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I remember the very first PR samples I received while writing for Dolce Vanity was mineral makeup but I've not dabbled much in mineral make-up since. It can be touch and go for me, as base wise, I'm not keen on mineral make-up but that's preference but I don't mind other items such as blush and eyeshadow. What caught my eye more so about Bohemian Chic Minerals is that it is vegan & works for sensitive skin, with a minimal ingredient list, no additives, no alcohol, no chemicals and no animal ingredients. Here are the 6 items that I've received:
Mineral Blush - Sugar & Spice (satin finish 6g £10.00) is an apricot shade that for me works well with a my skin tone and deeper. It doesn't stand out on the skin in a garish way. I actually found that it could work well as a light bronzer for me. Mineral Eyeshadow Celebration & Goldust (soft velvet finish 2g £11.00 each) Celebration, a chartreuse shade, I didn't think I'd like it but it's a interesting colour that has a nice sheen to it Goldust, especially on darker skin tones, it just pops out, it gleams & looks rich. It's a beautiful shade, on me I was a little disappointed. Pink Pearl (glitter finish 2g £11.00) probably the one I was least happy about. It's quite sheer and I'm not fond of these colours being sheer, I like them to be very pigmented and bright. Mineral Brow - Mocha & Rustic (1g £5.60 each) I don't really use powder to do my brows anymore, I haven't for a few years but I think they make good eyeliners to smudge along the lash line for a softer look. I especially like doing that when I do my eyes with a lot of orange & reds, think Urban Decay Heat palette.

Have you used mineral makeup?

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  1. Over the years, so many people have recommended that I try mineral make up - but I never have. Great colours xx

  2. I have only used a mineral foundation before, but would love to try these shadows.

  3. I don't have much experience with mineral makeup but I really love that it is vegan. The colours are gorgeous x

  4. I've never tried mineral make up but these colours are gorgeous.

  5. I've never tried mineral makeup but I absolutely love how bright these colours are! It's great that they're vegan too - I'd love to try these! x

  6. I haven't used mineral make up before to my knowledge. I like the golddust shade here though!

  7. I haven't used mineral makeup much before, I find it quite cakey x

  8. I haven't used mineral makeup before and to be honest,I don't think its my cup of tea. Good review however


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