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I'm starting to build up quite a Milani Amore Matte Lip collection & after buying 3 last year from Amazon, I recently got a fourth from Cocktail Cosmetics & realised that the first 3 were from a limited edition range - womp! Apparently the permanent shades in the collection now are suppose to be the same as the LE ones I own but buyers aren't convinced.

Applicator & Consistency

These Milani products are vegan & cruelty free. 6g tube with a doe applicator & flexible tip, both sides are useable. The liquid consistency is a thin watery one which means it's easy to go over the lip line & not have a clean finish. It's very easy for the applicator to give you more product than needed best advice is to find a lip pencil or use a lip brush and outline the edges so there's more of a neat finish as it's very easy for it to seep out of the lines.

Top - Bottom
Covet - Vampy Brown
Romance - Deep Red
Lust - Cool Rose
Adore - Pink Nude

swatches taken before the lip creme's dried down.
Left - Right
Covet, Romance, Lust, Adore

Shade Reviews

Covet a medium-dark brown with warm undertones. Has a milky chocolate look to it. It's a true brown, I've been searching for the perfect brown and I think I may of found it. I found this to add warmth to my face, on my lips it was soft and dried quickly.

Romance a medium-dark red with cool, blue undertones, it's a gorgeous colour, can't deny that, reminds me of a red rose petal. Semi-opaque, no streaks, soft and comfortable to wear. It's certainly up there in my reds, it's a shame it's LE!

Lust a cool rose, medium pink, neutral to warm undertones. Lovely pigmentation more of a wearable pink for myself. I found this one easier to apply and even when it dried down it brightened up.

Adore a brightened but light medium peach with a little pink that dries down to a very opaque pale pink on my lips, probably not my favourite as I feel it's too light and can be a wash-out colour. I found this one to be the most drying out the collection that settled in the lip lines as it dried more & can separate when the lips are stretched when smiling. I found it settled darker along the lip line than anywhere else.

I wanted to show you how these apply using just the applicator, no lip brush or lip pencil. You need a very steady hand and it's probably best to use a brush if the hands not as steady so you don't waste product wiping it off etc.

If you are interested in any of these LE shades here's a rundown of what the new replacements are in the collection.
Adorable (new) vs. Adore (original). Adorable is darker and browner.
Precious (new) vs. Lust (original). Precious is slightly darker.
Loved (new) vs. Beloved (original). Exact color match.
Covet (new) vs. Crushed (original). Covet is significantly more brown, with no red undertone.
Devotion (new) vs. Romance (original). Devotion is slightly darker.
Obsession (new) vs. Embrace (original). Almost an exact color match.
- credit.

Some of these shades can take a while to dry down make it a little tacky before it's completely dried but I find the inner lip can disappear after eating and needs reapplying. It doesn't transfer but it's a bitch to remove, you definitely need an oil based remover to break it down. I used Bioderma and as soon as I run the cotton bud over the lips, it broke the product down that it would run down my chin quickly. I've personally not experienced any staining on the lips. All in all I can't complain for £6.95 it can't be snubbed at too much.

Have you ever tried these? If not do they appeal to you?

Purchase: Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme.

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I love Papaya, it's amazing for your skin & hair with such antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids; the B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid; and the minerals, potassium, copper, and magnesium; and fiber. I use the Pawpaw ointment for my lips from a few different brands but it's definitely my favourite that I have on hand always, somewhere. When shown this Dr Paw Paw It Does It All spray, I knew I had to try it.

Papaya Benefits for Hair

▶ Prevents Balding / Shedding.
▶ Controlling / Prevent Dandruff.
▶ Removes Excess Oil.
▶ Strengthens hair when used as a hair mask.
▶ Reduces Thinning.
& that's probably just the minimum...

When it arrived I had just reverted back from a straight blow-out to my curls so I wanted to see how it worked on dry hair. It can be used on wet & dry and it's a fantastic 7 in 1 spray product that helps with these 7 things :
1. Heat Protection
2. Reduces Split Ends
4.Leave-in Hair Treatment
5.Reduces Frizz and Smoothes
6. Blowdry Styling Aid
7.Adds Shine
I used this as a detangler on the hair. I sectioned it off and made each section small enough to be able to really concentrate on it, and one spray is enough for that section I am tending to, I use my Denman D3 brush and I begin from tip to roots, it makes it easy to separate any drier parts of the hair giving me no snags and finish off with coconut oil or Maya Black Gold Of The Sun and the curls are moisturised and revitalised. I even found that when it dries that it doesn't go hard or sticky & it smells gorgeous. The scent lingers and so does the hydration given to the hair. Being that this is a 7-in-1 product it's great for wet & dry use as said before, with or without heat.

