Recently I've been introduced to Al Din, a vegetarian, vegan and halal approved, cruelty free British skincare brand. Al Din is a family owned brand started by Muslim entrepreneur Suraiya Uddin. Inspired by her Grandmother and experimenting at home from a young age by formulating her own natural skincare recipes modelled on traditional Southeast Asian remedies. Suraiya has always been the go-to amongst family and friends for beauty advice. I like skincare brands like this, there's a passion and a heritage behind it. I'm very fond of natural skincare. It's effective and gentle.

No brainer to try the Sumptuous Touch Daily Moisturiser. The key ingredients helps the skin's hydration, anti-ageing and overall improve the skin's appearance and health. With ingredients such as:-

• Hyaluronic acid – naturally found in the body. Helps the skin to be plump, smooth, hydrated and youthful.

• Vitamin E – well-known and researched antioxidants. Occurs naturally in human skin and can help to prevent signs of premature ageing. Blocks free radicals from the body therefore slowing down the ageing process. Anti-inflammatory while helping keep the skin smooth and supple.

• Sunflower oil - An emollient with hydration properties. Keeps the skin nourished.

• Coconut Oil - Anti-inflammatory, hydration, antioxidant, anti-bacterial. Helps repair the skin while keeping it nourished and hydrated.

• Sweet Almond Oil – Rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, potassium & zinc. And a good few other minerals and vitamins. Nourishing and nutritious for the skin.

• Jojoba Oil – Moisturising and nourishing. As it closely resembles he sebum in our skin it makes it easily absorbed.

• Glycerin Oat Protein - Oats and Glycerin are known humectant meaning that they draw in moisture making it ideal for keeping the skin moisturised.

The bottle itself is beautifully eye catching with with combination of black and rich purples. It has a airtight twist-up pump which I like products like this, prevent contamination, waste and gives just the amount of product when dispensed. I think my only hesitation was the coconut oil ingredient, even though it's amazing for a lot of skin it's a well known comedogenic oil and rates at a 4 or higher on the scale meaning that it can block pores and cause acne in some cases. I was surprised by its light consistency but don't be fooled by that as it is moisturising, unfortunately due to the coconut I've had to pass this onto my nan to try because I've started to get little breakouts 😞 but so far she's fairing out so much better than I was. I think it would be great all year round for any skin type because of how it keeps the skin moisturised by drawing in the moisture due to the humectant ingredients.

It's a shame for me but it's definitely not a bad thing cos I too experienced the benefits minus the ingredient reaction - it sucks but don't sleep on Al Din. Try the brand out.


Al Din Sumptuous Touch Daily Moisturiser.

The glo’up quest. I think besides, having a mental glow up, the outer appearance can make us feel good too. I know if my skin feels & looks, healthy and smooth – I can be a happy woman.

As we’re approaching Spring, so many are looking forward to being able to shed few layers of clothes – at some point, reminding myself this is the UK – but with less layers on, comes more skin exposed. Not a problem but it’s all about having that smooth skin, that can make you feel happy as ‘ish. And that is straight down to the exfoliation and some key exfoliating acids but we will start with the manual scrub. I think there’s nothing wrong with having a daily exfoliation – if your skin can handle it, my body can handle it, I do my face every other day I don’t like to over exfoliate my facial skin. I’ve used all kinds of scrubs, coffee, homemade, salt, sugar scrubs - endless list. Currently I’ve been using this DHC Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish, it’s more than just that because it cleanses, removes dead skin cells while moisturising – oh hello – put that down to the olive oil & vitamin E. As it cleanses it also lathers up, I’ve never used one that does that by using structure surfactant liquid (SSL) technology it helps to do this while the small and large granules of corn cob powder work to refine the skin, exfoliate without irritation all while giving off a natural relaxing lavender aroma and vibrantly glowing skin.

//Remember getting even toned skin that glows is a ritual!//

I can use this daily, especially over my back, torso, arms, legs - even the soles of my feet. Everywhere gets a good scrubbing where skin can shed. Gotta admit it's a well served product for my skin. I use it with my salux cloth and when that's all rinsed off, my skin feels smooth but not dry but I still go ahead and use my ritual of bodycare products afterwards cos it doesn't stop in the shower. For £!5.50 it's not badly priced at 200g because you're getting a 3 in 1 product. Maybe DHC have another cult product on their hands?

