Skinny Tan Dry Mist Finishing Spray

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Spring is coming this week! Along with Spring comes *fingers crossed* a little bit of warmer weather. Ok so we aren’t stripping off just yet but I’m certainly getting ready to get rid of that touch of fairness that’s happened as there’s been the lack of Vitamin D. I can be a sun worshipper (guilty) but we all know it’s not safe long-term and that’s where self-tan comes into play.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll notice I do self-tan from time to time, I think the first time was probably about 10 years ago now – I like to glow – people find it weird as I am mixed race, what do I need to tan for? I tan because; I like to be a golden goddess – simple. I have noticed in the last couple years mixed & black women tanning a lot more, it helps to even out the skin and also to give a deeper and more bronze tone to the skin for a healthy glow. I have a drawer full of shimmers, nearly every Body Lava and anything that’s going to make me GLOW to the Gods.

The one thing that can drive me mad while tanning is, the waiting period – I used to tan before bed but I’m a white sheets lover and I hate wearing trousers to bed plus I don’t mind walking around half naked around the house waiting for my tan to dry but where am I sitting without transferring so yeah, I can wear old clothes but what if I need to run out?

LONG STORY SHORT…. Skinny Tan now have a dry mist finishing spray. This is to be used after any self-tan application. It’ll allow you to go to bed and not stain your sheets or put on your clothes and go on with your day without the worry of the application begin ruined. I remember reading how to take away fake tan smell and it suggested baby powder. Dry Mist Finishing Spray is a lightweight veil of powder that takes away the stickiness and helps to dry your self-tan. The finish is a velvet finish with a light fragrance of šŸ„„coconut and vanilla – (two of my favourite scents). With the addition of Guarana, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & B5, you’ll find that your skin is being cared for and not dried out in the process.

I have to say this is pretty much a much-needed product, especially if you’re a self-tanner and you enjoy just getting on with your life without having to worry about the tan and your materials being stained & ruined. My sheets - white. My tan - golden - the way it should be. I can’t say how long one 150ml can will last as it probably depends on how much of the area you’re covering regularly and how often but for just under £10, you cannot go wrong!

Have you or do you self-tan?

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