Does Dr Paw Paw's hair product, interest you?

Purchase: Dr Paw Paw It Does It All 7-in-1 Hair Treatment Styler


Dr Paw Paw It Does It All

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If there's one thing I pride myself in, is that when I'm wrong, I can admit it. That's going to be the same thing said for me and waist trainers. I use to look at them and think what's the point? I understood when women post-natal used belly shapers to help regain their figure as I remember a friends aunt getting one - this is going back 12 years - from her midwife but when I saw these shapers on women already with a toned slimmer figure using them, to achieve the hourglass enviable figure it left me feeling dismayed for those who do have a bit more going on around the mid-section. Just a few months ago my mum asked my opinion on them and I said "I feel they're bullshit."

Well, my views have been changed #WaistGang style. I'm part of the society and so far, I'm loving it. I was contacted by Slimming Solutions asking if I'd be interested and all my negative thoughts preoccupied my mind. After going on the site and reading various reviews on the different Waist Trainers offered, I noticed they seemed to be from women who had some jiggle happening, either from loosing weight, pregnancy or weight gain.

What I'm expecting from this experience:
‣ inch loss.
‣ better posture.

First Impressions

Your waist trainer is by your waist size, not dress size. They have guides so it's pretty easy to choose your selection. I was debating whether to get the waist trainer or the vest but after pondering about the straps on the vest, I went with the former. I chose the Classic Black 3 Hook Latex Waist Shaper By Ann Chery, after reading some reviews, it had my size and I was happy enough to proceed. Upon receiving this, it comes in a plastic clip case, it's no fuss packaging but that's fine as it's not the packaging we're wearing. Taking it out, it's already unhooked, ready to be wrapped and hooked. Keep in mind this is latex, it carries a new, plastic scent but once out the packet it begins to wear off hours later.

There are 3 hooks, the outer one is looser, middle one is a medium fastening while the last hook is tight. This is my hook, this holds no prisoners, the first time trying it. You're feeling to suck it in and pull it across, getting it hooked from top to bottom upon the first try was a heated challenge. I needed help but once on, I felt good. After I showered and got ready to really begin to put this to the test, it felt as though it had it's initial stretch out and was more relaxed to begin the hooking process, which was easier, no help and I didn't lay down or suck my stomach in. I left the trainer to do it's job. Once on, it gives a beautiful silhouette as it allows my hips & bum to be more prominent. As I currently stand the inches were 37" but my hips are 43 1/2" which is a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.85 which is average - go figure!! Ideally I'd like to lose 10 inches approx off my waist but not on this round of waist training of course, I'm being realistic on the course of body toning and shaping.

Posture, let me tell you now. If you've got bad posture, hello! You'll be sitting so proper, giving length and height already to your body. There's no room to be slouching while wearing this, which I think is good because it'll become a habit to sit better after you're not wearing the trainer, which I'm hoping happens in my case. I'm the worst even while meditating to try sit upright without slouching because it feels uncomfortable but let's see, I'm going to try wear this for roughly 8 hours a day and see how I get on for the next month.

12 Days Later...
Besides 3 days of not wearing it, so honestly it's 9 days later of wearing it for 8 hours consistently. I've lost 2 inches off my waist. From 11th May - 23rd May it's pretty good, considering I didn't work out so my next thing will be to work out wearing it with continually wear as before. I find it comfortable and it's mostly undetectable under clothes but that doesn't bother me.

Purchase: Classic Black 3 Hook Latex Waist Shaper By Ann Chery


I've Began Waist Training After Dismissing It...
3 Hook Latex Waist Shaper By Ann Chery.

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Although I've been blessed with brows that are full already, they're not dense. At times I'll leave them as is, just put brow gel through them or I'll fill them in. I've had this Fibre Brow Enhancer from Silk Oil of Morocco for a while. If you've used fibres before, you'll know that they can be a little messy. This can be used to fill and / or lengthen brows I've got the Dark brow enhancer /extra dark is available - if it was an option I would of chose that /

Ingredients : Mica, Silica, Talc, Dimethicone, Magnesium Stearate, Kaolin, Nylon-6, +/- CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 77492, CI 77891.
The fibres are all so clear and mix in with the powder on the doe applicator to lock onto your brows and give you the desired look you're after. It's described as an instant brush-on brow extension. Fills in gaps, adds definition, shape & create fullness where little or no brow is visible. Which I think is good as it reminds me of HD Brows in a way, where it'll lock onto those sparse and light hairs around the brows to give that full appearance.

