Shavata Brows

Friday, November 28, 2014

Y'all know now that I'm all for my brows, if I could elongate them and make them thicker I would but I should be grateful for what I have and work with them. I honestly don't do my brows as often as I should(?) I don't mind the odd grow out here and there but then they start to loose their shape and I end up with a new shape to deal with, oh the brow struggle. If there is one thing I do suffer with it's ingrown hairs! Yes flipping ingrown hairs, not my most favourite things ever and I always get them by my brow bone.

Shavata Precision Pointed Tweezers - these have become a lifesaver. Due to them being thinner, it's more accurate for me to get under the hair when it's raised from the skin. It'll take me a few days but to get the hair from under the skin I'll place a warm cloth on the brow and leave it for a few minutes afterwards I'll make a mixture of two crushed asprin's and 1tsp water, mix it and apply it to the area where the ingrown hair is. Do that daily until the hair is loosened and I can take the tweezer and carefully go under the hair and able to lift it up and out. These are also good for getting a nice, accurate arch shape. I've noticed they are very sharp, to the point that they can cut your brow hair before you even pluck it out, so be careful!

Scissors - I vary from unkempt to trimmed sharp brows. Shavata scissors are small and give more control with trimming the brows. I brush mine upwards and see if there's any hairs that are longer and snip away. Very handy and small enough to slip into a make-up bag. I keep them in the plastic bag they came in to keep clean.

Aftercare Gel - Always needed, if you're removing hair on that face of yours, make sure you help it to heal and soothe any soreness that can occur. I always get irritated skin on my forehead after removing hair and this mixture of aloe and arnica helps cool & fade any redness. In fairness you could probably just use any type of aftercare gel or pure aloe vera if you have a plant.

Do you do your brows yourself or do you get someone professionally to do them for you?

Neom Organics Scents of Christmas

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Wish
Mandarin, Cinnamon & Tonka Bean
I had a miniature Christmas Wish last year and it's truly a Christmassy scent. It's relaxing and it makes you want to sit by a fire and burn. Cinnamon is vibrant throughout this scent and we all know cinnamon is comforting and is around in drinks and scents all up until Christmas and this is no different. It's probably one of the best luxury festive scents around.

Perfect Peace
Pine, Myrrh & Lime Peel
Subtle and sweet. I was certainly attracted to this one because of the Lime Peel, I adore citrus scents. Being that it's included alongside Christmas Wish, it's on the opposite spectrum, where the other I'd say is more spicy this is more on the woody with a blend of citrus. It compliments the other and is a different option for Christmas Wish if you want to switch up the festive scent. Can't stop sniffing it, I have it right by my bed so I can smell it even when it's not burning.

Scents of Christmas £49.95

Do you have a favourite candle at Christmas?