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Whenever I mention I like to fake tan from time to time, people look at me and ask why? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having an even skin tone and a bit of colour to give a nice glow. I’ve tried different tans over the years, probably not every brand on the market but I have tried the cult brands, the most popular ones and I’ve had some hit and misses.

Amanda Harrington is a celebrity tanner and her expertise runs deep like her clientele. What makes her brand different from others to me is her technique alongside how her products are.. There is no tanning mitt – but there is a tanning brush, giving more of a sculpted tan! I also found there is more prepping with the Amanda Harrington brand, it’s just like having flawless make-up, there is a routine, there’s prepping. We understand that our base beginning with our skincare is what makes us have the best looking end result – tanning is no different.

These tans come in three skin tones, which is something to me who is still a tan novice but it’s vital. No one tan is going to fit everybody when you think about it. Foundation isn’t one undertone / skintone suits all – once again why should your tan. Natural rose, natural honey and natural honey are the 3 skin tones that Amanda Harrington provides for and that’ll be ideal for the majority.

I am Natural Olive which they say:
If you are a Natural Olive you will have a darker skin tone – typically Mediterranean. In summer your skin can have a slight green shade to it, in winter, your skin could appear ashen or grey. Your dark skin will show your veins as greenish in colour.
Your Natural Tanning:
As a Natural Olive you will tan very easily and will rarely burn. Your tan lasts a lot longer and can be a delicious natural olive green tone, with some reddish undertones.


This Face Kit contains a combination of cosmeceutical skincare and tanning products. Prep the skin with our New Skin face pads, applying Ultimate Face afterwards for a deep boost of hydration and skin nourishment. Finish by applying the Bronzing Face Mist with the Face Buffer Brush in circular motions, buffing and blending the tan into the skin
The night before I'll do all my skincare prepping as in if I'm going to do any manual exfoliation and hair removal. I'll use the AHA exfoliating pads "New Skin Face advanced glycolic facial pads", these have glycolic acid, aloe vera juice and fruit extract within these. Can be used 2-3x a week to help brighten the skin as well as gently exfoliating the facial skin to give a smoother base for facial tanning. Also if tan needs to be lifted, these are ideal.

The Ultimate face miracle moisture cream, this helps by firming and plumping the skin and it doesn’t affect the sunless glow you’ve worked so hard to create. I also find faux tans can be quite drying no matter what I do, this is why this tan has been a positive for me because I don’t experience that.

Face Mist – you can apply the primer or the moisturiser beforehand and spray 2 pumps onto the brush and begin inwards and in circular motions begin to buff in the tan and especially in the hairline, neck and dĂ©colletage. Pump once more onto the brush to contour and swipe along the natural contour lines of the cheekbones, forehead, jawline and work downwards in small circular motions once again. Allow this to develop for 6 hours and rinse off with warm water.

I loved using this face mist, it's easy especially with the buffer brush. One spray onto the brush and working outwards from the centre of the face using circular motions for application, to give more definition I'll spray the brush again and along the contoured areas of my face run along with the brush to give more depth. Unfortunately it doesn't last as long for me as I do use exfoliating acids within my skincare routine.

Included in the kit: New Skin Face /Face Buffer Brush /Illuminating Bronzing Face Mist /Ultimate Face.

Purchase: PREP & GLOW FACE KIT £90.00


We have combined our best-selling body care products to ensure radiant and deeply hydrated skin. Slough away dead skin and old tan with our New Skin body scrub, follow with our age-defying Ultimate Body moisturiser, revealing the perfectly prepped canvas for tanning.
Advanced glycolic body scrub, contains biodegradable castor beads as well as fruit and glycolic acids. This scrub is so gentle but affective for a long time I’ve wanted to try a AHA body scrub and I’m not disappointed. I love to use this every other day especially on the knees and elbows. I use this just before I do hair removal. It's not very gritty, it's quite fine and creamy, pretty gentle I would also say. I'm quite use to more harsh exfoliation from mitts which I still like to do at least once a week to really get off the dead skin.

Ultimate Body works just like the ultimate face. Helps to prolong the sunless tan and keep the skin plump, firm and hydrated. This I use daily to keep the skin moisturised and keep the tan looking fresh.

Included in the kit: New Skin Body /Ultimate Body.



The award-winning Illuminating Bronzing Body Mousse is a non-drip, super-blendable soufflé formula. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to deeply hydrate, CQ10 to firm and lift plus a boost of Green Tea extract to awaken and revive tired looking skin.

Illuminating Bronzing Body Mousse

These come with latex tanning gloves and to be honest, I prefer this application over tanning mitts - any day. I remove hair from the night prior and have a good exfoliation with the glycolic scrub, days leading to when I am going to tan, I’ll use a exfoliation mitt to make sure I’m getting dead skin off completely.

What I found works well is using the moisturising cream and put more over the drier areas of my body such as my ankles, knees, elbows but I also put a light layer over my body. I’ve found this gives me more of a lighter, even application. Normally they say not to put anything but this works, I’ve tested this tan 3x since December and the 2nd time using it with putting moisturiser beforehand worked the best for me. I find using 1-2 pumps is sufficient enough, with 1 pump I get a lighter tan (picture 1) but with 2 pumps it's a bit deeper (picture 2). The contour brush I use to brush over my feet and hands and even my wrist for a lighter application - works perfectly.

One of the things I love about this tan, there’s no biscuit scent!! That’s heaven. I also don’t find unlike others when it begins to fade, it fades evenly, doesn’t itch. You really do need to use a highly moisturising cream while tanned because for some reason, it does dry out the skin more. I leave this to develop for about 12 hours as I do this in the evening and wash it off in the morning, just using water at first to rinse it off. (I wear head to toe covered pyjamas to avoid any transferring onto my sheets) Once the water runs clear, I'll then use a gentle body wash and continue with applying the lotion.

There is no orange undertones - thank you to the faux tan gawds! It begins to revel a beautiful tan and as I continue to wash and it fades beautifully. I really have no complaints, but after trying quite a few brands over the years. I think I've found no.1!

Purchase: BODY MOUSSE £36.00

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