How do you like to exfoliate? 

P.S. it is microbead-free.


DHC Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish Review.

I often look forward to seeing what new releases The Body Shop has to offer and one of their latest ones launches is The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Collection, with organic almond milk formulated for sensitive skin, to help soothe any signs of irritation, redness, dehydration and dryness.

The combination of milk & honey isn't new - just depends on what type of milk you use. This contains almond milk and almonds are an amazing source of Vitamin E which is very hydrating for the skin, well known antioxidant therefore it prevents ageing by protecting the skin from free radicals. Although I don't suffer from dry skin, I like to keep it very moisturised. Within the little bundle I got to try is the, Calming & Protection Hand Cream, Shower Cream, Body Butter & Cleansing Bar. All these are easy on the skin, nothing is drying as it shouldn't be even down to the cleansing bar. Which I love, since last year I've really got back into cleansing bars. My body doesn't dry out that easily unless I'm using something very drying - high in alcohol, the fact this is for dry + sensitive skin doesn't bother my skin. Body butters are a favourite of mine, they moisturise and give the skin a nice gleam and this one is the small tub good for travelling or the handbag.

Have you tried this collection? Are there any from The Body Shop that you recommend?


The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Collection.

Everyone knows about the Dermalogica's daily exfoliant it's definitely HG of so many. Even me, it's amazing, especially once you find out the benefits & ingredients - bitter orange peel oil, ginger, lavender oil, lemon peel oil, rosemary oil, sage oil. Also contains activated Binchotan Charcoal which is traditionally from Japan. It draws out dirt from pores, excess oil (also absorbs odors - charcoal deodorant anyone?) and it improves blood circulation. Glow, on girl. ey ingredients rice bran, full of vitamin E and fatty acids; anti-inflammatory niacinamide; and lactic acid to get rid off dead skin cells.

Dispensing a small amount in damp hands, make it into a paste and & the same way I wash my face, I begin to massage and work it into my skin for a gentle exfoliation. It's so smooth with a little grit but there's zero irritation meaning no down time for the skin. It literally gives the face a moisturised and supple feeling once rinsed off. It's one to try if you're a fan of the original but this one helps against pollution - I'm just saying - added benefits?!

Have you tried the superfoliant or daily exfoliant?


Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Last January, I blogged about Body Fantasies which are fragranced body sprays. I still have some from the last collection cos they do last a pretty long time & it's hard to choose between what fragrance you may want to use from time to time.  Body Fantasies have introduced four new fragrances - in a SUPERSIZE, where as the others are 94ml these are 236ml!

Cotton Candy :- This deliciously sweet and playful fragrance will have you reminiscing to your childhood with a long-lasting blend of sparkling raspberry, cotton candy accord, strawberry sugar, whipped vanilla and soft caramel.

Vanilla :- A rich and luxurious fragrance that smells good enough to eat, with decadent notes of frosted tangerine, Hawaiian pineapple, Tahitian vanilla bean, vanilla musk and caramel candy that evokes relaxing yet exhilarating feelings.

Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy :- This fun and flirtatious fragrance inspires the romantic within, with floral notes of cyclamen and passion flower while a warm base of musk envelops the crisp notes of grapefruit, raspberry and passion fruit.

Kissing in the Rain :- Fresh, fruity and floral, it captures the fragrance of early spring flowers misted by gentle rain with notes of juicy orange, spring rain accord, water lily and sweet honeysuckle.

Cotton Candy smells a lot more of grape than of a strawberry-raspberry blend. Not a bad thing at all but when I think cotton candy I think fairground, candy. Vanilla is without a doubt vanilla, super sweet & it takes a while for the scent to wear off when it has been sprayed. Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy is beautiful, sillage is moderately high, I can spray it and it really lingers for awhile, it's uplifting. Kissing in the Rain a fruity floral, the others are very young and fun while this one holds more of a mature scent, there's a sandalwood finish which I think gives off that vibe.

Have you tried Body Fantasies before?

These are available at Superdrug for £8.99


New Body Fantasies Scents.

