had a travel atomiser, what I had done with it, I don't know but looking back it was the Travalo Classic. I was bummed because I wanted to have an atomiser just to pop in my bag so it lessened things on my bag lady travels. Then I was contacted by Travalo - signs! I was sent 3 New Classics and 3 Milano atomisers. These are handy in many ways, they are good to pop into your daily bag, carry on for the plane or just travelling in general. You don't have to worry about your glass perfume bottle being destroyed. Both of these are Travalo Express compatible meaning that you can change the inner vial with another one so you can change your fragrance in seconds without having to spray it out or wait for it to finish. Being so simple it's easy for young and older to use them.

New Classic
You'll notice these come in a plastic tube, you just pull the bottom to get the atomiser out, with 10 different colours to choose from, there's one to suit almost everyone, the atomiser is extremely light even with 5ml of product inside. They stand at 86mm tall and you get 65 sprays out of it. There's no chance for spillage while transferring the liquid or while it's been transferred. I've experienced zero accidents. The spritz mist is quite different & I mean that by the way it sprays out the product, it almost gives a wide spray but not harsh, gentle and generous. Being able to take the take out the vial means that you can quickly refill and you can see how much you've got left through the window. Handy to have that's for sure and only if I knew what happened to my previous one.

How beautiful are these? Seriously! I was quite amazed at how well these ones are. Presented in it's own black box, it sits in the centre of the black foam, I'd say these are the higher end, luxury atomisers from the brand. They have a leatherette finish with polished metal accents. The Milano stands at 80mm tall, 65 sprays out of this 5ml vial, they come in 8 colours. The vial comes out just like the New Classic. This has more of a weight to it than the previous and could possibly be mistaken for a lipstick within your bag but to me they look extremely sexy as well as helpful.

I've got 1 Milano & 2 New Classic's to giveaway. There will be 3 winners in total! It's simple to enter, just use the rafflecopter below to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

‣ Winners will be selected at random.
‣ The first two winners will win the Milano and the third winner will win the New Classic.
‣ I will be sending out the prizes myself.
‣ Winner will be notified after the giveaway has ended, if no reply within 24 hrs from the winner, I will choose another.
‣ I reserve the right to disqualify any entrants for not complying with entries.
‣ Open worldwide. Ends December 9th 00:00 GMT.


Travalo Milano & New Classic x Giveaway

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With a blend of English Lavender, Sweet Basil, Jasmine, Chamomile Oil, Patchouli Oil and 5 other essential oils, this night spray has got some of the most relaxing oils known to man to aide a troubled mind and body. I go through periods of early nights and great sleeps and late nights and short sleeps, which mean deprived, low and miserable me.

To get the best out this spray it's advised to spray on your pillow, lay back and breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds. I know there's a few breathing techniques to help you relax and sleep, I've yet to try those but I find I really have to be prepared to switch off my mind and allow my body to get to a state of rest. I have quite a lot of pillows on my bed, so I spray this on all of them as I sleep all over. It gives me something else to relax me after I've put my candles out, I put my humidifier on a timer and I will listen to something that helps my mind to forget anything and start to drift off.

The tranquility scent emits on the material for up to 12 hours, move around throughout the night and it'll continue to give off the scent to keep your senses in a relaxed state. You don't need a lot of it, if I'm honest a spray on a pillow is enough, you get this sudden burst of aroma and it settles but you can still smell it as you lay.

Affiliate / Sample.

