SockShop Nourishing Heel Pad Socks.

They may look like ordinary, plain black socks but Beautyfeet Heel Pad Socks are unique. The heel of these socks have integrated nourishing pads that contain a secret patented formula containing advanced moisturising ingredients, a Chinese herbal recipe and Nano Silver. You may of seen me rave about Nano Silver last year on my blog here. They say wearing Beautyfeet daily assists the sebaceous gland, sweat glands and skin to revive damaged heels, usually takes 7-14 days to completely revive heels but some see results after one days. Can it really be that easy as slipping socks on to heal our feet?
With 4.75 / 5 star reviews from customers it has to be. Wearing for at least 8 hours a day will give the best results, slip them on in the morning or before bed and let the socks do all the work. For some it may be easy to wear at night, I find it near impossible at times to wear socks to bed as I get too hot but during the day. They'll get the most use, especially in these cooler months. Let's clear this up, I don't really suffer from dry, cracked feet but sometimes with my overly hot baths it can lead to my heels getting more dry so I use a lot of emollients and heavy creams for my feet to make sure they suck up a lot of moisture and sometimes I like to do a peel to fix issues but is this less messy & quicker?

In one word - Yes.
Best believe I was shocked at these socks, I was wearing these to work and being that I'm on my feet for the majority of the day. These not only kept my feet more moisturised but cracking? Where? Nowhere! Come payday I'm going to order more because I'm still wearing them and probably the herbal recipe is long gone and been soaked up by my feet but as I'm heading into the busy period, my feet are going to need all the aid it can get this upcoming season. I don't know how it manages to do it, but it does it.

Have you ever tried Beautyfeet Heel Pad Socks?

Purchase: Beautyfeet £7.99 for women + men.

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