Wow, when another box is delivered it reminds me of how quickly times going. This is some jam-packed box this month, with 8 items, 7 food and 1 bath product but all in all, some great stuff at an affordable price.

Clearspring Organic Seaveg Crispies Toasted Nori Snack, crispy seaweed thins and only made with 4 single ingredients - nori that's grown in the clear waters off the coast of Korea, unrefined sea salt and organic sesame and rapeseed oil. Having only baked them for a few seconds and you get this tasty and nutritious snack but it can also be put into sushi or sprinkled over salads or noodle soup. I've taken to just snacking out the packet but I definitely should save a few and try within a noodle soup. Mmm.

Long time - no taste. Hoots Smoked Bacon Multigrain Snack. It's great to see something like this available for vegans without compromising on ethics. I've tried Hoots before and thoroughly enjoyed them as they're baked and not fried they're a healthy option especially for me who has to watch what they eat and make sure I'm making wise snack choices.

Take 100% dry roasted chickpeas and sprinkle a blend of spice and herbs and you'll get Garbanzo Snacks Cajun Kick. High in fibre, high protein with a low GI (glycaemic index) these are another good snack choice between meals.

Oatly Chocolate Milk Oat Drink. Growing up, so many children LOVED chocolate milk, ice cream, bars...chocolate anything and they was happy. Me on the other hand - could take it or leave it & I'm still like that especially cold drink wise. But for those who adore it and also like the Oatly brand, I'd say try this out because it's got protein, carbs and fibres thanks to the oats while also being enriched with calcium and vitamins.

TVK have featured this in gift and limited edition chocolate boxes previously & after requests to see it in their subscription boxes - wishes have been granted. Sarelle Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Cream Filled Wafer Bar with everything being natural it's another guilt free choice. Now when I do eat chocolate I love to have nuts, so this is a 'take it' opportunity when it comes to chocolate and one that is not regretted.

Here is one for all you fudge lovers, Melting Pot Madagascar Vanilla Dairy Free Fudge. Melting Pot carry 4 delicious: Chocolate, Orange & Chocolate, Seam Ginger & Chocolate and of course the Madagascar Vanilla featured this month. From a family business in Belfast, they specialize in making a award winning handmade fudge - with a less is more ethos, they keep it simple from the ingredient list right down to the packaging.

I've missed being able to have melted cheese on things - seriously missed it. So the Vegan God send of Terra Vegane Easy Cheezy Sauce Mix is a blessing that I can't wait to try out. Hmmm cheesy garlic penne I think I see within the next week - YUM!

Faith in Nature Shower Gel and Foam in Pineapple & Lime - YES! You smell so good and if you know me, I adore citrus so hello. I agree TVK describe it as smelling like Summer and it does have this tropical, fresh and uplifting scent that makes me not want to leave the bathroom - what's new?

Purchase: TheVeganKind


TheVeganKind #41

No secret that I love essie’s colour range so when this new range was alerted to me, I found it interesting, I’ve not used any of essie’s nail treatment before and was pleased with being able to try the range as sometimes I like to give my nails a break from colour now and again but it’s always nice to be able to have a little hint of colour while the nails being treated.

If your nails break & peel easily this’ll be ideal especially as your nails will breathe, have sheer colour and still look great. My main problem is that my nails can break easily as they get longer, I try to not have them too long as it’s not practical for me but I like them to have some length. I’ve been trying the new Essie, Treat, Love & Colour range with three beautiful sheer colours available, Sheers to You – pink blush, Laven Dearly - lavender & Tinted Love – coral peach, the collections aim are too:

• Treat – restore strength to dry, brittle nails in just 1 week.
• Love – pamper your nails with a formula that locks in moisture and perfect nails.
• Colour – enhance nails instantly with visually brightening pigments for a healthy glow.
I’ve been wearing the colour for about a fortnight now, I do two coats & I remove them off after a week, do the usual routine file, push back cuticles, treat them – colour. A few nails were a little soft but I've found with constant use and probably using these underneath the polish when it comes time to wearing polish again, it'll benefit a lot. I've had no breakage, the nails don't bend - can I complain? No. 💅

Do you or have you used a nail treatment? 