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist

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These days I don't do much to my brows but when the Billion Dollar Brows brand email came around, I decided to give the brand a go. I've seen them on blogs, YouTube and Instagram. I decided to go for the Best Sellers Kit and Brow Buddy.
Brow Buddy
A tool that is designed to help those who are shaping their eyebrows. It'll help you to find where your brows should start, arch and end. I remember people use to say your brows should start from your outer part of your nose ended and people would end up with very short brows but if you start from where your nostril starts your brows come in more and look a lot more pleasing. Your arch where your iris ends and your brow ends in alignment of the corner of your eye. These come in two different colours, Pink & Grey/Silver, as you can see I've got the pink (favourite), within the box you get a white pencil. The pencil is there so you can line where the guide for your new brows. I used it and the only thing on my brows that needed tidying was my arch as I got lazy and my brows grow upper and lower so they needed cleaning up. My brows are slightly long in my opinion but I like the longevity of my brows. The Brow Buddy is handy for those wanting to do their brows at home and would just beat the old method of using a pencil to line up, because you get a very steady, straight line for more accuracy. My pencil was ineffective because the wood in the pencil was higher than the product, even when I sharpened it, it wouldn't remove it but I'm sure there not all like that, my product was just one that was bad but I have white eyeliner.
Best Sellers Kit
Hello, best friend. After seeing Kelley Baker Brows on Instagram and seeing her techniques, this kit became ideal for me to try out, she doesn't use this but what she uses in her kit, is very similar and this works AH-MA-ZING-LY! I got an urge over the weekend to use this and using the steps I saw, reshaped my brows a little.

In The Kit :

‣Universal Brow Pencil: Formulated to work with all skin tones & hair colors, this amazing eyebrow pencil goes on smooth and natural. Perfect for creating beautiful, natural brows whether you are a blonde or a brunette. Best of all, The Billion Dollar Brow Pencil is automatic, it always stays sharp and requires no pencil sharpener.
‣Brow Duo Pencil: Our Brow Duo Highlighter allows you to highlight your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth. Works with any skin tone. Plus, for those on-the-go touchups, we’ve also added a handy universal concealer to the opposite end of the pencil.
‣Brow Gel: Our Brow Gel will lock in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day. It’s the perfect finishing touch for giving your brows a polished, perfectly manicured look.
‣Smudge Brush: This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil.

I began by brushing my brows upwards and trimmed down my hairs. I like to keep my inner part of my brows a little longer so I rarely trim those.

Tweeze any strays away from the upper & lower area.

Using the highlighter I mark just a little way underneath my brows and take the smudge brush and in a windshield wiper motion up to the hairline but not in the hairline and bring the rest of the product downwards to blend it into the skin.

To fill in any sparse areas, I lightly stroke the brow pencil through the brows and extend the tail.
Taken from my Snapchat.

Taking the brow gel, set my brows and I always brush upwards and if needed slightly flatten the top, brushing outwards. This is one of the best brow gels I've used, doesn't look like I've got brow gel in and holds the hairs well.

The swatches from the two kits above. The brow pencil is universal and is meant to work well for blonde and brunette brow colours, it's a medium brown and it's ok to use throughout the brows but I find where it's a little sparse the colour is too light if you've got darker brows like my own. All in all, I love the best sellers kit, it's handy and you can get some nice defined brows. The Buddy Kit could be a very good tool for those who need a little help and even maybe those already who know about brows but want to do a reshape themselves. Billion Dollar Brows are available online and instore at Boots.


Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit & Brow Buddy Review

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Bath bombs are increasingly popular, with a lot of online stores and established businesses also supplying them, the options are endless but sometimes being able to do things yourself is just as fun and can shave some hours away while at home at the weekend, especially on these cold winter afternoons. Beauty Kitchen have it sorted for those who love a spot of D.I.Y. Their Chill Me Create Your Own Bath Bombs jar has everything you need to make some bath bombs.
Contents include : 
2x bath bomb moulds
Citric acid
Sodium bicarb
Chill me essential oil
Cranberry seeds & Wildflower seeds. 
-The wildflower seeds, aren't to be put into the bath bomb moulds but are to be planted to help the bees!
Me and my nan made some over the weekend! It's pretty straight forward.

