Crown Brush Review

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's an everyday misconception that we always have to spend a lot for quality. Since getting my first brush roll, I paid next to nothing for a set of quality brushes that are still doing me amazingly well 4-5 years later but I'm forever looking to add more brushes to my kit, the more the merrier. I want to point 2 things out, I use any brush for applications if they work well for me with whatever I'm doing and these brushes are amazingly soft!

SS024 Syntho Precision Powder*
Price: £11.99
Hair Type: Synthetic
This brush has a tapered end that allows you to get into areas around your nose and eyes to apply your finishing powder all over your face. It's suitable with pressed & mineral powder. I've replaced my other finishing brushes with this one as I find it's more accurate for me to use on myself & others.

C405 Contour Blush*
Price: £8.29
Hair Type: Goat
Always a brush I need in my arsenal, I LOVE to contour just takes a one dimensional face to one that can revival Janet Jackson. The head to this one is smaller and has a medium density at the base of the bristles compared to my others.

C436 Duo Fiber Blender*
Price: £7.39
Hair Type: Goat and Synthetic
If you like to have a flawless finish to your make-up, I've found this brush could be the answer, being that it's got a small head it gives more control for areas on the face to buff in the foundation, I also like it to apply cream blush onto the cheeks and blend it out.

C441 Pro Blending Brush*
Price: £3.99
Hair Type: Goat
This isn't the MAC dupe you might be looking for, if you're looking for the MAC 217 dupe, it's the C433 Pro Blending Fluff that you want. This brush is tapered and gets into the crease, it's got medium firm bristles that I've found gives good control. The bristles aren't as soft as others but it doesn't give a scratchy feel on the eye.

C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease*
Price: £5.19
Hair Type: Sable and Goat
MAC 224 dupe, maybe so. It's more tapered and dense than the 224, meaning that it also picks up a lot more colour. I've started to use this a great deal more to blend out my eyeshadow, I have to say, I quite love this brush.

C468 Smokey Eye Liner*
Price: £3.99
Hair Type: Synthetic
I actually like this brush to the point, I purchased another one at IMATS. It works well with gel eyeliner as it gives me a quick medium sized line as opposed to other brushes I may use. Now it also works with smudging out eyeshadows or pencil liner for the upper and lower lash line for that smokey eye look that a lot of us love.

C460 Infinity Blending Fluff
Price: £4.99
Hair Type: Synthetic
Compared to the C441 this is stiffer, not as tampered at the top, more oval. I grab for this if I'm looking to blend over the crease, instead of controlling it more like I would with the C412.

C250-0 Miner Liner
Price: £1.69
Hair Type: Taklon
How itty bitty are the bristles on the brush, aww! Yeah for some they might be squinting and wondering, well where's the bristles? It's 4mm in length but I love how small it is, I do prefer thinner brush tips to apply liner as it gives more of a precise and controlled line.

Welcome to the family Crown. I've loved to use these on myself & others. I'm definitely going to invest in more of these brushes, they are great value for money. The only brush I found that shed a few hairs during it's wash was the C412. I always wash my brushes before first use and there still in good condition and keeping in good shape.

Do you own any brushes from Crown?


RMK EX-16 Shiny Navy

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm probably not the first to have glittery nails but when I applied this RMK polish, I fell in love. RMX EX-16 Shiny Navy is from the RMK Power of Love collection , I have two coats on, it doesn't give a streaky application but to make sure that it's even and lasts longer, two coats are enough.

Perfect for the festive season and ANY SEASON if you're me!

There's 5 shades in total with the nail colours for the A/W collection. £14.00 each


SUQQU '14 - First Impressions

Monday, August 25, 2014

I do hate to be the bearer of bad news, Summer is ending soon and if the weather is anything to go by right this moment. It's drawing to a close soon. This SUQQU range is actually there S/S '14 collection and exclusive to Selfridges. It took me awhile to speak on this collection (about 5 months) because to be fair, I wasn't too blown away by it.
I used the Blend Color Eyeshadow Quad in Hanashoubu 16 but the shades weren't that great in pigmentation. The purple took quite a few attempts to deepen and when I started to blend it out, it virtually started to disappear, which for some I guess it's not a bad thing for some but it's not what I was looking for, I ended up blending using the shadow on my brush. I applied the Champagne shade in the inner corner over the purple, this was the only time it was visible.
The Balancing Cheeks duo, it's a nice little compact duo of a blusher and a highlighter, these contain red-gold micro-particles to create a glow and more depth but I didn't find that happened with mine, the colour was too light for me that it didn't show up much on the skin but it did give a VERY subtle colour but not enough for me, even after building it up.

Last but not least the Smoothing Face Color, it gives the skin a smooth, even overall complexion with hiding those imperfections that might occur like pores! There's three different shades, swiped into one to be blended onto the face to deliver a one step solution to imperfections. The pink shade on the left aims to correct any discolouration & uneven skintone, . Centre beige powder is a non-pearlescent powder to help create smooth looking skin without visible pores. While the white powder on the right it contains green pearls to reflects light to improve the appearance of skin and blur imperfections. It's quite expensive and I guess it does as it says but I wouldn't pay the money for it.

To be honest my first encounter with SUQQU wasn't the best and I'm not too keen on the brand after this range. Everything felt flat maybe the colours I was sent wasn't suitable for my skin tone but for the most part it really goes to show, higher end doesn't mean the best!

Blend Color Eyeshadow (16) £45.00
Balancing Cheeks (02) £38.00
Smoothing Face Colour £50.00

There you have it!


Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This month Revlon unveils ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel. Expanding the ColorStay range this brings an astonishing 30 piece collection of shades to suit anyone. I'm already noticing a few that I want to pick up heading into Autumn (not that the season actually dictates my shade!)
The two shades that are here are Pocket Aces & Dealer's Choice. As you can see I've got an accent nail where I've applied Dealer's Choice, this has a minor shimmer to the teal colour, while the warm pink shade of Pocket Aces is a solid colour. I found the brush is thick, long and wide and applies to the nail well but it does soak up quite a bit of product making it easy to flood over the cuticle or apply too much. I have two layers of polish, it applies so well it looks like you could probably get away with just the one but two is a safer bet for a more lasting manicure. Two days later there's been no chipping.

There's a top coat available ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat that helps to make your gel envy more glossy and longer lasting.

Have you picked up any of these yet?

RRP £6.99. Purchase.