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I still remember that morning, watching MTV News, bawling as my Nan come home from her morning walk asking me “whose died?” I cried like I knew Aaliyah, damn her death was such a shock. Having been a fan of hers from the 90s, it seemed so unfair for the world to lose such a beautiful woman, inside and out.
MAC Cosmetics, is known to do collaborations with celebrities and I believe their first one with an estate was with Selena. For years’ petitions were circulating to bring a collection alive with MAC & Aaliyah, (I signed) she definitely loved make-up, was beginning to experiment more with colours but her make-up never covered up her beauty, it was effortless & mesmerising.

Her brother Rashad, who Aaliyah was exceptionally close with, also worked hard and tirelessly with this collection, even bringing her makeup bag to the offices to get shades right (how I’d love to see that bag) I do know Aaliyah use to wear MAC and the brands Paramount, Chelsea, and Cherish lipsticks, as well as MAC's chestnut lip liner. Aaliyah gave us that 90s look, style & beat. And I’ve been waiting and finally got the collection.

You’ve no doubt been killed with it online but oh well! The collection is made up of 4 lipsticks, 4 lipglosses, 2 lip glasses, bronzer and an eyeshadow palette.
Hot Like… - Creamy fire red
More Than a Woman – Cool deep red
Street Thing – Pure black with shimmer
Try Again – Soft muted beige
Li Li’s Motor City – Coral with shimmer
1 in a Million – Deep rich purple
At Your Best You Are… - Warm Berry
Brooklyn Born – Sheer nude with pearl
Eyeshadow x 9 - Age Ain’t Nothing
Lovesmoke – bright silver / metallic finish
Magic Moor – purplish brown /pearly sheen
Care 4 You – medium plum / lustre finish
Creative Copper – light medium gold / metallic finish
That Somebody – soft brown with warm, golden undertones, mostly matte finish
Princess of Soul – muted, medium-dark dirty brown with olive undertones and a matte finish
Deception – medium, bronzy taupe with a glittering finish
Gingersnap – rosy copper and a metallic finish
Dance in the Dark - deep, purplish brown and a matte finish
Bad blogger moment, things haven't been swatched because - well I couldn't bare to swatch anything yet lol! Talk about obsessed. I'm actually loving the collection my only thing was okay two things were, in the US the collectors box was amazing, a beautiful presentation box, poster etc and they also got the two lip liners? Why were these excluded for those in the UK? Did they feel the fan base wasn't as big (considering the box still sold out) besides that, I think the collection is beautiful, it's wearable. The reds, nudes, dark shades for the lipsticks. Very Aaliyah! I prefer glosses in the summer, just gives an effortless appearance as I don't do much makeup in these warmer months. Even these glosses do well over lipstick for a nice shine and change up of colour. I like to use more of a deeper bronzer and I feel this one will just give a natural warmth, maybe we've become to accustomed to that dark, deep contour appearance most like from our bronzers. The shadow palette, once again feature very wearable colours that is good for day and night, easy to switch up.

Did you check out the collection?

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  1. What a gorgeous collection, I am in love with the colours, I am very into my lip colours at the moment x

    1. I'm seeing so many lip colours at the moment that are grabbing me, I never play by the seasonal rules x

  2. I feel pretty awful for not knowing who this woman is! But the collection looks fabulous, I don’t blame you for not doing swatches.

    1. Oh never feel awful, just look upon it as though you've learnt something new today. Haha yeah and still no swatches.

  3. These are such pretty colours, there's something there to suit just about everyone.

    1. I agree, there is something for everybody no matter what skin complexion especially with the eyeshadows and lips.

  4. Oh I loved Aaliyah and was totally heartbroken when I heard she died, this collection looks super and I can't wait to try it.

    1. Me too! I'm still heartbroken, seems so unfair. It's a beaut of a collection imo.

  5. I haven't seen the collection yet but the eyeshadow palette looks just like the sort go thing I'd use x

    1. Very wearable palette. Although I like a variety of palettes, if I ever use this, I see it being used frequently x

  6. I love MAC cosmetics and their wide range of colours. I haven't seen this collection yet, but it looks pretty.

    1. Same here, it's very inclusive colour range wise. I do like a little bit of MAC cosmetics here and there.

  7. What a lovely tribute to Aaliyah. I have not tried MAC yet


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