How to apply

Start from the inner brow moving up towards the arch and then downwards. Where it is thinner, turn the doe tipped wand and use just the tip for a finer line.

What I found is as soon as it comes out of the bottle the powder & fibre are loaded on the wand that when it's applied it's very pigmented and may be a bit much for someone who's not use to that, a tip I'd say is to wipe the excess on your hand and use what's left and reapply until you build up the desired look. I wanted to keep mine looking as natural as possible, so I still had some of my skin showing through but you can see that where it's sparse on my arch it filled in and looked as natural as it could be. This may be good for those not comfortable with a pencil or find waxes not soft enough for their preference. It says you can get about 120 uses from this 4g tube. I'm just not sure if I'd bother with it, I'm pretty on the fence on terms of do I need it, it can be a little messy when using it with fall out, powder on the cheeks & although it's easy to remove when you're taking your make-up off. Interesting concept but maybe until I find a way to use it to get a real desired look on my brow

Do fibre brows interest you?

Purchase:Silk Oil Of Morocco Fibre Brow Enhancer


Silk Oil Of Morocco Fibre Brow Enhancer -
Worth It?

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The Inner Moisturiser!
Hi! I'm LaaLaa & I'm a water addict. Those clear, spring waters with a pH level of 7-8, you keep me full, hydrated and happy! I just love water, bottle always on hand and since I've been drinking a lot more water in the last 12- 13 years, I find I get dehydrated an awful lot quicker than before! SO...water is important, I firmly believe it's not just skincare that helps us with our bodies, it's also what we put into it, smoking, alcohol, poor food choices just our lifestyle choices are a big part of our skins condition. Being the largest organ we have, it's the one we need to care for and protect as it's needed to keep our insides protected. Now I'm not saying we can't indulge & yes I know genes can play a huge role too but balance is key but I'm just putting across my views on water & skin!

Water is going to help boost our skins elasticity & help the skin to glow - amongst other benefits. Think of it as an inner moisturiser. If you was to drink 2 litres of water all day for 5 days, we all may see such a difference but I understand water might not be for us all. I use to hate water! What? Yes! I can't tell you how I overcame my waterphobia but I did, cut out a lot of my fizzy drinks - I was a Dr. Pepper addict. I know so many of us have a sweet tooth so why not try fizzy water as an alternative? It'll help cut out the sugar or if you choose to have it with flavouring it makes it more tasteful. I was sent a SodaStream machine last month alongside some hydrating Dermalogica products. This isn't the first time this home has had a

The Sodastream (Source) is pretty straight forward. You get a CO2 cannister, a bottle and the machine. Not hard to put together, doesn't run off any electric, just the Carbon dioxide. You have 3 different levels indicated on a LED interface to let you know how fizzy your water will be. If you want a mild fizz, push it all the way down to the 1 water droplet and once it's illuminated, release the push down button, the same goes if you want a bit more wait until the 3 droplets have lit up and then if you want ultimate fizz - hold it for 5 and then I hold it just a little bit longer before releasing and the gas will disperse into the bottle, letting you see how fizzy it's become.

It's a quick and easy way to have sparkling water, it's a change up from still. I like to also have a slice in lemon in mine, it quenches the thirst but also gives the feeling of you can be drinking something sugary, fizzy but it's all in good health instead and instead of making you more thirsty like pop does, it hydrating. SodaStream also sell flavours you can add after the process.

The Outer Hydration...
...Brought to you by Dermalogica, if there's two dermalogica products I enjoy it's the daily microfoliant and ultra calming cleanser - very gentle to remove make-up with but here's 3 targeted at hydration that I've been testing out lately.

1. Skin Hydrating Masque
This I had issues with and surprisingly a second Dermalogica masque too. I got a reaction, I put it on and within 5 minutes my face started to get red, I was multi-masking and I washed them both off gently using warm water and ended up with a outline of where the masque had bordered. It didn't burn or itch but it was visibly red. I took images of when the masque was on and after it was washed off. I decided not to use any of them again and proceeded to put honey on my face to soothe the redness which went within a couple of hours. Was totally baffled by this as I don't have sensitive skin and I normally get on with Dermalogica products but the masque range so far seems to be no beuno, I'm sceptical to see if it'll happen again as I don't want to end up with any type of reaction. Unfortunate.

