ghd aura hairdryer + top knot tutorial

It's rare that I use a hairdryer to dry my hair so I've used the ghd aura roughly 3x on myself and once on someone else. The hairdryer itself is surprisingly light. Gone are the days where the arm aches from holding the dryer, that's a huge bonus.

The biggest thing to note is that it's definitely not as loud as it's predecessor or other hairdryers I've had, I like that cos I like to either watch tv or listen to music whenever I blow my hair. It takes me roughly 25 minutes to dry my hair, that's fast as I blowdry my hair in sections for a blow out and I've used it when also setting my hair under my hairdryer hood, this takes a lot longer and that's because it has to be used on the lowest heat. I noticed that my hair still had a lot of moisture when I was setting it in the hood, there wasn't a halo of frizz so kudos.

When I'm blowing my hair out I'll use it on the middle setting. I thought the other day I was the smartest and used it on the highest - just don't - big mistake. No point rushing it. The cord..the cord on this is the longest, 4m in length, I have the worst sit down timing rate and so you'll see me walking around my room going to other rooms with this lol.

The only thing is, I can never wash, dry my hair and go. A lot more has to go into styling my hair for me the hairdryer only dries the hair, I personally can never style it with only a dryer it just ends up looking wild and not in a good way. Below in the video I share with you a routine from wet to top knot style. Enjoy!

Products used in the tutorial :
Lenor Greyl Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou //Conditioning Shampoo for Dry Hair
Lenor Greyl Condition Naturelle — Heat Protective Styling Spray
Cloud Nine Magical Potion
Lenor Greyl Volumizing Styling Mousse
Argania Oil Light
ghd aura hairdryer
Cameliha Gold Forest Headband (in image)

ghd aura hairdryer £145*
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