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I was recently only introduced to MDMflow through a friends, friend, who's girlfriends friend is the creator, that being Florence Adepoju. I was told about the company because he said he thought it would be something I'd love because of my lip colours. I looked through the website and ordered 3 straight away. MDMflow is inspired by the glamour of 90s Hip Hop & handmade in London.

The shades I decided on are (in order of image) Milkshake, Bossy & Di La La. Looking at the lipsticks in the casing the shades look promising. The pigmentation looks as if it'll be on top form. Of course one of the big factors are the fact they are cruelty free!! Save the bunnies :)
Bossy is a nearly nude soft shade that is an ode to Kelis
Milkshake a vibrant pink another ode to Kelis
Di La La a deep black colour formulated for Jendella, a fiery photographer, influencer & activist.


They come in a gold cased bullet, with the logo on the side. The gold bullet makes it stand out amongst the rest of the lipstick collection. Gives it an edge, it's light weight and definitely early Hip-Hop.


The first day I got these and I did a hand swatch, I was talking to Lima, and swatched Bossy and it immediately broke off, I didn't have it twisted high either, just enough to swatch and it fell out the bullet. It turns out the same happened to the other 2 also. So disappointing. One thing I had noticed is I had to kind of  'break through' the outer layer of the lipstick to get the pigmentation to it's potential. Once it's broken it's soft and there's a moisturising sheen to the colour. The swatch of Milkshake you can see pink and lilac's running through. The more that's applied it begins to turn into a vibrant lilac shade. I had such high hopes for Di La La, I wanted it to be my favourite but it ended up patchy on the lips, I wanted a uniform of colour. Bossy is a wearable daily nude for a lot of us if you want to wear something on the lips that's not so in your face & others.


Ricinus Communis seed oil (castor oil), Tricaprylin, Candelilla Cera, Paraffin Triisostearin, Dimer Dilinoleyl Dimer Dilinoleate (soybean) Punica Granatum (pomegranate), Cocos Nucifera (coconut extract), Cera Alba (beeswax)

Overall Thoughts

Considering these are £18 a pop! Which is £3.50 higher than MAC, on par with Illamasqua and £6 lower than Dior Lipsticks. It's on an established brand level. You want to feel you're getting the most for your money. When mine broke straight out of the bullet, I was disappointed and the fact I felt I had to work so hard to get pigmentation for the lipstick on my lips, felt like a pain but once I got it on, it was ok. I just had this thought that it reminded me of crayon lipstick, having to break through the formula and looking at the ingredients it's highly oil and waxed based so I can see where I drummed up that conclusion from. Unfortunately the one I had hopes for the most didn't work out as well. These are made using the latest colour technology, I don't have a clue what this technology is but it must be something the owner and creator has access to thanks to her time at the London College Of Fashion. I wouldn't rule out the brand, I will probably melt these down and depot them for convince in my lip palette to get the most out of these!

Have you tried or heard of MDMflow?

ETA : The owner of MDMflow has commented on the post below but for those reading I will insert the comment here :
"Thank's for the honest review & amazing photos, so sorry to see they all broke. I am currently reformulating and would love to replace your broken sticks once my new formula is in place. I'll get in touch via email. They are wax based as a few customers requested an all natural formula. Flow - MDMflow Founder"
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  1. I've never heard of this brand, pretty packaging x

  2. Diana Cloudlet17/3/15

    Amazing post with beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  3. I love your pictures and the package is really pretty.
    But damn, I hate the fact that they break so easily.

  4. madamflow17/3/15

    Thank's for the honest review & amazing photos, so sorry to see they all broke. I am currently reformulating and would love to replace your broken sticks once my new formula is in place. I'll get in touch via email. They are wax based as a few customers requested an all natural formula. Flow - MDMflow Founder

  5. Stephanie (Nerd About Town)18/3/15

    I heard of them quite a while ago and was very reluctant to try them - ESPECIALLY after hearing the price. I'm glad I didn't buy them now!

    The pigmentation seems to be of a poor quality and the fact that they've broken off? They need to start over and price their products WAY lower. A new formula needs to be tested, because £


    Thanks for being honest!! <3333333

  6. Claire Cavanagh18/3/15

    The packaging is gorgeous and Milkshake looks like my perfect shade, so it's such a shame they broke and the quality doesn't seem to be there! Definitely not what you'd expect from such a pricey range.

    Claire | Stylingo | xx

  7. The packaging is pretty, is attractive and very early hip hop! xo

  8. Thanks for the comment :)

  9. Hi Flow, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like the photos. That's a very kind gesture thank you, I'm all for supporting independent new businesses especially of those from women of colour. I understand the natural formula, I too love natural and cruelty free ingredients. I will look forward to seeing the new formula. All the best x

  10. Thank you :) me too that was a big no-no for me unfortunately xo

  11. Waddup miss Italy.

    I swear I've been under a rock LOL! This is how you know I don't hardly deal with social media and blogs but it still reached me via word of mouth, I was quite taken back on the price but was so sold on the swatches that I thought why not. I did look for reviews and saw quite a few positive ones and bite the bullet and well it might of shot me in my ass!

    The pigmentation first off really wasn't good, it was really breaking a wax casing but Di La La was the one I was really disappointed on. The comment below is from the founder who said she is working on a new formula but maybe the price also needs to be adjusted alongside that.

    No problem - I ain't about to lie for views and favours lol xo

  12. Hi Claire,

    I'm glad you like Milkshake. A part of me is wondering if I had a bad batch!? Even still, for the price, quality control should be in place but I wouldn't rule the brand out, I'm hoping the new formula they're working on improves this.

    Thanks for the comment xo

  13. Lesley X19/3/15

    Beautiful shades. The packaging is so gorgeous but disappointing the lipsticks broke! x