TheVeganKind #12

Saturday, October 25, 2014

This box comes a little late this month TheVeganKind but it of course gives you something to expect from this box monthly which is a variety of nibbles and skincare. Can you believe it's been a year already. Congratulations!!

These are very edible and a delicious snack. As soon as you bite into it you don’t experience much taste until you begin to chew and a spicy outburst hits your tongue. This has the taste of sweet onions with spices, herbs and Indian flours. We found ourselves sticking our hands back into the packet regardless of the dance on our tongue.

This on the go health snack reminds me of flapjacks, it’s moist and it crumbles easily when bitten into. I tasted the coconut more than anything, it also contains coconut oil, agave nectar, coconut palm nectar, oat bran and cacao nibs.

I don’t eat raspberries, ok I’ve never tried raspberries lol but my tester said it’s sourish and there wasn’t much raspberries but if you love dark chocolate and raspberries this is no doubt the snack for you. I did bite into the chocolate covered outing and yes that dark chocolate tastes like raw chocolate – very powerful.

This is very thick and a little is only needed for an area as you moisturise. It’s very creamy and doesn’t leave a heavy film but the skin feels protected. This is a generous sample as the actual 15ml tub is a hefty £51!! It’s got antioxidants, anti-ageing vitamin A, C and K with frankincense enriched into the mixture.

By far the best till last, my gaaaaaaaaawd. These are mother wateringly good. Gluten free? You wouldn’t even know the difference between these and non-gluten so whether it’s you cannot have gluten or you are on a gluten free diet by choice – these! Grab these. 75 calories per cookie and you get 8 biscuit sized cookies in the tray. Safe to say these are not lasting long and I’m actually glad to be exposed to such an alternative.

I’d love to know if you’re gluten free and if these interest you!?

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#BareFacedOrBold - KIKO Bare Look #3

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My last bare and overall look for this challenge is here. How much more bare can you get than throwing it back to the 90s and have the brown, barely there appearance a la Kylie Jenner, overdrawn lips, winged eyeliner and just a wash over the eyes.

Simply prep the lids with KIKO Infinity + Sparkle eyeshadow in 402 over the lids. Using your favourite eyeliner, wing it out like a pro. Apply mascara and false lashes if you prefer. Taking MAC - Whirl lip liner. Apply it all over the lips and I took MAC - Gingerly blush and completed the look.

KIKO is available at Westfields / Online

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#BareFacedOrBold - KIKO Bold Look #3

Friday, October 24, 2014

Here's the final bold look for this challenge, what a better way than to combine colours in a rainbow eyeliner.
I started off with 208 Mat Red and gradually merged the next colours onto the last one 258  Mat Yellow, 264 Sparkling Green and I winged it out with the 274 Mat Light Sea Blue. To achieve this I used the colours wet using Illamasqua Sealing Gel. They weren't highly pigmented this way and the only colour that came off more chalky than the others was the Mat Yellow.

I applied AVON Colortrend Pencil Play Eye Liner - Turquoise onto my waterline, curled the lashes and coated them using Too Faced - Lashgasm.

On my lips I did an ombré effect, Lime Crime Velvetines - Utopia & Pink Velvet.

KIKO is available at Westfields / Online

*sample/read disclaimer
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5 Product Challenge Day - Night Look

Thursday, October 23, 2014

These challenges aren't a joke. The sacrafices you have to make when thinking, I've got only 5 products and I've got to do a daytime and night-time look - I mean me personally I'd use a lot more multi-functional products / palettes that saves space when travelling but hey I had to rattle the brain and try.
Daytime : - Make Up Forever - Face & Body Foundation, I applied this using a damp beauty blender and patted and built upon it and waited on this to set (seeing as powder couldn't be used) Nothing on the lips as it was daytime (lip balm - nil) It was just an everyday, fresh face with just foundation as coverage. Lord help me.
Nighttime : - Applied on the lid Amrezy (Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette) Caramel (e/s), theBalm - MaryLou Manizer (on the highest points of my cheeks & in the inner corners of my eyes), TooFaced - Lashgasm mascara focused more on the lower and outer lashes, build and separate. OCC Lip Tar/Metallic in Black Metal all over the lips for a night high shine autumnal feel. I sacrificed eyebrows lol, yes my eyebrows. I'm just fortunate that a little combing of them was suitable enough so I won't complain. So later on I decided to add a hair piece, you can see that on my instagram here

What would you use for your 5 products?

This is an entry for the SACO Apartments Beauty Challenge. 
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