Isla Apothecary Body Range Review.

Ever had products smell so damn good, you don't even want to use them because you'll miss the scent? Yeah...Isla Apothecary has become that for me. Their products are created using the finest raw, natural, organic, wild crafted and ethically sourced ingredients, that remain pure & unadulterated. Which is dope as I know my skin isn't being fed with so many nasties and preservatives. Formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic materials, preservatives or aroma chemicals. free from animal testing, are suitable for vegans and are only tested on (willing) human participants. I think alone the packaging - which we know is a huge draw, is going to get people wanting to take a notice, with the glass jars and copper labels. It's eye-catching and screams luxury!!
Blood Orange + Vanilla Scrub
100% Natural | 99% Organic. From £7.00
Suitable for all skin types, ideal for dry and thirsty skin.
This is the scent that made me a convert, I enjoy vanilla scented products but the whole combination? 🔥🔥 They did the damn thing with this scrub. Although I normally use exfoliating cloths to really scrub my skin smooth, using a scrub now and again is beneficial. The aroma can be relaxing and the skin can feel maintained in its smoothness. Comprised of Organic raw cane sugar, that'll polish the skins surface, priming the skin for the anti-oxidant packed essential oils that'll team up to tone, cleanse and seal in moisture. Italian Blood Orange oil with the comforting aroma of pure Indian Vanilla with deep conditioning ingredients Shea butter, Coconut, Peach Kernel & Vitamin E oils, that melt and wrap the skin in a protective barrier against water loss.
Jasmine Sunset Radiance Body Oil £32.00
I don't care what season we are in, I like my skin to look healthy and radiant. I refuse to succumb to the 'winter skin' look, no ma'am. I normally go for a lot of different gold tones of mica products as I like the glow but I thought what the hell, let me see what a Copper hue would do? I wasn't left disappointed in the copper light-reflecting particles. It can be used a multi-product, all over the body, mix it with your foundation or moisturiser, highlight points such as the face, decolletage, shin or even in the hair (that's one of my favourites) I like to sometimes drop mica in oils and run through my hair & why not!? The scent is a warm Jasmine, ever so familiar comforting Vanilla base to lightly scent the skin, there's earthy traces of Mastic oil; new oil to my life - renowned as an insect repellent and for its treatment of minor skin ailments. With other ingredients such as Passionflower, Marula Seed Oil, Vitamin E 🤤. To apply this, it's as simple as shake the bottle and apply.

Cruelty Free & 100% Vegan
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