Freedom Mallows

You've probably seen imagined me drooling over these Freedom Mallows that I've previously gotten in my TheVeganKind boxes as I constantly talk about how good they are and it's really fortunate there's something out there that's nut, gluten, gelatine (they use a new binding agent that's made from natural extracts), dairy and fat free therefore suitable for those with a vegetarian, vegan, halal or kosher diet. On their about me page they state:

"Freedom Mallows was created by a renowned British food scientist and loving grandfather of 13. He noticed his grandchildren had a great love for marshmallows! (one day he said) I'll create a marshmallow that's free from, tasty and completely vegetarian for all to enjoy no matter what their dietary requirements"

Freedom Mallows have gone through a re-brand, packaging wise, still great produce inside - I promise you that. Their saying goodbye to Freddy & Fiona *cries* their previous Rabbit mascots (you know I'm all for the bunnies, bunny mum of several) but their now introducing a currently un-named Sloth as their mascot. Whatever the Sloth is going to be called, it's being named by one lucky Freedom Mallows fan, who's going to be announced on the 3rd November, so there's still time for you to enter as it finishes on the 2nd November

The reasoning behind this re-brand was due to the fact, they listened to their customers, I love that. That's what makes a company and it's customers bond more, packaging does have a great deal to do with things, personally I wasn't too bothered with the previous packaging, I thought it was cute and it had a 90's story book feel to it for me, the light colour palette that matched the marshmallows inside probably made it feel more washed out for customers and not everyone is into that, I get it!

Making it more modern and vibrant, I see it. With the Sloth being their mascot to me that signals what Sloth's are too, solitary and tree dwellers. To me Freedom Mallows are the only brand I personally know of, for offering such a favourite snack for all dietary needs and that being said it's natural, just like trees.

You'll still be able to purchase your natural colour and flavoured favourites which include Vanilla (white colouring) or Vanilla (yellow colouring) or Strawberry £2.49 per 75g bag.

They're adding to the range mini mallows that are more suitable to pop into your hot chocolate and for baking (around £2.50 per 75g bag ). Can we look at the packaging! The window represents a bowl and it's got the spoon going into it..The sloths cooking for us!! Absolutely love it!! These are also available in bulk for the catering industries.

- Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society and Coeliac UK approved.

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