Available at Boots £8.99 each.


essie - Treat Love & Colour

I always look forward to the TVK Beauty Box for obvious reasons but it's always nice to find some new vegan brands and items. The interesting goodies in the box are one that is for everyone but what makes it more sweet is that it's all vegan.

Spectrum Collections Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge, I always keep a sponge on hand. I like to apply my foundation especially in the warmer months with a sponge or to just even out my makeup. This is latex free & vegan which is good to know cos it's safer to use on yourself and to add more to my pro makeup kit. I'm really liking the Spectrum Collections brand.

Grounded Edible Mango Lip Scrub...Mmm lip scrub. It's pretty easy to make your own but hey treating yourself to one from time to time isn't a negative especially when you can scrub and lick clean with a tropic, refreshing mango taste.

Your Tea 'Tea Face' Healing Hydration Scrub - excited to use this. It's made up of tiny tea granules, essential oils: Rosehip, Jojoba and Patchouli, scented with ylang ylang. It aims to gently exfoliate & revitalise skin while healing scars, uneven skin tone and give a glowing complexion.

How to use:
Clean your skin with a cleanser of choice, ensuring it is free of makeup/oil
With your fingertips, lather a teaspoon full of TeaFace scrub over your face. Be sure to steer clear of your eyes and surrounding areas as this skin is extremely delicate
With your fingertips, gently scrub in a circular motion over your face. The pressure should be gentle enough to feel comfortable yet firm enough to feel the circulation moving
Leave the scrub on your face to soak for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Each skin type will be different – so once you feel like your skin is ready and has finished hydrating/soaking – you can remove.

This one I'm going to have fun with and after exploring the Your Tea website, I'm looking forward to trying more from the brand ASAP!

PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Organic Apricot Lip Gloss, it's made up of organic and fair trade shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturise and protect your lips. It leaves a nice shimmer running throughout, nothing chunky or gritty. It's not bad for me to wear alone as it's quite sheer on my lips but especially on top of lipstick it adds a nice sheen and glare.

Noughty Hair Care Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner - my star product for this reason, a good few years ago I was introduced to the brand Naked - also their tagline was 97% natural. They had products for curly hair and my hair loved the brand, was effective and gentle but they disappeared, closed up shop on the brand & it was no more. As I opened this box and spotted Noughty, I exclaimed that it looked just like Naked. While talking to my friend we noticed from my last bit of Naked stock that I'd given my nan the leave in conditioners were both by the KMI brand. I found this on a forum from Noughty "Thank you for finding us again. Following all your wonderful feedback about Naked, we have been working hard behind the scenes to combine the very best of Naked, with the latest developments in natural ingredients to bring back those amazing curls, as well as those beautiful smiles. The Noughty team xx" - it looks like they're back! I'm excited to wash my hair and use this.

Purchase: TheVeganKind


TheVeganKind Beauty Box #10

Wow, if this isn't a flashback to my teens, So...? Who didn't have the body spray? I use to think I was 'ish with it in my school bag lol. It's those little things - right?! So...? have released body mists to their ever growing collection and there's so many choices scent wise but I decided to go with those that I would go for note wise, I enjoy fruity, zesty, sweet scents so it was a no brainer:

So…? Vanilla Milkshake body mist contains gorgeous notes of sweet vanilla, which are complemented by a playful mix of peach & plum.
So…? Fruity body mist begins with zingy notes of mandarin, followed by a gorgeous melange of peachy notes.
So…? Pink Grapefruit body mist is a tropical cocktail of zesty citrus, complemented by fruity notes of mango and passion.

These retail for £3.99 each. I found them all to be quite 'wet' with the first spritz in scent it didn't hold much of a punch as I hoped with the notes but when I sprayed it again the scents were more present and mildly vibrant. The Pink Grapefruit has a familiar smell that I still can't figure out what but it seems to be the one that lingers the longest in comparison to the other two which don't last very long. Better off spraying it on the clothes or adhering it onto the skin after moisturising.

Have you used So...? product before?

Purchase: So...? Body Mist
Note:- Vanilla Milkshake & Fruity are exclusive to Superdrug.


So...? Body Mists.