1. Sieve the contents of the sodium bicarb & citric acid into a bowl.
2. Empty the contents of the cranberry seeds into the mix - at this point I give it a mix to evenly disperse the seeds into the mixture. 
3. Pour the contents of the Chill Me Oil
4. Mix it together
5. I decided to add some natural food colouring to give some colour - PINK FTW!
6. Take the mixture, test to see if it's damp like sand but not like wet sand. Put it into the mold and flatten the top.

You let it set for 15 minutes and no longer otherwise you'll not get it out. They say if it crumbles it needs more moisture and repeat certain given steps on the instruction sheet. They looked like little cupcakes and if someone didn't know any better - they'd walk into the kitchen and eat them lol. As tasty as they look, they're not edible, there's my warning!

These would make great gifts either for yourself to make and give away or to give to someone this Christmas to make their own.

Chill Me Create Your Own Bath Bombs £20.00


Beauty Kitchen Chill Me Create Your Own Bath Bombs

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The thing that appealed to me more about Bomb Cosmetics - Little Hotties is the fact that you can create your own bespoke scent. You can create your own by just putting whatever shape or smell you want or you can use their menu for help.

I've definitely got a mixed bag of 10 little hotties to melt and make a bespoke scent.
Tropical Sands - Raspberry Ripple - Chocolate Orange - Cinnamon
Blackcurrant - Lemon  - Oceanic Wave
Blue Flower - Fleur Botanica
Log Fire - Sugar & Spice

This gift pack gives you a tea light, burner and little hotties of your choice. They come in 4 different scent packs :
‣ Very Berry contains Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Cranberry and Raspberry Ripple Little Hotties.
‣ Summer Fresh contains Flower Power, Cotton Fresh and Raindrops on Roses Little Hotties.
‣ Fruit Spritzer contains Grapefruit, Citrus Blizzard and Mint Little Hotties.
‣ Rhubarb Crumble contains Pink Rhubarb & Raspberry, Cinnamon and Biscuit Little Hotties.
These would make a lovely gift or stocking filler. You can buy wax melts separately or if you're in more of the Christmas spirit, here's a Gingerbread Man Christmas Gift Pack. If you need some ideas for fragrances, Bomb Cosmetics supply a pdf menu.


Bomb Cosmetics - Little Hotties

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I mentioned in my Dyson review that my skin had been in trouble from about August due to being ill a couple times and it all just came out in my skin. Now that it's getting back on the right track I'm going to share with you what I've been using in rotation.

I exfoliate my face first, I find it's better for my skin to get rid of the dead skin cells and it also helps to get rid of any residue of dirt or makeup that might be still on my face. In the morning I will use the Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub it contains ultra-absorbent Charcoal and 2% Salicylic Acid unfortunately it does have SLS but I've not experienced any drying or irritations. I rotate daily and use Vitamin C Microdermabrasion as it's very gentle but the skin feels very smooth afterwards. Nightly I use LUSH Ocean Salt, regular readers of Dolce Vanity know I'm just dedicated to Ocean Salt.

A brand I have never used before is Clinique but after reading a few reviews I decided to take a risk and buy this mini introductory kit Clinique 3-Step Intro Kit Skin Type 3 it contains a Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. Liquid Facial Soap leaves my face feeling so clean, not clean in a stripped way but it feels like I've got a lot of dirt off. I always use a liquid cleanser with my Magnitone BareFaced. I get rid of any blackheads that might be in my nose pores this way. Since I've stopped using that I have began using the Transformulas Miracle Daily Gylcol Priming Cleanser, not only does it cleanse but it exfoliates by weakening the bonds that hold the dead skin. The Clinique Clarifying Lotion I still have quite a bit of this as I mostly use the Pixi Glow Tonic, the few times I did use the clarifying lotion, my skin felt extra dry if used all over it's definitely one that my skin needs to be used on my oilier places such as my nose and forehead. The Pixi Glow Tonic it's been raved and raved about and I do, find it to be a nice and effective toner with 5% glycolic acid, I like that I can use it all over my face and neck.