2. Skin Smoothing Cream
I've been thoroughly enjoying this cream, it's lightweight but hydrating & moisturising. The Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica help to soothe and hydrate while the Lecithin and Aloe Gel give a deep moisturising experience. I've been using this daily in the morning and I find that it's becoming an essential product, with the weather so up & down my skin doesn't know what it wants to do, it's pretty oily at the moment but I find this helps the oil, not to forget it also has antioxidant such as Grape Seed Extract & vitamins C and E they help protect the skin from those negative environmental issues. It has a pH level of 6-7 so it's in the area of pure water / saliva!

3. Hydrablur Primer
I've been using this primer frequently as my base. It gives a smooth base, the face feels silky. I've applied this with fingers, a brush & even a damp sponge. I'm typical T-zone oily and my nose has visible pores, this helps to blur the nose pores and it works ok for the oil. Foundation seems to work well enough with the primer, it comes out a little gritty and it's got a white/grey tone to the primer itself. I've not experienced any ash look & the grit dissolves as the primer is applied.

Lesson: Keep skin hydrated, your body & skin will thank you & reach for that natural glow.

How do you keep your skin hydrated?

Purchase:SodaStream, Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream, Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque, Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer


Keeping Skin Hydrated with Dermalogica & SodaStream

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Last year I tried and tested some MDMflow lipsticks I purchased online, I reviewed the lipsticks and my complaint was noticed and taken into consideration by the creator Florence Depoju of the company, which was amazing. I was offered replacements as she was currently changing the formula of the lipsticks. Before I'd got my replacements I purchased the limited edition GlamDoll lipstick that MDMflow created as a signature lipstick for House of Dolls. It's a vibrant hot pink with a satin finish that's very pigmented.

The Lipsticks
Shades & Swatches
‣ GlamDoll : GlamDoll is a comfortable satin formula. Now you can be the ultimate GlamDoll.
‣ Sweet Escape : Full coloured, creamy lipstick, MDMflow's debut nude.
‣ Di La La : Full coloured, creamy vamp lipstick! Specially formulated by MDMflow for Jendella, a fiery photographer, influencer & activist.
‣ Mas Marina : Full coloured, creamy deep blue lipstick. Ode to the Mas Museum Antwerp and the beautiful Marina that surrounds it.

Second Impressions
Unlike the first time I had some lipsticks from MDMflow and I felt that I had to break through a 'casing' to get to the colour. These with a swipe back and forth had immense colour. The new formula is sooo much better. There was no issue with the lipstick breaking when swiping. Everything felt stronger and more pigmented but still moisturising. The balance works & I couldn't be happier. It's moisturising, pigmented and there's a nice sheen to these, especially the black. I'm so glad the black works well, they all work well. The new formula works. In honesty I've had these from about last September but no doubt these work. My lips don't feel dry, they come off easily enough. With nearly every lipstick yes, they transfer but to make these last a little longer. I would probably say with these to outline with a clear liner like OCC Anti-Feathered lip pencil (maybe over the entire lip) and use a lip brush to outline it neatly before filing it in with the lipstick, blot and reapply. The only one I probably wouldn't rush to wear again is Sweet Escape, it's a lovely nude but I find that it settles on my inner lip and breaks up a little after wear. The more pigmented ones are suited but I'm sure I can find a use for Sweet Escape. - I'm one satisfied customer! I can now feel the worth of the moolah.

Purchase: Mas Marina
Purchase: Sweet Escape
Purchase: Di La La
Purchase: GlamDoll

They now do Liquid Matte Lipsticks - now you know those are my shit!!

Put on some lipstick
and pull yourself together.
― Elizabeth Taylor

- Note. When a brand takes heed of even one complaint and takes it upon themselves to reach out and correct the mistake one way or another, that's a company I don't mind purchasing from again.

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

The Powder Room

MDMflow Lipsticks - Revisited

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Happy to have my nails back, thanks to taking my vitamins, saying my prayers & good ol' nail care! I've noticed my nails thrive more with nail polish on them, keeps them a little bit stronger and I find with polish on them, I'm being more observant with the nail condition. But, have to also give them time to breathe and rest. That's about a day for me, walking around like I'm saying "How you doin'?" Wendy Williams style. Now you know I love me some Scholl products. If I go hard for a product, you know it works for me & with some fairly new releases, I'm here to present them to you & my thoughts.

Shine, Shine, Shine!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care, back in the day (not that far back) roughly 2011/2012 maybe I had this other Scholl system, Scholl Cordless Travel Manicure Set, has interchangeable heads, various forms of files & buffing. Reminds me of what they use at a nail shop, some of the files I found a bit too rough to use on my nails but this device makes it easy, just like each head, it's as easy as 1,2,3. You've your (1) File, (2)Buff & (3) Shine. The heads oscillate with a 2 speed setting, simple you file your nails, buff to even any ridges and shine to, well shine.

