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March has arrived. Insanity and we are heading into lockdown restrictions being lifted in April – I’ve already scheduled a hair appointment lol but I think a lot of mental work needs to be done to reset the mind to readjust back, looking back on the past month, I’ve steadily been losing 2lbs a week & continuing my intermittent fasting, so into March that’ll continue. The weather has been nice over the weekend which has made a change considering that we've seen snow and heavy rain and winds.

This past weekend was a full moon ‘The Snow Moon 2021’, to be exact, which means I started my March a little earlier, as there are 3 days to celebrate the energies, I’ll be releasing everything that no longer serve me. I purchased a new book by Emma Lucy Knowles – The life-changing power of intuition, which I’m looking forward to reading and getting into.

I purchased a new mattress around 2 years ago but in the last 3-4 months, I'm waking up every morning with the worst pain in my neck, spine and lower back. Besides the fact that I'm in desperate need of a massage (another thing that needs April booking), I came across this video on YouTube Stretch Routine In Bed, I did it twice and it seemed to help but in March the challenge is - 2x a day but I've also read that laying on your front (guilty!) can also be the issue. I'm trying to get into the habit of laying on my back or on my side with a pillow either under my knees or between my knees to help neutralize my spine. When did sleeping become so complicated?

I'm thinking of going back on a juicing diet. I used to juice alot, it can be quite expensive but it's worth it & I think my body could benefit from the detox. LQ Collagen – Skin Hair & Nails*, daily shot. A 30-day supplement that I’m intrigued to see if this works and benefits me for the next 30 days. My nails have been growing as I’m not at work and dealing with drawers that love to break my nails but they’ve also become quite brittle at the same time, I’m thinking of getting the mane & tail hand & nail therapy moisturiser but I want to see how this works out for me first - although upon taking the first few sips, I wasn't keen on the taste, does anyone know any tips on how to make something taste better?!

What's March bringing for you?
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  1. Definitely get your sleeping habits sorted out, that makes such a difference to how you feel all the time. All the best, Mich x

  2. I hope March continues to bring some good news and great health for the family. I too do IF and its good way of losing weight isnt it.

  3. I am a HUGE advocate of intermittent fasting, opting for one meal a day following Keto! Well done on your steady weight loss so far! I would love to get in to have my hair done, just haven't even considered booking an appointment yet... there are so many positives to look forward to now, there is actually hope! Sim

  4. I've never tried a juicing diet but I have been considering it! My brother in law does them regularly when he wants a cleanse and reset.

  5. So much to look forward to! It's my birthday this month, and can't wait to get my nails and eyebrows done once everything is back open.