One thing I've seen a lot on is Dermarollers. They have lots of needles on a roller that once rolled over the skin, it pricks the skin gently and tricks it into thinking that it's 'injured' and it needs repairing so it speeds up the repair process on the skin. I purchased this one ZGTS Derma Roller Titanium Micro Needle 1.0mm, the size was determined by the chart on the page for my skin needs and it's just for pigmentation and left over marks from spots. You don't want to roll over any 'active' spots as it'll spread to the rest of your face. I've learnt that I only need to do this on my cheeks, chin and jawline. I only do this once a week as the skin needs time to repair.

Fade Out White Protecting Day Cream & Fade Out White Brightening Night Cream are new additions for my moisturiser. I've taken week one photos as this claims to reduce pigmentation in 4 weeks. The active ingredient Niacinamide prevents melanin from reaching the skins upper layers, where it becomes visible. As the skin renews itself, new skin treated skin cells come to the surface and the dark areas disappear. This does contain silicones and parabens so if you're against those I wouldn't suggest it.

So far I've not had any other little breakouts and I'm mainly now just gradually getting my skintone even again.

Have you changed your face routine lately?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review.

Skincare to help Pigmentation?

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Now that we're in the colder months, for most of us our skin tones are becoming paler. Some of us ride with it, others grab for the faux tanning. That'so is a new company introduced to me and I was sent their Glam Body. This is an intensive tanning mousse. The instant tan develops within 3-4 hours and with claims of that non biscuit smell and zero skin patching/streaks it sounds like a tanner's dream. It's an 100% natural and paraben free tanning formula that'll give you a tan for 3-4 days and fade out naturally.

Key Ingredients & Benefits
Lecithin - a natural emollient that attracts water and acts as a moisturizer.
Leaf Extract - Acts as a moisturizer and helps protects the skin from UV damage and from free radical compounds which damage the cells and cause premature aging. It rejuvenates aged tissues and promotes healthy skin and is an excellent cleansing and detoxifying agent that has ability to remove dead skin cells and toxins while purifying the pores.
Ethylhexylglycerin - Used as a skin conditioner.
Palitoyl Pentapeptide - A skin conditioner known to have the ability to promote collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan synthesis. This would result in an ability to restore skin thickness, which diminishes with age, and to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Arginine - An ingredient that has the ability to increase the skin’s oxygen consumption and to improve skin moisturization.
Pisum Sativum extract (pisum sativum (pea) extract): Contains vital amino acids and proteins necessary for the production of collagen and elastin. Also reinforces the skin’s natural defense in fighting free radicals.

You can use, gloves, a mitt or your hands to apply this mousse. I decided to use a clean mitt. My legs had been freshly epilated and exfoliated the night before, making sure I had a smooth, clean and even base to apply the product onto.

Shaking the bottle for a few seconds I squirted a generous amount of mousse onto the mitt. It comes out white but you can start to see the mousse change colour as it gets into contact with the air. I worked from the bottom of my feet upwards. Taking care of areas such as around my ankles and the back of my feet.

There wasn't the distinctive smell of burnt biscuit that you'll normally get with self tanner but the sweet smell of the application could of been the almond scent that it has.

Application wasn't messy or sticky and pretty easy!

Above my legs before the tanning. I used the same ISO level to capture both images. I took the last image after 3 hours because the sun was going to bed and I wanted to show the development. By the next day they were a lot browner, more a golden brown, there wasn't an orange tinge, no patches or streaking, I was very impressed. My only application mistake was I went a little too heavy around the back of my foot - nothing a little soap and water with my salux couldn't fix. I didn't find the colour to be overbearing for me, I think I'd love to do it as an all over tan at one point. Although my hands had a slight 'tan' smell to them even after washing them after application with warm water and soap and of course 2 showers later. It faded by the 2nd night. The tan is still going strong and I use my salux cloth to wash my skin daily so it gets an exfoliation regardless. The tan is still going strong and as it's fading there's no patching or flaking.

Purchase That'so Glam Body

Do you tan in the winter?


That'so - Glam Body

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