YSL Libre EDP.

Has my life seen the day where my beloved YSL Black Opium gets replaced? Well not quite. Where Black Opium is the Queen for Yves Saint Laurent. They are ready to launch a new bae in the form of Libre.

Already launched online but ready to be purchased from 4th September in stores, this is a big one. I was so hesitant with this fragrance, I was reading notes such as lavender, orange blossom, vanilla, sandalwood - don't get your girl wrong. These are notes I love. YSL use lavender in their male fragrances after all, and I love to wear those. But upon smelling Libre on the blotter, I was in love. You can actually smell the fragrance change from the initial burst to the dry down.

Anne Flipo is the perfumer of this fragrance that was 7 years in the making, which took an astonishing 1570 attempts to perfect. I couldn't imagine being turned away 1569 times before being told...This is it! I bow down to you Anne.

Mandarin oil - Petit grain oil - Lavandine France oil - Blackcurrant accord
Lavender oil - Jasmine Sambac absolute - Jasmine Grandiflorum India absolute - Orange flower absolute
Vanilla extract Madagascar - Cedarwood oil - Ambergris accord - Musc

The First Floral Lavender
“The Tension Between the Boldness of a French Lavender Twisted by the Burning Sensuality of the Feminine Orange Blossom Flower from Morocco.”

A grand floral Eau de Parfum, with an unequivocal YSL twist.
"The burning sensuality of the orange blossom flowers from Morocco, twisted with the aromatic boldness of lavender from France. Lavender, traditionally used in male perfumery, is given an unprecedented, ultra-feminine facet culminating in a couture-infused scent, with an endless amount of sensuality and a unique YSL attitude."

Libre which means Free. Something that Mr. Saint Laurent championed for. Everything about this fragrance from the bottle which is described as a, YSL handbag in a bottle is very YSL. Suzanne Dalton is the designer for this:-
The bottle which has the stunning, well recognised, gold Cassandra logo wrapped around the glass base of the bottle.
The chain that is wrapped around the bottle nape, reminiscent of the chain on the popular Saint Laurent bag to the bottle cap, a black asymmetric diamond, the asymmetry you will see within the stitching of a Saint Laurent bag.
This fragrance has a heritage behind it. Taking notes from two of Saint Laurent's favourites places. He made France his home and Morocco his inspiration. He would always escape to Morocco to rest, find inspiration before that next collection, it was his muse. Combining two of his loves in a one fragrance, it's going to become a legend in its own right for the brand. Dua Lipa is the face of Libre, stating that "To be a free for a woman in 2019 goes without asking. We live life by our own rules."

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