After removing the polish and doing a baking soda + lemon juice soak & scrub, I dried my nails and buffed and shined. I didn't use the file this time but I did the week prior when doing my nails. I use it on the first setting which is the lowest with the file as I don't want too much pressure but I prefer to do it with an actual nail file as I can do the pressure and speed to my liking. The buff & shine, bring it on.
I buff & shine until I get the desired smoothness & shine, using them both in combination is what I feel will work the best, don't just use the shine. Maximize the effect by using both. The first time I used it, I filed the nail bed too and did the steps and when I took off my polish a week later, my nails still had a nice smoothness & shine to them.

Removes any roughness off the nails, also it gives a healthy sheen to them, nail polish glides on better too. This can be nice if you work in an environment where nail polish isn't allowed but you want your nails to look presentable. I know there are shine blocks for this but hey this takes the manual side out of it, if those aren't for you.
And...the nail care oil. I've used probably 3 different brands nail oils, they all serve the same purpose just different oil ingredients but this one is a good'un. It's not as greasy as one I've used prior where it leaves this residue that doesn't seem to want to get off or absorb in the skin. Using this before I do my polish let's my cuticles and even my nail bed get some moisture, I'll rub it in, taking extra care on the nail sides and cuticle. Pushing down and massaging and I will get a paper towel and gently rub off any excess. I don't find this even interferes with my polish application, surprisingly. I've seen other people's nail routines where they'll brush over the nail bed with acetone to keep it oil free but I limit the acetone use until my nail clean up and once dry go over it again with oil & hand cream as acetone is absorbing the oil just reversing anything I've done on the nails.

How are you currently caring for your nails?

FACT : I wrote the word Nail 19x and Nails 11x, during this post.

Purchase:Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care System, Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil


A Quick Mani with
Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care.

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What's a Pranamat?
It's a therapeutic manual massage mat, made of European certified eco-friendly materials assembled in Latvia while also being the first massage mat approved by US FDA as a medical device. It's so eco and raw the ingredients within the mat are : Hips plastic – certified for use in surgical equipment and fully hypoallergenic · natural linen – safe for both your body and the environment · real cotton – completely natural, without any artificial dyes or chemicals · actual coconut fiber – nature’s best fiber for this mat. Pranamat currently comes in 6 colours, I choose the orange, something bright with the natural contrast.

The benefits seeing as it can be used for numerous problems such as: neck & back pain, sciatica, headaches, to help you fall asleep faster & also cellulite reduction. Within the packaging you get a user booklet (which I highly suggest you read), that gives you suggestions on how to use your mat which is extremely helpful as it guides you to how long you need to use the mat for depending on what you're using it for.

First Impressions
When I first took this out, I was surprised at the plastic lotus all on the mat, to be honest, I didn't know what to expect but I remember saying woah! When feeling the the plastic lotus that cover this mat, which are extremely firm, which is a good thing because you're going to need that firmness on the skin. I decided to lay it down on the floor and I had only shorts and a jersey fabric vest top on, wooo! Yeah, that was something lol, first time round I learnt, wear longer pants and a tee because the more and more it's used you get use to the sensation, it's not as startling against the skin because in the booklet, I'm seeing a male laying clothes off - he's more experienced.
It's recommended to use this 2 times a day during the first 3 weeks then afterwards 3-4 times a week, every day or when you feel it's necessary. This mat isn't to be used on a full stomach so the most ideal time would be upon waking up, the mat aides a good wake up start and it also helps you to fall asleep by relaxing you. I've been using it after a workout, during meditation and just when I want to relieve some stress.
If I've worked my legs a bit more during a workout, I'll lay with my legs solely on the mat to help muscle tension, I find this can help me, it's increasing the blood flow. It's giving the legs a massage that it needs after such a programme. I'll mostly put this on my bed rather than on the floor which you can do and lay for 20 - 40 minutes. Although I do also find if it's on a flat surface and with a pillow (preferably a sausage one if you've got one) under the mat for the legs, I get more pressure on the points. Another thing this has helped me with, headaches, you hear of acupuncture for headaches and this can help and if I just lay with it on my neck and on the lower portion of my head, it can ease the pain. If I'm sitting at a desk, I'll put my feet on it, to help the circulation and the same goes for my hands.

Not only am I using it, my grandmother is too for her hip and back pain & she's admitted she feels better after usage. So it's for all ages and in the long run cheaper than continuously going for acupuncture, this mat is convenient to you.

Purchase:Pranamat & Pillows


Pranamat ECO Mat

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