Kiehl's Skincare Review

I’ve become a Kiehl’s addict, totally addicted from skin to body care. It’s dangerous. I’ve got my daytime and night-time routine with Kiehl’s heavily in rotation. I’m going to review the products that I love ↦ even the ones that were a total miss for me!

Clearly Corrective™ Brightening ↦ Soothing Treatment Water
_A skin brightening treatment water that soothes skin's feel, hydrates and visibly boosts the appearance of skin's clarity £38
When I decided to try out the brightening range from Kiehl's, I knew I had to go for the treatment water with the Licorice Root, Activated C (a Vitamin C derivative), White Birch derivative and Peony Extract, it had to be a winner. It definitely is. You shake this to get an iridescent appearance (which gives a nice glow to the face) to the water and apply it to a cotton pad or your hands, I prefer the pad, especially once I've taken off my make-up. The water has a fluid/jelly consistency it's weird to describe. It takes away the oil but doesn't dry out the skin, it still feels soft as some 'toners' can strip the oils away.

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate
_12.5% Vitamin C* and Hyaluronic Acid £49.50
This was a big chance, was it going to be too much for my face. This has 12.5% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, the concentrate is 10.5% L-Ascorbic Acid and 2% Ascorbyl Glucoside. It’s anti-ageing to attack lines and wrinkles while helping the skins texture. Now I do love me some L-Ascorbic Acid, really helps to brighten the skin. I’m all for the glow getting. It’ll also improve the skin texture and minimize pores.

Daily Reviving Concentrate
_Lightweight facial oil that keeps skin looking radiant all day £38
The sister to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, it helps to fight against daily aggressors so skin looks youthful and radiant, antioxidant protection. It’s a very light oil that for me I can put this on, let it sink in and get on with my make-up which just glides on and doesn’t slide off because I’ve had an oil underneath. This Ginger root, sunflower and Tamanu blend smells fresh ↦ light while leaving the skin glowing, sister.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate
_A replenishing night-time facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning £38
This was the first product I used from Kiehl’s, no doubt a cult product for the brand ↦ why not, it’s a product that in a few drops, nightly works as you get that beauty sleep. With Lavender essential oil, primrose oil and my baby Squalane, you wake up with younger, fresher, radiant skin ↦ what did you have to do? Go to sleep. My skin is super smooth when I wake up, it doesn’t look lacklustre, it seriously gives it a boost. The lavender essential oil, helps you to relax and have a more peaceful sleep. I only use a few drops and massage it in, my face instantly is radiant from the oils but not in a greasy way. I’ve got to check out the rest of the Midnight Recovery range ASAP!
Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution
_A fast-acting dark spot remover that visibly evens skin tone £38
Hyperpigmentation is forever going to be something I’m going to have to deal with, no matter how tiny or big that spot that pests me is, it’ll leave a mark. This has helped my skin tone to be brighter and a lot clearer, targeting dark spots and helping to lighten those, it’s not super-fast acting but I’m noticing a difference, I think it’s important to continue to use it, in conjunction with the treatment water from the same Clearly Corrective range. I don’t find this greasy, it absorbs well into the skin, there’s no dryness. I use the pipette and squeeze 2- 3 drops directly onto my face and begin to massage it in, including from under my chin, upwards. (Remember continue to use SPF, you’ll just be reversing all the work you’re doing)

Clearly Corrective™ Dark Circle Perfector SPF 30
_Brightens Under Eye Circles, Corrects with Sheer Coverage, Protects with SPF 30 £30
This is my miss product, it wasn’t what I expected but I gambled and I took a loss. This is an under-eye treatment to improve the appearance of dark circles with activated C and licorice root extract. Personally, in the past I’ve had good experiences with licorice root extract. This isn’t like any other ‘eye cream’ I’ve tried before, the cream has a tint to it, that on my skin makes me look like ashy Larry, so it’s a no-go but I’ve been using it a couple months because, best believe a little goes a long way it still didn’t improve the dark circles that I possess, oh well.

Creme de Corps
_A rich, non-greasy, hydrating body butter for an instant dewy finish £48
Dope AF! So much so within the past month I’ve nearly finished this big bottle already. Now this is for the treatment of dry, flaky skin and that’s something I don’t have but to me, do you know what that means, this ‘ish is going to be very moisturising and that’s what I love. It’s very moisturising but it’s not greasy which makes it easier for me when I need to put clothes on straight away. It contains shea butter, avocado oil and Squalane (a fav oil of mine this year)! I can see why this cream is hard to get a hold of, cos it’s that damn good.

Have you used anything from Kiehl's?
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